Zanu PF politburo fires Mnangagwa

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa

AXED Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been officially fired from the ruling Zanu PF party.

By Everson Mushava

Party spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said the decision was endorsed during a politburo meeting held yesterday.

Khaya Moyo said Mnangagwa, who was fired from government on Monday by President Robert Mugabe for various allegations that included undermining the Zanu PF leader had been expelled from the party for fanning factionalism.

He also said the politburo had endorsed the decision to elevate a woman candidate to the presidium, adding former Bulawayo provincial youth leader Magura Charumbira had also been fired for booing First Lady Grace Mugabe at a rally in Bulawayo on Saturday.

The party’s supreme-decision body outside congress yesterday tasked the party’s national disciplinary committee to handle all disciplinary hearings of several party leaders accused of sympathising with Mnangagwa.

Khaya Moyo said preparations for the party’s extraordinary congress due next month were on course. The congress will run under the theme Consolidating Gains of ZimAsset through Unity, Peace and Development.


  1. So it requires a (politburo) meeting to fire a part VP/second secretary, but just one man (president) to fire national VP from gvt?

  2. The remaining greatest mystery to all this madness is where & how the hell the Mugabes & zanupf still manage to mobilise ‘thousands’ of people to attend gatherings of stupidity, do we really sill have such daft people amongst us this day & age?

    • In truth, Zanu PF is no longer a political party as was the party of Chitepo or even its form just before Independence. It is now more of a fan club… and I’m sure you know how fans behave.

    • you got it right, where are all these fellows coming from but i notice the majority are unemployed youths and others from various fleemarkets who are forced to participate, but again you spot on ,which magic wand are there using to woo so many fools to these gatherings , i leave this to speculation but sooner or later we will find answers to this riddle.

  3. So the whole politiburo thought Grace is so special that the VP hasto cough everytime she walks about, Dongo was right all men in zanupf are Mugabe’s wives vahosi vakasekwa saka madzimai madiki had to intervene.

  4. Comment…MDC ngaipinde zvayo nyika ibudirire ava vachingotukana, kutandanisana, vachinamata Mugabe na Grace wake. Vana , vakuwasha, vana sekuru Joram, Chidhakwa vachiita zvavo looting.

  5. The politbru is such a useless group it just rubber whatever Mugabe and Grace wants at the time. Now they want woman VP, what happened three years ago?

  6. True no politburo at all but Mugabe & wife-but especially the wife Gire.Just a rubber stamp-even if secretly in it, every is so disagreeable would chose to docilely endorse the decision for fear of possibly tagged lascote& kicked out of the party -The Mugabes’ way of suppressing dissent in the party

  7. So where have all these moralists been all along. So it had to take the firing of one sadistic butcher for their consciences to be goaded. Power hungry self serving idiots, that’s what these Croc sympathisers are. Let him stew. He was very excited when Runaida was shown the door. Kasifuni bumbulu thina

  8. WHAT stupidity its only in zimbabwe where political power is sexually transmitted. shame on my beloved country.

  9. Zimbabwe now ranks as a country with the highest number of people who can be described as idiots/cowards. All SADC countries have moved on and changed leadership, we’re obsessed with perpetuating the cruel legacy of a tyrant whose leadership style is less than mediocre and yet it is hailed as godly. It must be plain boring in the rurals if it takes so many able-bodied individuals to be bussed into town to act like retarded street children.

  10. This is now officially a bedroom party of the “first family”. No dissent allowed. Just tow the line agreed in Gire and Bob’s bedroom!!!

  11. mnangarwa is not a national problem that we had but was just a threat to a power hungry family. Our problems are the once they do not have any solution to which are the constantly deteriorating economy, Cash shortages resulting in long hours spend on queues, the four to five tire pricing system, interest charged on ecocash transaction, corrupt leaders, nepotism, underdevelopment of infrastructure like the long awaited dualisation of the Masvingo road and many more you can add to the list. We have nothing to expect from G40 and its mother but a further problem to zimbabwe.I dont doubt my God He will soon deliver us from this terror and tyranny and our cowardice he will forgive us . As for the whole Politburo endorsing the expulsion of Mnangarwa what would you expect from a puppet system, they had to do so or they will be shown the door. Its no democracy but voting under siege. They will in fear elevate a wife to rule with her husband also out of fear and under siege otherwise you will be standing in the path of a rolling bolder just as Zvobgo highlighted. CHipanga the leader and the youth will also play the puppet to receive his meals. He is benefitting and sooner he will be sidelined.

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