Zimbabwe awaits news on Mugabe’s future


Zimbabweans are waiting to see what steps the military will take next after seizing control of the country.


President Robert Mugabe is said to be under house arrest but the whereabouts of his wife Grace, who was bidding to succeed him as president, are unknown.

South African ministers have been in the capital Harare meeting the army and political parties.

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) regional bloc will hold emergency talks on Thursday.

President Mugabe, 93, has been in control of Zimbabwe since it gained independence from Britain in 1980.

But the power struggle over who might succeed him, between Mrs Mugabe and her rival former vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa, has split the ruling Zanu-PF party in recent months.

Evidence that Grace Mugabe’s circle was being pressured by the military came on Wednesday when one of her key allies, Zanu-PF youth wing leader Kudzai Chipanga, made a televised apology for criticising the head of the army a day earlier.

Mr Chipanga is reported to be in army custody but said his statement was voluntary.

Correspondents are asking whether President Mugabe, having hung on to power so tenaciously for years, will offer his resignation.

One Zimbabwean opposition leader, Tendai Biti, told the BBC he wanted to see a transitional authority in place.

“It is urgent that we go back to democracy. It is urgent that we go back to legitimacy but we need a transitional period and I think, I hope, that dialogue can now be opened between the army and Zimbabweans.

[That] dialogue can be opened between the army and regional bodies such as the SADC and, indeed, the African Union,” he said.

The SADC has called an emergency meeting in Gaborone, Botswana for 15:00 local time (13:00 GMT).


  1. SADC hands off Zimbabwe.There is no crisis at all. Zimbabweans will find a Zimbabwean solution. We know you hypocrites want us to beg your intervention always. Intervention for what? We will better have our military mediate than SADC hypocrits

    • There is a crisis, Zimbabwe is part of SADC & AU – this high sounding BS attitude you have is what got this country in the hell-hole we’re in now. We are a (broke) land-locked country which cannot exist in isolation.

      • Yes we cannot exist on our own and the other countries need us too. We cant however be blackmailed into non-zimbabwean solutions by nations who want to save face on an international front to be seen to be peace proactive while pursuing trophies beyond our problems and tailor made solutions

      • Why does SADC want to intervene now? Where was SADC when democracy was being bashed left right and centre? Where were they when our economy was nose-diving into the current situation. They are hypocrites. Let Zimbabwe solve its own problems because the regional group has failed to do so when it mattered the most.

    • MY FRIEND THAT WORKS IF ZIMBABWE HAD REFUSED TO JOIN SADC. It is these isolationists views that have put the country in the situation it is now.

    • There is no crisis when the opposition is being rigged now Mugabe has been removed you see a crisis.Many times you have said let the Zimbabweans solve their own problems so leave us alone.

  2. Mugabe and his family must go at all costs and we want people with full minds and hearts of development.Zimbabwe is paining me at large as i make life comparison with that of South Africa.Why must people suffer because of only few individuals who are enjoying life when the whole country is suffering.

  3. Zimbabwe has always been in a crisis and the Regional Bloc did nothing about it… People were murdered and Elections were rigged but they did nothing about it.. Now they call this a crises. SADC do us a favour and let this situation be. I believe the architects of this movement know what they are doing…. Siyai zvakadaro!!

  4. True SADC have being giving Zimbabwe a blind eye for the past ten years only Botswana President was vocal for Mugabe to stepdown does SADC care for one person in a nation with 15million people how come let us as Zimbabweans solve our own issues as they’ve failed all this long time Long live to General Chiwenga

  5. But Mugabe is a disappointment, he was too drunk with power that he thought he was the alpha and omega of Zimbabwe and let his wife destriy even the little legacy he had left with. From giving his mukuwasha a job he is not qualified to do to running rough shod on guerillas who fought for the liberation of this country, surely that was careless. He had vested his authority to pseudo mujibhas. I met Kasukuwere when he was still a kid well after independence and to say he was even a mujibha is a lie. Ask were Nujoma is yet we used to watch soccer together when he was still fighting for Namibia independence and he let go for others to take over. Ask where Toivo Ja Toivo is, yet Mugabe thought all Zanupf men where his wives and he really believed the lie.

  6. Sadc wants to intervene now. Where were you when things got bad. People died crossing borders for greener pastures, their families were left suffering upto now. Some are not going to school coz of no fees. 95% unemployment rate in Zimbabwe, graduates are selling tomatoes in streets and you had no pity. I am in full support of what is happening. I pray that God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob may lead the military to what is best for the people. NEW ZIMBABWE WE WELCOME YOU

  7. Zanu is back to its founders.Ngwena will run Zim economy much better than Mugabe .It is our wish ,zanu people that ngwena be given the chance to run the economy only as zanu.MDC please just continue with your campaigns for election 2018 which will be done.Win that and form your own GVT.Always waiting for a crisis to jump on to ,is not a good sign of opposition.Zanu is now in full control ,we will run the affairs of gvt .Economy is our major ,number one target ,nothing else.Ngwena will bite the bullet and do what it takes to improve the economy,jobs for men and women.Our farmers must come back for production,white and black.Our farming output must rise and rise.We need to go back to Commonwealth,we need to go back to US$,WE NEED MINING to be productive.We need qualified people to run public goodies.We need to reduce fuel bill by improving public transport.We need China ,Britain and EU.Parastatals are going to be sold and reduce shareholding in some like airzim.We need GDP growth of not less than 5% in 1st 12 months.Ngwena must agree on this or else.Nomore time for quazi socialist principles.

