Guard in dock for $11 000 property theft

A SECURITY guard attached to Zimplow Company in Bulawayo is in trouble after he allegedly stole property worth $11 000 and used the company vehicle to ferry the loot to an unknown destination.


Innocent Chandakaona (29) of Nkulumane in Bulawayo denied the theft charges and illegal use of a company vehicle, when he appeared before Bulawayo magistrate, Franklin Mkhwananzi on Tuesday.

The complainant in the matter was Zimplow internal auditor, Tapiwa Moyo.

It is alleged that on October 16 this year at 12:25am, Chandakaona was on duty at the company premises when he stole a roll of phosphorous bronze bush material from the tools room and used a wheelbarrow to carry it to the car park.

He allegedly loaded the loot in a Zimplow truck and drove off to an unknown destination.

The offence was discovered on October 23 and a report was made to the police. Video footage of the theft recorded through CCTV exposed Chandaona, leading to his arrest. The stolen property is valued at $11 000 and nothing was recovered.



  1. The security guard had forgotten about the CCTV due to excitement for the opportunity that represented itself at 12.25am

    1. He didn’t forget. He is just plain stupid. He is the security person there and that should have been the first thing he thought of. He gives other guards who steal a bad name.

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