Heavy shootout at Chihuri residence

A HEAVY exchange of gunfire pounded the usually quiet Greystone Park suburb in Harare yesterday as aides guarding Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri’s residence engaged in a three-hour gun battle inside the premises.


The shootout only stopped after a reinforcement team, led by the military intervened, leading to the arrest of a suspected rogue police officer believed to have started the fight.

The reinforcement team arrived at the scene aboard two helicopters from the Air Force of Zimbabwe, fire brigade trucks and military tanks, where they also had to douse the flames that gutted part of Chihuri’s lavish villa.

An Air Force helicopter hovered over the skies to put the situation under control after heavy shelling.

The gunfire exchanges, according to sources from the neighbourhood, took place from around 10am to around 1:30pm.

Home Affairs minister Obert Mpofu confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm that there was an incident at his (Chihuri’s) residence involving one of his aides who was guarding the house,” Mpofu said.

“One of the aides was attempting to break into the house to steal, but was restrained by one of his colleagues and there was a misunderstanding. The one who was trying to steal set the house on fire and that is when all hell broke loose. He started shooting randomly, but fortunately no one was injured.”

Mpofu said the police officer also attempted to commit suicide but was restrained. He said the army was called in to help in putting out the fire.

Police could not immediately shed light on the skirmishes with Officer Commanding Harare province Senior Assistant Commissioner Elias Mvere saying he would only provide details later.

The drama occurred as Chihuri was away attending a military graduation ceremony at the Zimbabwe Staff College where President Emmerson Mnangagwa was the guest of honour.

The police boss left the ceremony midway after being informed of the incident.

Chihuri’s neighbours said the incident started when an armed police officer turned rogue and tried to steal some wares including a television set and clothes from his boss’ mansion.

The armed officer, believed to be closely related to another top cop, was allegedly confronted by a groundsman, but turned rowdy.

The groundsman immediately alerted another police officer who had come for regular patrols.

“The officer was armed. What normally happens is that those who report for duty during the night leave their guns with the one on day shift,” said a neighbour, who declined to be named for security reasons.

“He had a gun and the gardener could do nothing to stop him. Things went bad when another police officer on patrol came and advised him to stop what he was doing.

“They had an argument until the other police officer decided to call the police headquarters as well as the officer’s father to advise him of what he was doing. On realising that he had been reported, he went berserk and confronted his colleague, challenging him on why he had reported him.”

According to the source, the two quarrelled and the rogue officer opened fire, forcing his colleague to flee to the back of the house while a flurry of bullets perforated the precast wall.

The groundsman also jumped over the precast wall at the house and sought refuge at a neighbouring house believed to belong to a Cabinet minister.

The rogue officer allegedly tried to escape using Chihuri’s Toyota Landcruiser vehicle that was parked in the yard, but found the gate cordoned off by the reaction team. He allegedly jumped off the vehicle and retreated into the house from where he randomly opened a volley of gunfire, destroying a lot of property including part of the roof.

“He set the house on fire damaging a significant part of one of the wings and its roof,” said another witness.

The officer, believed to be attached to the Zimbabwe Republic Police’s Support Unit, was apprehended after he ran out of ammunition.

The Air Force of Zimbabwe Fire Brigade put out the fire and police forensics and ballistics teams immediately attended the scene to conduct investigations.

When NewsDay arrived, several police officers were combing the premises with journalists barred from entering the house.

Chihuri has lately been under fire from the public and political leaders, who are calling on him to step down for failing to instil discipline within the police force.

On November 24, Chihuri was booed by members of the public while pledging his allegiance to Mnangagwa, who had just been sworn in as President. The police boss had a torrid time maintaining composure as he struggled to read through his loyalty pledge.

Chihuri was firstly booed as he arrived at the National Sports Stadium and when he stood up to pledge loyalty to the new Head of State.

He stands accused of sanctioning use of brute force to crush dissenting voices on behalf of former President Robert Mugabe.



  1. Chihuri is tasting the bitterness of his own medicine. People have always said that the police is now an indesplined lot and have turned into thieves as evidenced by this rogue policeman but he himself Chihuri has been covering the misbehaviour of his officers so let him face the music.

  2. Something is not right with this story.

    1. I agree w u @ tatenda. PEOPLE OPEN UR EYEZ

    2. u r 100 percent correct

  3. Taura hako hazvihwikwi zvirikutaugwa apa. Sounds like there is a story behind the story.

    1. I totally agree with you Chikara 1 and Tatenda. There is something amiss here.

  4. Wezhira wezhara

    Ummmmm isn’t it that Chihuri might have instructed the young man to destroy incriminating evidence from the house? How did the officer drive one of the cars? Where were the car keys that could be easily accessible to anyone? These questions point to some sinister motive.

