Bona Mugabe’s empire crumbles

THE construction of former President Robert Mugabe’s daughter, Bona Chikore’s sprawling property in the leafy suburb of Umwinsidale in Harare has reportedly stalled following the ousting of her father, with the Chinese developer reportedly deserting the project.


Bona Chikore (nee Mugabe)

The property, which sits on a hilltop, is still in the initial stages of development.

Large tracts of land were sliced to make way for roads leading to the construction site and to form a picturesque landscape that would have made the property one of the most magnificent in the area.

The multi-million-dollar project, which was started in May, was moving at supersonic speed before Mugabe’s dramatic exit from office on November 21.

The property, where trespassing is strictly prohibited, is still under Zimbabwe Republic Police guard, although there is no security fence or precast wall on the other side.

Neighbours, who were in awe at the manner in which the hill was carved, were forthcoming with directions to the property.

They told NewsDay yesterday that the contractors and their equipment vanished when problems started mounting for the Mugabes.

“We would see them, Bona and her husband, now and again monitoring progress,” a neighbour, who declined to be named, said.

“They would pass through here and they were friendly to people.

“Usually, when they came, people would rush to catch a glimpse of them before they entered the gate and drove through the hill.”

A NewsDay crew was denied entry to the property at 153 Lunar Road and told to look for the Chinese contractor, who was said to be supervising the construction of another property elsewhere.

“People are saying a lot of things about this property and the best people to talk to are the clients or the contractor,” one of the workers said.

“In fact, you can look for the contractor, he is supervising construction of another house somewhere across the road.

“We are not allowed to talk to you.

“But it is not true that the contractor has vanished.

“The main contractor sub-contracted another Chinese national, who then moved away his earthmoving equipment at the beginning of the Mugabe crisis.

“He is not the main contractor and his departure doesn’t affect business here.

“After all, what is making the process stall is the fact that we are waiting for reinforcement equipment and once that is in place, you will start to see activity again.”

Mugabe and his family have been accused of abusing State resources for their personal gain.

Bona and her husband, Simba Chikore, could not be reached for comment yesterday.


  1. Tough luck for these kids including the boys,there may end up leaving rough lives, a case to note is the son of the late Bernard Chidzero who now travels in kombis time and again and who would have imagined this kind of scenario for the siblings of this economic guru of the 80s

    1. Really?

      1. He spends a lot of time drinking beer at Goalpost, Winchdon, near Hatcliffe.

        1. Yes i know and sooner or later Robert Jnr and others if not careful will join these guys telling those who care to listen that his father was once the President of Zimbabwe ,we know these things.

  2. They should have earned the money to build such a property. As for security, they should provide their own private security, they are children of a former president.

    1. President Jacob Zuma’s children do not get State security, but he is still the incumbent President. Note the difference between Mzansi and Zim!

      1. Gara ikoko

        1. Khuluma okuzwakalayo wena!!

  3. Iyaa ka mbavha futi Bona uyu nerume rake, we did they get the money for this type of development

  4. Easy come easy go

  5. How does this one house development be a collapse of an empire? Sensational reporting by Newsday.

    1. it is! believe it or not, time shall tell.

  6. True I envisage hard times for this lot if they either fail to manage the millions they have now or if they have to repay what was stolen. Biggest takeaway in this report however is that Chinese are crooks who make their way through bribes and this construction was clearly a bribe and now that Uncle Bob has no use for them, they can’t be bothered.


  7. Bona pachake haana chaakatadza, mhosva yake ndeyekudya mari dzekuba.

    1. ndo zvakaendera chimbetu ku jere…. #justsayin

    2. Bona is and was very cruel and ruthless ,ask the former Gushungo Dairy employees ,they will tell you her hands are drippling with blood.

  8. Leave these kids alone-Hey

    1. True, the kids hatineyi navo. asi kwaiendeswa mari yestate ndokwatoda kuziva. If this was not reported we wouldn’t know. let reporters report.

    2. Harare-Beitbridge inoita ma accident hobho, coz mari yaishandiswa kupwanya makomo ekuvakira vakuwasha dzimba. uku vanhu vachifa. #justsayin

    3. But they have to pay for Gukurahundi. We are still paying for tribal wars of 200 years ago in Matebeleland. That is why we are banned from the Presidency and restricted to being Deputies!

