We’ve fired Mugabe: War vets

THE Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) yesterday described President Robert Mugabe as an unrepentant and deceitful tyrant, whose end was nigh, as he would soon be forced out of the ruling Zanu PF by the party’s real owners.


In a statement that came short of anointing ousted Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa as leader of a splinter party from Zanu PF, the former fighters claimed Mugabe had “betrayed the revolution”.

“We are stating in no uncertain terms that we disown Mugabe. With immediate effect, we are in complete defiance of his leadership of the revolutionary Zanu PF. We are reclaiming our party. He [Mugabe] is free to go and form his G40 party with his receptionist wife (First Lady Grace). The Patriotic Front belongs to us. If he wants, he can resuscitate Frolizi (Front for the Liberation of Zimbabwe,” part of the statement signed by ZNLWVA secretary-general Victor Matemadanda read.

“[We are] appalled by the uncalled for and abrupt sacking of Vice-President ED Mnangagwa from his position as national Vice-President and do hereby state, categorically, that Robert Mugabe is deceitful. He was never a revolutionary. Instead, he is a poster boy for the British South Africa Company (BSAC) principles that he pretends to hate. He is its darling, hence, his knighting by the Queen [of England] and his support for the G40 cabal that is sponsored by remnants of the BSAC.”

Matemadanda said the war veterans were inviting other ousted former Zanu PF stalwarts, among them former Vice-President Joice Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa, Rugare Gumbo, Dumiso Dabengwa and Simba Makoni “to come and lead us in the fight against Mugabe”.

“As such, we have expelled Robert Gabriel Mugabe as president and first secretary of Zanu PF. In the same manner, we have fired Grace Mugabe [First Lady], [Higher Education minister] Jonathan Moyo, [Vice-President] Phelekezela Mphoko, [political commissar Saviour] Kasukuwere, [secretary for administration] Ignatius Chombo and [Mugabe’s nephew] Patrick Zhuwao,” the war veterans said.


  1. josphat mugadzaweta

    munonyepa. you will soon your stipends better keep quite. so zanu is a gathering of war vets? why did then keep quiet when mugabe was appointing border gezi, saviour, chombo and mzembi to power?

  2. Now this is more like it, we can’t afford to have Grace Mugabe as president for a single day ever, we must go down fighting like real men

    1. we do not condone violence

      1. if mugabe wants to create dynasty and think nyika ndeyekumba kwake we support any form of way to oust him for power

    2. I agree, Mugabe’s times are over.

  3. get the message. history is history, though its gains are cherished. you cannot dwell on one chapter forever while ignoring the present.

    1. Chapter 1 yapedzwa kuverengwa yotsika madziro kuti usavhure Chapter 2 …3.. nth because ndini ndakatangwa munovel or textbook iri? Tibvirei apo maakutisembura endai morima mapurazi amakapiwa

  4. Where have you been war vets? You are seeing this now? You were castigating MDC for seeing this 18 years ago. Form your own party war vets. Zanu Pf will just crumble if it has no supporters. I wouldnt trust these war vets with anything, they are just like Mugabe but in a worse position.

  5. Why now , kopakadzingwa Mujuru maivepi. some of you even said she did go to war.
    Silly old stupid men and women

    1. its the nature of humans.

  6. ladies and gentlemen you were suppose to have seen the signs a long time ago when you war vets were sjamboked by fellow comrades at the freedom square and you chose to remain silent, now that Emmerson is expelled you begin to sing songs about the bad Mugabe but he has been doing it year in year out, lets not forget that you rejoiced when Joyce was ousted couple of season ago ,so yes you now see the light but why the hell have you been quiet all along, wake up and wake up very fast , you now need to play serious games for heaven sake.

    1. their years in bush are now going up the smoke. but anyway these guys have always been arrogant. all of them will soon be flushed down like used toilet papers and remembered no more. they should not complain especially after all the rewards Mugabe has given them 50000 dollars. children scholarships. shoddy jobs at the railways and other places, farms and land, monthly pensions. wasting it and still demanding more. to them Zimbabwe was always them not anybody else. however now GOD is saying Zimbabwe is for everyone and his grace is getting taken away from them.