    Remember Chihuri promoted that other rogue policeman who bombed the Daily News that year when the rogue officer was actually in remand prison. MaGame aya ana Chihuri he just wants to divert attention from him. Remember the bombings at Harare Central gore Riya. Hasazi

  5. lets deceit from vengeance do not burn those mansions because we want to sell them and put the money into our treasury because they are from ill gotten money.

    1. this is not vegeance its chihuri trying to destroy incriminating evidence tht was in his house ….Ticket books from police operations wer there in his house and they want to be audited ..and he knows so wel tht he wil be on the wrong side so he destroys it all .chakachaya

  6. The story is very confusing.How can a single policeman go in the daylight (10am) at Chihuri’s house to steal a TV set kkkk hayas.A lot of people think that vanhu havafunge.This was a planned thing so that Chihuri could destroy all the lethal evidence against him.

  7. The Story is a fabrication ! how does one person maintain gunfire from 10.30 to 1pm. Where did he get the ammunition for that period. There something amiss here.Helicopters for what?. This is now state Shit!!!

  8. Ummmmm chiri chakanatsa kuitika chaizvo,

  9. Something is amiss here, army came to put out a fire? why the army? add to that the increase of military patrols…. hameno! Then there’s the neighbour who had that much detail in such a quiet neighbourhood.

    all else said, going by the narrative of the story then the conduct of this officer is very deplorable. We hope the story is what it is cause all we want is peace.

  10. Remember you are not writting to ECD kids! “They tried phoning the police officer’s father” . Like seriously??

  11. Im smelling a rat here, some1 is trying to cover up. He used the rogue policeman to destroy some evidence which where in the house.

  12. There is a big story behind this meaningless story

  13. Yaa. Hazviiti sense. Comment…

  14. Hollywood stuff

  15. Zimbabweans are not fools. Musationa semafuza enyu MANZWA HERE. We are watching silently

  16. Wow!! what a dramatic piece of art, a James Hardley Chase’s version of destroying valid evidence.There was absolutely nothing this rogue police wanted to steal,the shooting was just a distraction whilist the fires did the distruction of evidence There is noway the law can do to extract the actual truth of the motive behind all this. Remember cops deal with criminals so they are also criminals .

  17. interesting nyayaz, first it was at chombos kwababa bona now kwachihuri hehhe

  18. People are expecting peace when armed soldiers roam everywhere…really? Very expensive and jittery peace that!!

  19. Its a sick story.

  20. Chihuri owes use an apology.it was criminal to own a car in zim according to Chihuri and team must refund us. We want him arrested. Where is the money which was collected and can we have treasure report. No more daylight robbery.

  21. Millions of dollars from road fines were destroyed by the fire. !

  22. Graystonewood movie

  23. This story haya ma1.the oficcer al did that maintaining fire against the army at the same time burning things .listening to the people who advised him, doing everything alone.be serious newsday. i thot u could give us a better version than herald. we aint yo kids

  24. poor journalism coupled with idiocy by the gunman, wasting amo shooting ceiling then flying choppers from manyame to douse threat yemunhu 1 like honestly?

  25. Definitely there is a story behind the story. The world found out about the late President Banana’s homosexuality and sexual abuse of aides after one of his aides had shot another aide in a seemingly senseless altercation like this one.

    Regai tinzwe.

  26. Sure from 10:30 am to 1300hrs in the afternoon. Aaaaaaaas kana the former President is laughing at this, how can one rowdy policeman open fire for such long time just for a guarding police and a gardener. Also why steeling Tv set at Chihuri,in addition trying to flee using a parked vehicle, where did he find the keys of the car? Pane hide and seek apa.

  27. How could a single police officer contain the firing of other police officers and the army for nearly 3 hours? The real story will be heard one day.

  28. Rubbish Reporting

    Honestly Newday you are becoming clumsy. The quality of your work is getting poorer by the day. This story seems like a copy and paste of the Herald narrative. Mr Editor is this your way of bootlicking the new dipensation’s handlers unquestionably regurgitating and parroting the official lines? Pull up your journalistic socks and give us a better product than this rubbish.

  29. Mapurisa ese arikufara nezvakaitwa imba iyi.Zvanzi imari dzedu dzakawaka.Amana musadaro.

  30. Mapurisa ESE arikufara zvanzi yakawakwa nemari dzedu

  31. Why did that armourer gave the police detail that amount of ammunition to be fired for 3 hours and how did one police detail carry such amount without discovered by the ground commander.

  32. The army should learn and have oneness with this police. In this case it took such a long time to arrest the suspect because the Police was disarmed by the army went to the scene without rifles and when it comes to the arrest if an armed suspect who is under cover the Police has a special SWAT brach for that and the army cannot have that endurance and skill.

  33. WeDare ReGorekore

    Comment…stranger than fiction. How can the tongue police officer fire shorts for more than three hours. Who was supplying the ammunition for him? What was the motive behind this guy’s? l strongly suspect there is something fish here.We are keeping an eagle 👀 eye on this.

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