Zimbos must speak with one voice via the ballot


THE drama and political brinkmanship that has dominated Zanu PF of late, as it gears for its special congress and the 2018 elections, has demonstrated that the party is motivated by holding on to power at all costs.

Crucial matters about ordinary people’s welfare have been placed on the back burner as trivial. This should jolt every Zimbabwean, concerned about the future of the country, to register to vote. If we do not take the destiny of this country into our own hands, selfish politicians will lead us down a dark path into an uncertain future as a nation.

Zimbabwe has been battling political and socio-economic problems for far too long while almost all our neighbours have been progressing and looking into the future. It is tragic because firing Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, or anyone for that matter, is not going to resolve Zimbabwe’s governance crisis.

One can only wonder if all the youths that have been used by the party over the years to boost its support have jobs, or assets, or anything of value given that unemployment has skyrocketed under Zanu PF rule, while those who have been forced into vending (Zanu PF interpretation of indigenisation) have been kicked off the streets where they used to eke out a living.

It is unfortunate that President Robert Mugabe has chosen to divide the nation by impoverishing the majority. The last 37 years should be enough for Zimbabweans to have realised that Mugabe will say and do anything to ensure his stranglehold on power. It is clear Mugabe can no longer distinguish between right and wrong, and therefore, the danger he poses to the country’s wellbeing is too ghastly to contemplate.

Of course, we have long known that it’s a waste of time to pin one’s hopes on Zanu PF, given its unflattering track record. For nearly two decades, it has presided over the collapse of this nation and has clearly demonstrated its inability to resolve the manifold problems afflicting the nation.

All that the party can do now is play its politics in a way that diverts attention from its failure to provide solutions to our problems. But it is wise not to have our attention diverted, particularly at this time that we should be registering to vote.

While other governments in the region are focused on the future and improving the lot of their people, it would appear that the Zanu PF government is now operating in election-mode throughout the party’s term.

For how else can Mugabe ignore the cries of the majority by failing to deal with the faltering economy. We, therefore, call for Zimbabweans to thoroughly prepare for the elections and stop the Zanu PF hegemony.

Zimbabweans’ only hope now lies in taking collective responsibility of our nation by speaking with one voice through the ballot in elections next year.


      • no situation will never change until amen not with the educated fools in this country who never bother to vote an unjust system out of power but who elect to stay away from the ballot box and expect things to happen automatic.

        • Well said Eliasha, Zimbos are COWARDS and they will choose not to participate for absolutely no reason. We are doomed and we have 5 more years under the same leadership, nxaaa

  1. Yaah, ZANU PF deserve a massive kick in the buttocks next year. Count me in! For the sake of our children and grand children, they-the whole clueless,looting and corrupt lot- just have to go in 2019!!!

  2. Zanu PF can only be defeated through the gun and nothing more. This time if they lose, the election results will not be announced forever and Grace will be the Acting President. Let us talk to progressive nations and fight from within. The Libyan war was never fought from outside. It was within and never from neighboring countries.

  3. Thats why akadzinga PG aka rekomendwa naED to cover up his tricks also thats why pakaitwa reshuffle. It was a well calculated move. With the best in all your endevours as we approach 2018. Its time opposition make a strong bond with each other.

  4. zvinotoshamisa uchiona tumwe tukomana turikutambura zvekuti munyika muno tunotorambirira pa zanu pf yaora kudai…yembavha dzinonzi anaMoyo ,Kasukuwere, nezimai radzo nezvizukuru zvaro….twunofunga nepai chaizvo, Zanu pf is no longer of people ‘s revolutionary party it is now a platform for looting and a shield against justice by the corrupt, robbers, thieves…TAIMBOVAKOWO ASI TAKATOONA KUTI AZVICHAITA ITS NO LONGER A PEOPLE’S PARTY IT IS NOW MUGABE’S PROPERTY

  5. Grace mugabe and his husband must go to hell. We only want what is best for zimbabwean and they have failed to do so in the past 30 years. If Mother fucker grace mugabe think that she will be the president of zimbabwe am telling you there will be war all over until a new zimbabwe has been created.Those cowards in za=nupf are going to kill themselves. |You cant fire someone just because the people of zimbabwe want the person. That’s nonsese.Mugabe and his wife my go to hell.

