Zanu PF youths fear voter apathy

THE Zanu PF youth league in Manicaland province has pressed the panic baton and expressed fears that the ruling party could lose next year’s general elections following reports that just a handful of youths had registered in the ongoing biometric voter registration exercise.


This came out during the party’s recent provincial executive meeting held in Mutare where the youth executive described the development as worrisome.

The executive blamed suspended provincial youth chairman Mubuso Chinguno for failing to mobilise members to register in the BVR outreach programmes. Chinguno was recently suspended on allegations of embezzling party funds, a charge he has denied.

“As you know, our target is the youth, but we have so far failed to have them registered. We agreed as a party that President Robert Mugabe will be our presidential candidate, but how are we going to achieve this if the youths are not registering?” acting provincial youth chairperson Betty Dhliwayo queried.

“There are reports that Chinguno did not do his duties on the BVR outreach programme. He failed to carry out inner district campaigns and sensitisation workshops, that’s why youths did not come out in their numbers to register.

“So I want to appeal to everyone to encourage youths to be registered as voters so that we can win next year,” she added.

Dhliwayo reminded youths that their vote was key in next year’s polls where Mugabe faces a coalesced opposition.

“Now that BRV blitz has entered the second phase, we are appealing to youths in Manicaland to come out in numbers to register to vote.

“We expect a change in response to this second phase and rally behind our President,” she said.

The second phase kicked off on October 29 and ended yesterday, while the third phase will start on Thursday and will end on December 1. The fourth and final phase starts on December 4 and ends on December 19.

The apathy reports came at a time Mugabe has threatened a massive purge on all perceived allies of former Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa. The purge is likely to cause several heads in Manicaland province to roll with Cabinet ministers and politburo members from the province already short-listed for disciplinary action.



  1. what youths. do you think we are fools to vote for Zanu. Maybe try the old people as for us youths we are sick and tired of this bullshit, even if we register to vote dont ever think that you will have our vote this time never.

  2. Person of Interest

    When they rig the election outcome then they will claim a lot of youths came out to vote because mugabe resonated with them in his campaign.

  3. BVR has a lot of errors in as much as you can think of. Imagine that changing one’s address only will allow double vote. Already people are submitting their registering slips to Chiefs and other people… Its a way to alter the votes, that system is not reliable. Politicians will take advantage of the System and definitely the election has already been rigged before we start. However, next years election will not matter as there are other issues that will determine the THRONE other than elections. Watch and Pray…..


      Dr. how true is it that the determining factor of registering is the address not the national identity and the biometric features face and fingerprint, if you are saying the truth then we are doomed. But i think the main thing is id which whe entered in the system shows your details of the constituency you are to vote in not what you said that changing address will make me register as much as possible and besides they said the voter register is going to me merged and cleaned to avoid double registry.

  4. It shows that the Youths still in Zanu PF are sick and need to be taken to Ngomahuru or Ingutsheni. How can someone who is 18 years or 25 years vote for a 94 year old person? A person who needs help to stand up or to walk and you invest your confidence in such a person. Kuita President wenyika is different from being a Chief in the rural areas. Go to hell our Youths because isu madhara muZanu (at 35-65 years) hatichamudi Mugabe uyu. Anongodiwa nengochani dzakamutenderedza nepfambi.


    betty you said you have agreed as youth that president mugabe will be our next president, if we are not registering that means you decided for the so called youths that your problem that what you think as a few minority represents every1 you want mugabe not me and other youth, if the process of deciding if mugabe will decision of making him the next term president is done free and fair and every one given the chancef he is the favourite of the majority then he stands not that only few individuals endorse him.

  6. Betty, you rally “behind your president”, not everyone is stupid and mad like you. Some of us prefer to buy stuff for ourselves, we don’t need stolen stuff “donated” to us by Zanu (RF). It is called “earning an honest living”, try it. It’s much better than a Zanu (RF) prison sentence for life!!

  7. regai kusavhota muone mdc ikahwina isu vezanu tikuvhota

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