Former Mines secretary Gudyanga arrested

Former Higher Education secretary Francis Gudyanga was yesterday arrested on charges of corruption and abuse of public office hardly a week after he was sacked from his position.


Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission spokesperson Phyllis Chikundura confirmed the arrest.

She, however, did not have details of the allegations Gudyanga was facing.

“Yes, he has been arrested and is currently detained at Rhodesville Police Station. He will appear in court tomorrow (today),” Chikundura said.

According to sources at the anti-corruption body, Gudyanga faces graft charges emanating from deals he struck while he was Mines and Mining Development secretary.

During his days as Mines secretary, Gudyanga was accused of ordering the State-owned Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ) to do work on behalf of the Zimbabwe Republic Police Border Control Unit, but it turned out that no job was rendered by MMCZ, prejudicing the State of close to $1,7 million.

Gudyanga also reportedly ran a one-man board at MMCZ where he allegedly handsomely rewarded himself with allowances. The Mines and Energy Portfolio Committee recently recommended that Gudyanga be fired for his role in abusing the country’s mineral resources and aiding illicit financial outflows.

But instead of firing him, former President Robert Mugabe re-assigned him to the Higher Education portfolio.

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  1. how come headline is talking of mines secretary yet article is talking of education secretary – such rookie error are deplorable!

    1. mandebele Lusaba

      Comment…@ cde inini. The topic is clearly (FORMER MINES) While he is currently (HIGHER EDUCATION SECRETARY) Blame yourself not the editor Mr.

  2. Comment…yaah the charges are emanating from the time he was with the mines ministry,but anyway hopefully this time he will be caged for good

  3. Jamengweni Godonga

    I sincerely hope that GUDYANGA sings like a bird and spill the beans about Obert and Godwills. Someone please tell him, there is nothing to loose apa, achatonyura chete yet his accomplices extend belt holes

  4. Comment…Good, after Gudyanga’s arrest next should be Obert Dumbuguru Mpofu who was minister in charge, ED(then minister of defence), Gen Chiwenga, Gire, Chihuri, Gono, etc

  5. the commission is not an impartial one! with all those well known& documented thieves comfortably surrounding Ngwena…

  6. Comment…we are almost there

  7. Regai tinyatsonzwa kuti vaiba sei matsotsi aya. Hapana anosara gore rino. Hokoyo Obert mpofu inguva chete. ED akamuchengeta kuti asatiza.

  8. Comment…Present evidence vakomana iyi nyaya yenyu yekungoti nhingi nanhingi vakaba pasina humbowo hwamumotaura, kungonzwa patsoro.

    1. wy Gudyanga and not Obert who was the minister of mines

  9. please investigate the FAT OBERT MPOFU !!! then all will be well !!!

  10. the majority of those people if bot all are thieves.. more shud be arrested not chombo hamandishe xhipanga this later. more need to be done

  11. We are tire of the song ‘so and so is corrupt, so and so is corrupt’ without specifying the acts complained of and evidence thereof. let’s be factual.

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