  7. munopenga mababie aGrace

    1. Zvatosvorana gonzo na chin’ai isu takumboita take out our pop corn,seat ,relax and watch the movie,fight guys we are watching with glee

      1. You are right War Vets its no longer ZANU PF but ZVANGU Pa Front pa Gire

  8. useless people from the day they labelled morgan as a puppet of the british when they were puppets of a dictator Mugabe. I wont forget how jb fought against our voice in 2008 and 2013. I wont forget. the worst thing is that up to this day these guys are not repenting of the wrong doing against the people Zimbabwe by protect a dictator. they think they can do something for us. we don’t need them. we don’t need mnangagwa, we don’t need grace. we don’t need thieves from g40. we will make Zimbabwe better for ourselves and I know GOD is on our side. I am thankful that GOD is starting to make things good for the many Zimbabweans who have been crying and praying for their country. it will be sad for many who are still supporting and looking at Mugabe and zanu to be their savior. I feel sorry for them. I will advise the opposition leaders to look to GOD to make Zimbabwe better. When I say GOD I don’t mean amapositori. For me that is the worst spirit which has brought most suffering from the day one of their prophet propheced that Mugabe will rule. Grace wants that spirit to continue. unfortunately poverty will visit her soon. mark my words. she is playing on dangerous ground because of her pride and power.

  9. Kuyeuka bako manaiwa nyararai apa muti zii..thulanini nonke…Tell us what happened to Jabulani Sibanda’s ZNLWVA excutive? He is no saint but he saw and read the writing on the wall (bedroom coup) but you and Mutsvangwa and the rest gladly replaced them.. stupidly thinking that it would not happen to you? well it has happened live with it! just suck it up… ED tell us what happened to JTM? you gladly replaced her and now it has happened to you in exactly the same fashion. Now listen and listen good form your own party and you will realise how much the people despise the lot of you mese henyu… nonke! I am glad you have felt what it is like to be forced to leave a country you dearly love for another. Tell us where exactly in Sandton you guys are and we will organise a welcoming reception for all of you..

    1. Yes ,better late than never its correct. But these guys have an unending fault, this craziness to always do it for somebody. Yesterday it was for Mugabe , and today it is for Mnangagwa and NEVER FOR THE PEOPLE! Please kindly avoid choosing the leader for the nation but Participate in the debate for that choice. Let us brainstorm together please. By concentrating again on only your choice you are making the same mistake you made pana Mugabe and you shall all live and die without recovering your respect and legacy among the people and which legacy you lost through your intransigence when it came to talking about Mugabe’s wrongs against the people. Agreed, you and the whole nation want Mugabe out, but we differ on the replacement. You did not liberate in order to impose. For as long as you do not realise this concern you shall remain irrelevant among the citizens. Batanai nepovho kuita zvinoda povho kwete kunyepera kudzoka kuzvido zvepovho iwo uri munyati wokutungamidza Mnangagwa. You may like him (and obviously for grounds with nothing to do with national interest but mostly nostalgia and personal aggrandisements ) but the nation hates him deep and for the same reasons as Mugabe. Garai pasi mufeme macomrades, musamhanya hamubudiriri. But we commend you for a step towards the people.

      1. Well said

  10. Now thats more like it, i hope you put those words into action soon. We are tired of zanu shit.

  11. Richard Deschain

    These so called war vets are just ranting because they were thrown out of the gravy train they so much enjoyed riding on when all was well and good.Ironically, they are the very people who aided Mugabe to have absolute power and Mugabe being a clever man he is, used those powers to throw them out of the party when he felt their heads were getting too big. They were complicit in their own downfall and i am happy they are stewing in their juices.

  12. Too little too late. We don’t want to be stuck in history. Whatever post-colonial agreements the war vets signed does not entail the public and is fast crumbling with the revolutionary party. The second liberation is a preserve for dedicated leaders and the public with no strings attached. Zimbos want to revive their country and cannot accept to be subjected to untenable demands.

  13. Let us all register to vote. Every single vote will make a big difference. Mu Zimba, iwe neni tine basa.

  14. Haaa better mnangagwa than mugabe and gire guys lets face it.

  15. Dzungu chairo munaro makore ese aya maidya muchiguta now nokuti madzingwa mochema.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk hahahahahahahahahhahhaha.dzungu chairo

  16. True. Zanu is full of VERY STUPID PPLE. No one in Zanu is capable of governing Zim. Zimbabwe belongs to everyone and Zim is not the property of Robie and Gire. I DONT KNOW WHY GOD CREATED THESE ZANU PPLE. THEY ARE CROOKS AND THEY ONLY AFTER RUINING THE COUNTRY AND FATTENING THEIR POCKETS WITH ILL-GOTTEN MONEY.

