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‘Gukurahundi perpetrators must apologise’


THE Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (Zpra) Veterans’ Association (Zpra VA) has claimed they have information on who the perpetrators of the Gukurahundi massacres were and urged them to apologise for the country to move forward.


Zpra VA chairperson Benny Ncube told Southern Eye on the sidelines of the Gukurahundi commemorations held at Stanley Hall in Makokoba high-density suburb that “we will not talk” unless “the Gukurahundi issue is addressed”.

“We know the perpetrators, these people must come and apologise for the country to move forward as we want to leave a legacy to our children before we die since the majority of them do not know this Gukurahundi issue, or what people went through to prevent a repeat of our country’s past horrors,” he said.

The commemorations organised by Ibhetshu LikaZulu pressure group, were held on Unity Day.

“They [perpetrators] took advantage of the situation at the time to commit crimes against unity as they knew that all our weapons had been taken by government, leaving us defenceless.

“We believe true unity is yet to be experienced by Zimbabweans. The Unity Accord between PF-Zapu and Zanu which gave birth to Zanu PF has no meaning to us. It was never about unity, but the swallowing of PF-Zapu,” Ncube said.

The signing of the Unity Accord marked the end of the Gukurahundi massacres in Matabeleland and Midlands provinces.

Former President Robert Mugabe described the mass killings that left more than 20 000 people dead as “a moment of madness”, but never publicly apologised to the victims until he left office.

Opposition parties and human rights groups have for years been demanding redress.

The Zpra VA is an independent welfare organisation representing PF-Zapu ex-combatants.

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