Gweru targets newspaper vendors

GWERU City Council has once again ordered newspaper vendors who operate on the streets to obtain hawkers’ licences or risk having their wares confiscated, the Southern Eye has established.


Municipal police officers yesterday moved around the central business district with a public address system, advising newspaper vendors that they should approach council offices to get trading licences.

Mayor Charles Chikozho said he was yet to confirm with council management on the issue.

“I have to find out and get clarity on the matter,” he said.

Chikozho was, however, last month quoted saying council had a problem with illegal vendors who masqueraded as newspaper vendors.

“The challenge we are having is that some vendors want to masquerade as newspaper vendors,” he said then.

Investigations by this paper showed that the vendors will fork out $50 per year for the hawker’s licence.

During a blitz on vendors last month council gave newspaper vendors an ultimatum to obtain licences, failure of which they risked their billboards and newspapers confiscated. The ultimatum was, however, annulled as the vendors later got a reprieve.

The blitz on street vendors resumed on Monday with vendors in Mutare and Harare crying foul, after they were forcibly driven off their illegal vending sites during a combined cleansing operation involving the military, municipal and members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police.


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