    1. BUT IT IS ALWAYS EMPTY ??????????????????

  17. Yaa, Ngwena yaenda; Economy yakuzonaka manje!!!!


  19. Must only mobilise the people to reject Mugabe come 2018;itz now clear Mugabe now want to impose his wife on the people of Zimbabwe-hence clearly firing Ngwena to create her space in the presidium-deceit at its highest level.We urge all war veterans & all revolutionary cadres chased out to unite & form credible alternative to Mugabe clique & defeat him come 2018 election.This coalition of ex combatants will obviously not fail like the Tsvangirai one of the yester years which failed.Itz you the war vets, who tended all the people to Mugabe during the war & the land reforms yrs.You still have the capacity to withdraw them fr him & his cable & take over the leadership come 2018.Your coalition will easily take over;you hv yr kinds in the army,the intelligent community(CIOs)& the police etc,all whatz needed is to switch with the laws at elections-yr support is ready unlike that of Tsvangirai.Mugabe dismissed Ngwena on very frivolous grounds-Ngwena should have bn concretely linked to some well established coup plot first by the intelligent community to warrant n credible dismissal on accusations of state disloyalty.Only wanted to make path for his wife

    1. Mumbosara vanganiko maWar Vets acho?

  20. Simba Makoni and Dumiso Dabengwa were NOT OUSTED from zanu. THEY LEFT ON THEIR OWN. They have my respect. The rest were kicked out and suddenly they want to become our saviours!! Hayibo!

  21. Mugabe, Mujuru, Mnangagwa war vets,et al are all ZANU PF mafioso.There has never been and will never be a worse grouping of individuals as this brood of vipers.

  22. Pfuurayi Vamwevatongewo

    No country that went through any war can afford not to recognize its war veterans. Zimbabwe is no exception.The general public would definitely want to honour their heroes and heroines if only the latter held themselves to honour. During the war, these same people went around politicizing the people, who they called “povo”, and respected the povo as the livelihood of the cadres during the war; equating the povo to the water that gives life to fish (cadres). They were very right to intimate that they (the cadres or fighters) could not survive in the liberation struggle without the material and moral support of the povo. But after independence, the povo suddenly became irrelevant to the cadres as only Mugabe now mattered. They could maim and kill for Mugabe as he enlisted them for his personal power retention. They were happy to be used and abused and they never thought he would dump them in his perennial quest to retain power for himself and his family and friends. When one of their own, Jabulani Sibanda pointed out Mugabe was trying to “sexually transmit” power to his wife, they ridiculed him and were happy to ignore his observation. The people remained the victims of the war vets’ stubborn belief in Mugabe. Mai Mujuru and her close circle (some of their very own cadres) were sacked and the vets cheered. Their sense of balanced judgement is incredible and does not augur well for anyone’s respect. To date, the vets still think they own ZANU because they fought under it. Nowhere do they ever mention the povo who they purport to have fought from, with and for. When they lobby Mugabe for any benefits, they do so for their very own selfish ends and never think of the povo, who are being reduced to abject poverty in the country they also fought for. Do our war vets ever have any respect for the povo (the water that sustained them during the war)? Should the povo still hold any respect for the short-memoried war vets? Gudo guru peta mwise, kuti madiki akuremekedze. May it dawn on the war vets that by disrespecting the povo, and counting the povo for nothing, the povo have no obligation to respect them (the war vets).

  23. The war vets coalition is sure to win the people’s mandate come 2018 unlike the mdc one which failed bec it was bankrolled by the ex rhodesians who wanted their land back & white industrialists who still wished their space to further subjugate the poor black communities with less bargaining power on the economic front.However they had managed to fool some of our urban voters that black emancipation destroys their economic opportunities.However we still believe foreign capital can be allowed in the country only on condition that local back sail with it to economic prosperity

  24. Dofo rinonyora mazama ten times richingofoira. Mdc tried to wrestle power from Zanu several times and failed. This was because of various forms of tactics used by Mugabe’s Zanu pf. riging may be one of them because Zanupf is both competitor and the referee in a match. There are no guarantees that they will reform themselves out of power. Zimbabweans don’t know that by hating people who were expelled from Zanu will not make them victorious. people are supposed to forget and forgive for the betterment of citizens. How many times has Tsvangirai lost to Mugabe. Why cannt another person try to contest against Mugabe. Problem yedu ndeyekuti we want to personalise the opposition status. Mnangagwa is now an opposition candidate against Mugabe. so why cannt people give him a chance.he might have a tainted past but he is capable to change things for the better. anyway who his better between Ngwena or Mugabe enterprises directors. we know that most of the opposition were sometime zanu members but you find other people quick to say mujuru, simba, mnangagwa. the issue that they were fired means that those people were for the change whereas Mugabe wants stupid yes men.

