G40 wanted Mnangagwa dead: Mutsvangwa

SPECIAL ADVISER to the President Christopher Mutsvangwa has sensationally claimed the G40 cabal was hard on the heels of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and could have easily killed him at Forbes Border Post in Mutare soon after his ouster as Vice-President.


Mnangagwa last month reportedly skipped the country through Forbes Border Post fearing for his life after former President Robert Mugabe fired him as his deputy.

Addressing hundreds of Zanu PF supporters in Mutare yesterday, Mutsvangwa commended Manicaland for facilitating Mnangagwa’s escape.

“We want to thank Manicaland for giving our President Emmerson Mnangagwa a passage to Mozambique and this province is special because this is where our President survived,” the war veterans leader claimed.

“Had it not been for the swift reaction from the security at the border, he could have been killed. Today we are gathering here and I want to make a special mention to you because you gave him a passage. He would not have been the President at the moment.”

He added that the G40 cabal was following Mnangagwa everywhere and could have killed him.

“President Mnangagwa is liked in the province. That is why the people of Manicaland are special to us. He is liked in South Africa and the entire region, that is why he had a safe place. He is a man of experience, let’s give him the chance,’’ Mutsvangwa said.

“President Mnangagwa is a highly trained person in security systems, that is why he escaped the capture from the G40 members.”

He said Mnangagwa’s priority was to reintroduce the Zimbabwe dollar and was currently engaging regional countries and the international community on the issue.

Mutsvangwa’s wife, Monica, who was present at the event, is the new Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister.

The war veterans leader went on to describe former Provincial Affairs minister Mandiitawepi Chimene as someone who abused drugs.

“Now that we have a new leadership, you are going to see drastic changes as the previous holder of the office abused drugs (marijuana) and you can’t compare her with my wife,” he added.

The outspoken war veterans chairman also thanked the war veterans and the Zimbabwe Defence Forces for a job well done by deposing Mugabe from power through violence-free swift action.

“As we talk, the world over is praising the job well done by the defence forces. The war veterans were united and they played a pivotal role in deposing Mugabe from power,” he said. “This is now a new beginning and we should take back the country to where it belongs.”

In her maiden speech in the province, Monica said she was aware of the major problems facing Manicaland and intended to work together with all stakeholders to rebuild Manicaland.

“The potential is there to rebuild the province. We have all the resources at our disposal, now what is needed is implementation.

“My heart bleeds to see the city of Mutare becoming a ghost town. Gone are the days when this province used to be the business hub. Where have all those industries gone?

“President Mnangagwa has sent me here to represent him and all that he wants is development and let’s now work together to achieve this,” she said while promising non-partisan leadership.



  1. Mutsvangwa talks too much, yes Mugabe was bad but equally nobody voted for EDM so he remains an army appointee. Lets wait and see what he does first.

  2. @ Nokuda; who voted for the Rhobhati, the Zvimba goblin?

  3. No election was won by mugabe and zanupf over the last seventeen years. They were simply stealing victories by cooking up and inventing votes through manipulation of the electoral body and the security forces together with senior civil servants and the traditional leadership in rural areas. The difference with e d is virtually zero. Every fan of every politician has a right to speak glowingly of his favourite political figure. That is what mutsvangwa is simply doing, and he should be allowed to do so.

  4. Long on rhetoric, short on substance. A new set of bootlickers and sycophants is cropping up. Stop endearing yourself to the President, let your performance record speak for you.

  5. it bits logic to expect anything from dead wood which for the past i dont know how many years has been part of the Government and failed to implement any single tangible things except robbing , cheating and doing economic , social and political injustice to Zimbabweans

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