Demonstration against new minister flops

A BID to demonstrate against the new Mashonaland East Provincial Affairs minister David Musabayana by a section of war veterans flopped after members refused to take part, NewsDay has learnt.

BY Jairos Saunyama

Musabayana, also Wedza North legislator, was sworn in on Monday, taking over from Retired Brigadier General Ambrose Mutinhiri.

However, a few disgruntled war veterans wanted to protest against Musabayana in Marondera accusing him of being a top member of the G40 faction.

A source told NewsDay that the war veterans were left with egg on the face after they found no backers for the planned protest.

“It is true that some few individuals in the name of war veterans had planned to demonstrate against the new minister. But the demo failed to take off as other members refused to be part of such,” a source, who requested anonymity, said.

“The objective of the protest was to block Musabayana from being sworn in as provincial minister. His detractors accused him of belonging to the G40 cabal.”

Musabayana confirmed the aborted demonstration which he said was orchestrated by his detractors.

Musabayana becomes the fourth Mashonaland East Provincial Affairs minister in four years. His predecessors include Simbaneuta Mudarikwa (2013), Joel Biggie Matiza (2015) and Mutinhiri (2016).


  1. Let us break with tradition and endeavour to be a ‘working’ nation. We have been a ‘walking’ nation (in protests) for long.

  2. With 95% unemployment, the streets are always full of idle people however, common sense is now prevailing that people can easily be used to solve personal & political vendettas which has no direct benefit to their lives….

  3. Are they fighting for opportunity to serve people or stealing as others….people like vana mpofu have even been rewarded with ministerial posts, anyway elections are coming and UN must come to observe.

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