    1. What will you say if your favourite alternative to MDC/Tsvangirai is played the same way and keeps “losing” to RGM? Thinking requires clarity and facts. Anyone can have an opinion but you cannot have your own facts.

  25. Pamainge muchidzvanyirira nekuuraisa vamwe vanhu ngepamusana paMugabe muchimuvhotera kwemakore anotonyadzisa kutaurira vamwe vanhu vedzimwe nyika,makange musingazvioni here kuti satani wamuri kufuridzira nekumuchengetedza, kuti imhondi huru yakaparadzisa vanhu vazhinji amaiziva imi? MaWar vets mune mhosva huru kwazvo yamuchatongerwa namwari.Hondo haina kurwirwa imi,Mugabe wenyu nemhuri dzenyu uye hamusimi moga makairwa,asi tose. Mugabe haana kana nechinhu chimwe zvacho chakanaka chaakaita chiri kuyamura munhu wese muzimbabwe nhasi.Makamubatsira mukupira pavotes,mukuparadza zimbabwe,Misha yevanhu,kuuraiwa kwevanhu uye pakugara nguva refu achitonga nyika zvisiri pamutemo.Nhasi Mugabe ave kudaidza zimbabwe seMugabe and family property nekuda kwenyu.KO mune hukama naye here?

  26. kkkkkkkk such unparalleled stupidity, you will soon lose your monthly stipends. l don’t blame Mugabe because w e have known what kind of leader he is, you war vets made sure that he he propped up good, now that impande sezigxilile u say u have fired him, that’s ridiculous, actually u owe your existence to him. Remember the million man march, you are cowards like someone who has run away.

  27. kutaura kwamusina kuswera

  28. War vets are still living in cloud cuckoo land.

  29. Did the “war” training and orientation of ex-guerillas involve the ability to think in a level-headed or logical way or they were brainwashed into a one-track mind?

    Whatever they fought for doesn’t seem to be evident today, until you substitute them for Rhodesian mercenaries, Zanu (RF) for the Rhodesia Front and RGM for Ian Smith.

    Freedom to vote for anyone other than those currently in “power” is non-existent in rural areas. Recent verbal diarhoea from Fortune Charumbira is clear testimony of that.
    Those who have been chased away from the thieving and killing party have not even apologized for their wrong doing during their tenure, choosing instead to appeal to those voters gullible enough to believe they have “reformed” and will deliver freedom. One can forgive those who ask for forgiveness but forgetting is very hard to practice.

    The first prize goes to those idiots ululating for yet another swindled cadre’s misfortune, forgetting that they could be next. Have these people outsourced the thinking process?

  30. Nkotheni Phakathi

    Shame is a revolutionary sentiment. Pseudo power can be amazing.
    Those intoxicated with it think it is an everlasting fountain.

  31. Tadpoles realise the importance of water when the pool run dry,you are now realising the eavilness of Mugabe Makupera Kudzingwa,Hamusati matanga, Wait and learn the real Mugabe.

  32. Comment…Mugabe is very correct to what he is doing expelling these who so called revolutionist becoz they don’t through and they are the ones who made our country where it is today. War vets shld shut up and wait for their graves to come. War vets surprised me to allow themselves to be used like a toilet tissue in invading farms beating white farmers chasing them out of farms using such source of evil way. And also they supported that there there shld only one centre of power which is Mugabe. Thirdly them war vets engineered in killing of many opposition supporters from yr 2000 to now but they say they fought for povo. These old horses has nothing to tell us beside to betray us 15 million Zimbabweans. Now test your own medicine. Congratulation president Mugabe and amai Mugabe ndoti sando dzenyu imi mai munogona kutidzingira mapenzi ayo havazive zvavanoda.And we still need more old horses to be expelled they failled our nation

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