  9. Wezhira wezhara

    People used to say Mugabe is misled by his ministers. Now the corrupt person is being exposed. Its Mugabe himself. He looted State resources to empower his family whilst we languished in poverty. Bona completed school less than three years ago but she has all of a sudden become rich. To hell, don’t grant Mugabe immunity. Arrest him or if you don’t want to arrest him, take all the loot and leave him with a few to sustain him in the last year or so of his life. Nxaaaa

  10. imbavha bona wenyu uyu aitambira zvehutsotsi achiziva ndezveutsotsi, do u really think she deserved all the high profile jobs aaiwana kana kuti hure mai vacho vaimanikidza vanhu vamupe zvaaiwana. ndakatorerwe zvose kamwana kechihure aka.

  11. She is part and parcel of the evil Mugabe , she must tell us were she got the resources , imari yedu yavaiba nababa naamai vacho . They must bring back our money .

  12. Zimbabwe has been milked dry for the past 37 years. The whole country is wallowing in self created poverty in the mist of a few individuals who had access to the man who ran the state of affairs of the country. Mugabe wanted to die in office in order to protect this loot. it is just 14 days after his fall and his corrupt activities are starting to manifest. the reason corruption was not being tackled with vigor is purely because the master was the most corrupt person in this Zanupf government. Just look at the physical size of all his ministers. Chombo, Mpofu , kasukuwere Moyo SK. etc. compare with ordinary people on the streets. This carbal is very bad and has no interest about the people. Citizens have to start taking responsibility by exposing all the rot they see and use their recently found people power to topple corruption.

  13. Mugabe & wife generated a lot of money fr their unceasing trips for alleged meetings in foreign lands;where on their return would b paid handsomely in trip allowances fr the state parse on top of their vast expenditure in air fares & expensive hotel bills paid fr state- the only reason why they refused during their tenure to listen to calls to stop making unnecessary trips & of late, it was all at the instigation of Grace.The reason why now they hve now enough to invest for their kids,hence new mansion for Bona in borrodale


  14. I dont expect to see a presidents child live the life of a commoner but to surface a whole road linking the blue roof (mugabes house) to your son in laws house in Glenlorne is the height of impunity.


  16. My how that privilege has crumbled. When a young girl like this and her husband building a multi million dollars estate and neither one has ever had a job or real income or business. Make you clearly understand that she is just like her mother and father unrepentened corrupt thieving snakes enjoying the benefits of the theft of the people money and resources her whorish mother and demon father Bob has raped the people for. Bob is nothing more than a black Ian Smith, and fuckin Nazi wannabe. I call to the Ancestors to make these lice suffer in their last days.

  17. Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar… Bona, Grace, Bob, Simba, Russell, Bob Jnr naChatunga must pay back what belongs to Zimbabwe. If not vanofanirwa kutorerwa what they have as reparations

  18. The construction of the property can stall only because they were using State resources to build it. Otherwise, why would it stall if they were building it from their own resources – I mean, the fall of their father would not stop the construction surely, would it?

    Mugabe has been the biggest hypocrite, the biggest fake of the Century. To think that this is a man who was in the 1970s described as a Marxist Lenninist – its sickening really. Here is a man who would criticise Joshua Nkomo for his “Capitalist tendencies”, left right and centre through foreign media Journalists, every time he got an opportunity; yet I dont remember Nkomo rubbishing Mugabe anytime during the struggle. He was always supportive of him, despite their political differences.

    Mugabe is the biggest crook, and the biggest cheat humanity has ever produced. The world was totally hoodwinked – he has for over 40 years projected a very false image of himself. The most self-centred Capitalist of them all. What a Shame!!

  19. Iyaa ka mbavha futi Bona uyu nerume rake, we did they get the money for this type of development

  20. kkkkk iwewe ungati kana mudhara wako iri mbavha akakupa mari kuti vaka imba ungairambe kana kubvunza kuti ndeyekuba here iwewe?

  21. The thieving daughters property seems to have destroyed the enviornment
    Would have been nice to name the Contractor keep the story going until the truth is found out (Perhaps the daughter and her husband are in Singapore )
    Just find the stolen money they must havebank accounts abroad

  22. I truly hope that the PEOPLE of Zimbabwe can put a stop to all the rot in government. Do not believe that it has stopped for one minute! The crooks (fat cats) may have been replaced by more of the same! Question every cent that government spends – it is YOUR tax money, it does not belong to any member of government.
    The first thing to do is ask international help to find all the missing money. No amnesty is going to encourage the thieves to bring the money back.

  23. ko mapikicha eproperty yacho aripi nhai news Day?

  24. Mugabe’s children and wife are going to have a hard time when he dies. I am told Patrick Zhuwao is continuing farming remotely using a Smartphone from down under, S Africa.

  25. Mwana we26yrs property yese iyoyo akaiwana kupi

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