  6. From the day Mjuru died in the mysterious fire,the stage was set.Mujuru was killed by the G40 guys because he was the only guy who could tell Rwavhi Ngozi Mugabe to go to hell.His elimination paved the way for his wife’s downfall.Mnangagwa at this time thought it was a very good opportunity for him to be the vice president.But credit must be given to the G40’s ability to plan ahead.Their next plan was to push for Grace’s elevation to the apex of the women’s league.After that they sold her the idea of the possibility of her ruling the country.They explained to her that they will support her bid to succeed her husband.They took advantage of her gullibility and lack of education.They then informed her that for her to rise to the throne,Mnangagwa must be eliminated because his credentials pose a serious threat to her ascendance.She bought the idea,hence what we have been experiencing of late.But the real issue is this,after the elimination of all the threats Grace herself will be eliminated by the same G40.The plan will work.just watch the space.

  7. Jonathan Moyo nango nango paakhatiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii kkkkkkk big skop motor mouth mabisikoro Noyo 1 Mnangagwa Chituta Garwe 0 Now he killed pple in mat in the 80s to defend a white puppet govt of Mugabe and called those who wanted to get rid of the devil govt at its earliest stage dissidents Now he is dissident himself kkkkkkkkkk . 2008 Mnangagwa made sure all MDC T supporters were killed No sorry for him pliz

  8. What a punishment few weeks Mnangagwa was poisoned now he is fired god is answering our prayers next year the final answer will see all those boasting now out of power ZANU is year and will loss to opposition next year watch this space .

  9. People should not celebrate too soon that ED has been fired when in actual fact he had tendered his resignation long back. If you get hackled and castigated for the wrong reasons that certain individuals support you more than your superiors, its so buffling.I wonder whether the great multitude who gather at the so called interface rallies do so from the bottom of their hearts or they are just doing so for reasons best known to themselves.2018 is around the corner that will give us a true reflection of whether interface rallies were meaningful or not. Lets just hope things will be turning the right direction , closed industries will be resuscitated and employment will be created for the so called youths who have known no employment ever since they were born. I just also hope our country will enjoy the much needed piece in order to attract investors. No country or investor can ever inject money in an unstable environment. They will use a wait and see strategy until the situation normalizes. There is internal fights within the party and people are beginning to position themselves for better posts and others peddling lies about others in order to be regarded good palls. It used to happen during the war and a lot of people lost their lives for crimes they did not commit. Lets hope we are going the same route. Some people just died and disappeared mysteriously for wrong reasons .GOD HELP US AS WE ARE APPROCHING THE ELECTION YEAR.

  10. VanaGarwe kugadzirirra vamwe misha …iwe wodzingwa . Wakavhurumusa vana veZimabawe in 2008, wakati unozwigona … nhasi waitwa grader kugadzira mugwagwa yava tara hauchadiwa …takambkuudzayi Churumhanzi. Ropa ra 2008 ropfuka wezhira …regayi tinyarare isu hedu vanaMoyondizvo…kumaterrace pfeeeeeeee…ziiiii

    • Tell the nation one reason Dambudzo needs the Zimbabweans? We cannot commiserate the existence of the devil in person! Of course the devil angels are vanquished, and feel miserable, thanks to the G 40.

  11. The Bible is very clear , you reap what you sow. Thats it. Dindingwe rinoda richakweva vamwe, kana iro rokwevewawo roti mavara azara ivhu.

  12. Who is mnangagwi? Who are his people? Is he a human being with two legs and two hands…also with five senses? Where is he? Why is it l don`t know him? IS THERE ANY NEED FOR ME TO KNOW HIM? Look people, there is a man called God, he is the man, He (l capitalized this word) is the great of all greats. His political party is called Christianity; the slogan is holy and righteousness. The Prime Minister of his party is called Jesus. Look people, l don`t want you to be useless or less than useless.

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