Chiwenga retains hold on military

NEWLY-APPOINTED Vice-President Retired General Constantino Chiwenga has retained his stranglehold on the military, after he was yesterday allocated an extra duty to administer the affairs of the Ministry of Defence and War Veterans, a portfolio previously held by his counterpart, Kembo Mohadi, who will now be in charge of the National Peace and Reconciliation organ.


The changes were announced yesterday, a day after Chiwenga and Mohadi took their oaths of office as President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s deputies.

Acting Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Justin Mupamhanga in a statement, said: “Accordingly, His Excellency the President, Cde ED Mnangagwa has duly assigned Honourable Vice-President General (Rtd) Dr Constantino Chiwenga to administer the Ministry of Defence and War Veterans. Honourable Vice-President Kembo Mohadi will administer the National Peace Reconciliation portfolio.”

Before his elevation to the Vice-Presidency, Mohadi had briefly served as Defence minister after taking over from Sydney Sekeramayi, who was left out in a new Cabinet line-up assembled by Mnangagwa last month following former President Robert Mugabe’s resignation on November 21.

Mohadi replaces former Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko, who was responsible for the same portfolio.

Chiwenga was until his retirement last week Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, which “stepped in” to facilitate Mnangagwa’s elevation, forcing Mugabe to resign under pressure from the public and military.

People’s Democratic Party spokesperson Jacob Mafume said Chiwenga’s appointment would make him useful in Cabinet.

“At least it gives him something to do than being a ceremonial Vice-President. However, the position can be abused and the military might have a big part to play in the coming elections and not necessarily in people’s favour,” he said.

MDC spokesperson Kurauone Chihwayi said: “His forceful and mysterious ascendancy to the Presidium will not make him a good leader.”

He added: “He will remain fierce and directly in charge of the military for their own safety. It clearly shows that General (Rtd) Chiwenga did not abandon his military uniform. The whole Mnangagwa team is in fear of the unknown. They have tightened the grip by keeping General Chiwenga on guard of both the fleeing cabal and the soldiers.”


  1. Then ED is just a toy in this new set-up.

  2. mandebele Lusaba

    Comment…what really is peace and reconciliation and how long Will it last BAKITHI?


    Its just the beginning …….Hamusati mati sorry kusvika mati sorry.kkkkkkk

  4. iwe neni tine basa. asante sana

  5. Jamengweni Godonga

    Poor Kembo, peace my foot ….. are we at war, I did not think so. Josep, John, Report and now Kembo all silently talking peace. Le into yenu is not making sense. Kembo, open invitation – my dam was washed away and I repaired it, woza livula. What other duty would you do?

  6. There is nothing bad in elevating him and giving him extra duty. Chiwenga freed Zimbabweans cowards from Mugabe’s devilish hands.

  7. The General freed Zimbabwean coward from the cruel and merciless rule of mugabe.

  8. Please don’t get excited and forget that Zimbabweans were “freed” for 37 years and their desires and expectations were never met during that time as crucial decisions affecting them were made by a few dishonest people. I’m still hopeful and cautious but skeptical.

  9. saka this was a coup after all u can coup the president not the economy

  10. Looks increasingly like ED is just a ceremonial president. He initially gave the defence ministry to Mohadi and when Chiwenga comes in he pushes Mohadi aside and he takes over the defence ministry. Interesting.

  11. Hapana chemahara Chiwenga akangwara

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