  8. Mangudja must do an audit at RB.His bondnote has brot misery than good.It must go and only $US currency.The idea that a country can run on 2 currencies is not efficient.The market will hide the most valuable currencyand use the useless one,bond.Withdraw the bond and let only the US$ FLOAT.Governor you know that this is the right thing to do.You have no Greenback to back up your bond hence dont create useless paper.Ask Prof Gresham .Hewilltell you whathappened in17880.Clar….Viola


  10. Leave us alone SADC, you never bothered to help all these years and now you want to still your long noses into our business.
    Why dont you monitor the situation and Shut up !!

  11. SADC and AU should be ashamed of themselves. We suffered right under their noses and they told us a zim crisis is for zimbabweans, i believe they were enjoying it, now what do they want in a zimbabwean situation. Nxaaa.

  12. Please Chiwenga ramba mediation yeSADC. Garbage uyu is a British subject. He drinks tea naQueen wake secretly as a British Knight (stooge) then come home to lie that he hates whites. Vese maSADC aya mastooges evarungu. Let’s do our own thing. Vana Zuma don’t want an economically strong Zimbabwe. So, you have your work cut out. You are fighting a formidable team. That is why Garbage did not listen to you when you exposed that egg head Jono as a CIA Agent. Garbage also is CIA and M16 put together.

    All parties and business must come together to chart an economic agenda for Zimbabwe. Look at our labour lwas. They make workers lazy because of too many little procedures that make workers become so verbosity as soon as they get the job. Just for bringing an application letter and a CV. We cant develop a country with that kind of thing. Learn from Deng Xiapeng of China. I feel we are moving from Mao to Deng. We have to. Agreed?

  13. been following the happenings on media but all I can add on to my cute neighbouring country is that The opposition needs to cooperate with the ZANU guys at this stage the battle is not on political parties the battle is for everyone .If you help the Army do there work then it shall be well with Zim.

  14. Therefore we will take the trade, travel, econmics, logistics, trade routes etc that define our interdependence but concerning our politics we don’t need them at present. Any rate whose interests will they be representing. Majority of Zimbabweans are quite happy with what the General is doing.

  15. We the Povo have been voting out Garbage for a long time but you the military have been keeping him there against our wishes.

    Now look. We have three generations that are highly educated but cannot produce wealth. They have never worked. Just standing by the street corner changing money or selling drugs to live. Iye Garbage vana vake vachigara mumaexpensive hotels, parties weekly and spending millions of national resources in the process.

    Garbage ngaaende. I know that he has files and files of everyone so that he will use them when cornered. So, Chiwenga, watch out. That snake will get you if you release the head. Believe you me, he is bloody cruel this one. Let him go. If you let SADC play feja feja with you, you will be gone.

  16. Comment…zuma and sadc must ensure the downfall of mugabe other ys we dnt want complaints when we flock to sa

  17. SADC and AU, you can go to HELL. Leave the Zim situation to Zimbabweans. AU accepted $1m donation from Mugabe yet the country is bleeding, now the army has come in to bring normalcy to the economy and you want to intervene, YOU ARE USELESS. Zuma, don’t even start it, your country is burning and you know you are no longer needed, you now want to protect DICTATOR Mugabe….Mmmmmm God forbid.

  18. SADC is very useless. Cabbage rakaora. Mucheka dzafa pamwe na Zuma. Hamunyare sveee. Siyai makatadza Karesa. Majaira kushandisa Mdhara Bob muchimuendesa pa front ku EU, UN, US etc.isu tichi suffer. Musatishatirisa itai zvekunyika dzenyu. Mwari vagara vanesu imi makuda kumhanya kumberi. Zimbabwe is the most blessed nation in the whole world. Just Watch.

  19. Comment…Mugabe has no other future cz he is already living it now…Sadc shld leave us alone as they have done all the other years…period.

  20. i salute what Chewenga zdf and airforce of Zimbabwe are doing. flush out all the criminals and ensure that all is well for a transitional government. long live CDE CONSTANTINE CHIWENGA. We are seeing a real democracy coming now. EU & SADC please excuse us you are concerned about a minority only at the hands of the majority. Our army is standing for the majority of Zimbabeeans.

  21. Hey you Zuma, dont ever try to bring your SADC Army here. We are prepared to help our Army in chasing your SADC forces. Pamberi ne ZDF. Pamberi nema Generals edu. Pasi na DICTATOR.

  22. Spare us the rhetoric! The meeting, if at all, should entail Zimbabweans and their nation. Mugabe’s fate has already been sealed, unless you are negotiating his retirement package. There is no war that Mugabe can be ‘evacuated for safety’.

  23. Sadc shares part of the blame for our situation.It certified,time and again, flawed elections as being fair, only to keep Mugabe in power.What is its sudden interest but to bail Mugabe and his cronies out so they can continue to plunder the country??

  24. It is Zimbabweans responsibility to rid themselves of Robert and it’s SADC responsibility to mediate where a member state has no ‘ legitimate head of state’ SADC doesn’t impose, it only helps you to facilitate, it’s up to the member state to agree or disagree. This is the same mind set that isolated Zimbabwe where Robert thought he was living in a vacuum, Zimbabwe needs SADC just as much as SADC states needs Zimbabwe, what choice did SADC have when Robert was in full control? And as for general Zimbabweans this is when you should learn to appreciate other peoples’ opinions matter least you take the same route Robert took,” the know all route”.

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