We will defend 2018 vote with our blood: Khupe

Thokozani Khupe

MDC-T vice-president Thokozani Khupe has warned that opposition supporters were prepared to spill their own blood in defence of next year’s election results, adding they would not allow President Robert Mugabe to govern through a stolen mandate.


Addressing hundreds of potential registrants in Mabvuku, Harare, Khupe, who is leading the opposition party’s voter registration mobilisation campaign, said Zanu PF would regret if they tried to steal next year’s general elections.

“Some people are saying they will not vote because the election will be rigged by Zanu PF. Rest assured, this time around, we are not going to allow that to happen. We will vote and thereafter defend our vote by whatever means necessary. We are going to fight with the last drop of our blood, the last drop of our sweat and the last drop of our tears, because we cannot let this suffering continue,” an animated Khupe said to wild cheers from MDC-T supporters.

Khupe warned that MDC-T would not allow the scenario which played out in 2008 to repeat itself, saying her party leader Morgan Tsvangirai, despite being in and out of hospital, would win the presidential race.

The voter registration exercise has been marred by apathy, mostly in urban areas.

Khupe also said Tsvangirai would soon be back in the driving seat to lead the country into economic prosperity, mocking the Zanu PF false promises to create 2,2 million jobs.

“State House belongs to a person who can change your lives, who can ensure that proper jobs are created for your children and yourselves so that you can have a sense of self-esteem and dignity and that person is president Morgan Tsvangirai . . . This time around, we are bringing change and we won’t fail,” she said.

Khupe was accompanied by the party’s proportional representation MP Lwazi Sibanda, who was issuing out commissioned affidavits to registrants.


    • Can say that again bra! This new design is just disgusting to say the least. Change must always be for the better not for the worse!

  1. Thats what VPs are supposed to do, not kutena internally and waste energy unnecessarily. Ndiyo nzira famba Makhupe.

  2. What are you doing about it madam khupe, what went wrong in 2008 you said it is not going to happen this time, i believe the playing field is the same as 2008, and you are not doing your home work well, and you only want to cry foul when the results are out, you must be approving every stage as we go not to then blame the results madyiwa. some say we learn from history but think there is any thing u learnt, the way you are leading your party is not wise, you boycotted all the by-elections after you sacked some of the mps giving zanu the majority quorum in parliament and senate hence they push the laws that are good for them what a pity. look you are crying foul of electro-process reforms and that will not be done, we go back to beginning where you want votes to be a majority in parliament and push for good governance and law, things you once had and threw away, giving zanu a life line again if you are not alert will see you in power maybe 2023.

    • Iwe chimbwasungata.Let us go and vote positively and quietly.If these guys were not courageous to lead the challenge against a violent thug party like zanu then who would.If you think they cant then form your opposition and lets see what you can do

  3. my VP elected at congress not the one handpicked like tomatoes chamisa. sinawe thokozani do not lose any sleep. our president morgan we support. our VP you our SG doug, our chair love we love him.

  4. Now you are talking. Kwete zvekungobirirwa sema fuzi. Encourage people to vote and keep on reminding them you will defend their votes.

  5. Win all you want kumaTown ikoko Kuno kumaruzevha takabata! By the way 70% of people are kuno kumaRuzevha!

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