War vets call for Mugabe recall as Zanu PF leader

THE Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) yesterday rallied behind the army and called for President Robert Mugabe’s immediate recall from Zanu PF, describing him as a huge liability to the ruling party.


ZNLWVA secretary-general Victor Matemadanda told journalists in Harare that the Zanu PF central committee should set up an independent commission to investigate Mugabe for unspecified crimes.

“The central committee must immediately establish a commission of inquiry into Robert Mugabe to determine why he decided to join and work with anti-revolutionary elements, and why he has chosen either to expel or to ignore those that fought with and defended him during and after the war,” Matemadanda said.

“They should find out why along with his wife (First Lady Grace) they have decided to denigrate war veterans and the Zimbabwe Defence Forces; why he chose to have friends only associated with the Rhodesian regime; why he chose to associate with (Higher Education minister) Jonathan Moyo knowing that he is a CIA agent; and why he chose to ignore Vice-President (Emmerson) Mnangagwa’s response to Moyo’s allegations.

“We urge that Mugabe be recalled from his position as president of Zanu PF. This is not the first time we are doing this. We did this to (the late Zanu founding leader) Ndabaningi Sithole who had lesser crimes. We want to make it clear that Mugabe has committed much worse crimes than Sithole”.

The war veterans said the army’s intervention was “long overdue”.

“The efforts that you are seeing are aimed at restoring constitutionalism, law and order and humanism. The Constitution that was written by the people of Zimbabwe has a section which empowers the Defence Forces to take appropriate action to defend national security, sovereignty and human life,” he said.

“What Zimbabwe has been sliding into is a state of chaos. War veterans stand with the Zimbabwe Defence Forces save for those who have allowed themselves to be used by the G40 cabal. The police have been harassing people and agreeing to be abused by the G40 cabal and it is time they reform,” the war vets chief said.

Matemadanda said Zanu PF must return to constitutionalism and reverse all expulsions of “progressive people” by party national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere. The war veterans said a session of the Zanu PF central committee “as it stood a day after the December 2014 congress” must convene and rubberstamp the demands.

Matemadanda said Zanu PF wings and all other political formations in the country “must accept” the move by the military and efforts to return the country to “normalcy”.
ZNLWVA spokesperson Douglas Mahiya described the military intervention as a victory for Zimbabwe.



  1. Comment…Was amazed by by Cde Chocha (Chihuri) unleashing his police troops to teargas his fellow comrades, now I can see why, they had an agenda.

  2. Matemadanda u are 100% correct i second u.That mugabe boy together with his wyf has become a liability to party nt forgeting pple lyk chimene.He must surrender unconditionally

  3. thank you ZDF.save the education system from dokora and the so called tasks in schools

  4. Gentleman if Mugabe is refusing to step down on his own because of dementia he should be recalled on health grounds. Find him a good nursing home there in Singapore or Malasia and let him rest. But if he insists he is “still” smarter than everyone else please bury him alive, we cant be held hostage by someone who lives in his own world.

  5. Zimbabweans have never been this happy, thank you General Chivengwa and thank you to other war veterans who refused to be used by Mugabe, his wife and the G40 cabal. I am an MDC supporter but today i stand with you comrades… ZIMBABWE WE RISE!

  6. Singapore? Why? Zim has old age homes and clinics where we all go. He should enjoy using the local facilities

  7. Thank you Generals. You have given me something to smile at and give hope. I last had this feeling during GNU thereafter, l have been in hell comrades. Thank you the stockholders.

  8. What is already done cannot be undone. Lets move forward. Zimbabweans should now talk to each other,form a government of national unity,give hope and freedom to everyone involved. Our previous leaders had gone drunk with power,allocated duties to run the country to wives and friends,ignoring the common people. The army is praised for what it has done,including the war veterans.But there is need for urgency in resolving this problem.SADC should mediate and not intervene. People have suffered for long and it is this moment that we can reach prosperity as a nation.

  9. Let it be known that….We as Zimbabweans, irregardless of what party one supports, are all very happy with the steps taken by ZDF and we are excited about what is in store for Zimbabwe. I mean, things can only get better from where we are right??

    1. Comment…thanks you are real our soldiers we stand by you forever

  10. Setting up of a committee to investigate Robert Mugabe is ill-advised and a worst of time and resources. He will be dead by the time those intended investigations are concluded. Just show him the door and the way to Zvimba. Fullstop.

  11. Sando dzenyu mauto ezimbabwe kwete imbwa idzo dzepolice

  12. I agree, stop wasting anymore time & just give Mugabe his one way ticket Munenzwa busfare to Zvimba, we’re happy help him to load his furniture on top of the bus

  13. Sando kumawuto

  14. sando dzenyu anamukoma.munhu uyu chimuudzai kuti nguva yako yekutonga yakapfuura,chisirawo vamwe,we need not to waste time by bringing him to courts .ngatichitorongai zvitsva, nyika iende mberi.zuma must stop sending his team here until we finish correcting the mistakes and we will then invite him.he was quiet al along when we needed him most.

  15. If we are not careful this Zuma guy will ask us to listen and make amends with these THIEVES (Mugabe & Crew).Hatichada kutambiswa bhora resimbi takarwadziwa zvakakwana. I salute you our army general for being brave and bold. Aluta continua!!!

  16. Thank you Commander Guvheya Chiwenga. You have shown unprecedented bravery by smartly removing this fossil called Gabriel Matibiri from power. When you decide to retire Cde Commander, you must form your own Coup Consultancy firm. Your services are needed in countries like DRC, Cameroon etc

  17. chematsenganzungu

    Nyika yose yafara,topembera.asi pane asikutaurwa nezvake mbavha huru kasukuwere, aripi.tiudzei mufaro uwedzere kana aripagwengwerere…..

  18. Pane ambozvionawo here kuti munyika mune kafresh air since mapurisa vabva mumigwagwa.There is a feeling of liberty and general freedom we had missed for so long. Now zvabuda pachena kuti vaChihuri vainyangadza nyika ne rugare rwevanhu. No police presence and no chaos. Hail the millitary!

  19. Kugarakunzwananahamandishe Garanewako

    RUGARE!!!! Vene veZimbabwe. Ngatisamhanye veduwe. Tsime rakupwa, tomirirayi igadzane. Vakupa vanovakira, iyo ichigadzana. Aaaa! yagadzana, vanhu vochera, voshandisa. Panotungana dzemuganga mapango edanga anozunguzika, anoda kutsindirwa. Pakasanyatsotariskwa dzinokunganazve dzopaza danga, idzo, muminda yevanhu. Nzara yopinda. Ngatidzikame, vatungamiri vachironga zvekuti nyika iende mberi, murufaro, nerufaro munyika yemafaro. MVURA NGAITANGE YAGADZANA. RUGARE!!!! NGARUWANDE!!!! SHALOM!!!! PEACE!!!!


    Robert Mugabe,despite his mistakes, is our elder statesman and the founding leader of our nation. Lets treat him with respect and honour in spite of our differences and let him go honorably. Our constitution does not allow a ninety-three year old to be tried for any crime. l believe its time to set up a neutral transitional government that will oversea the forthcoming elections. Isn’t it prudent to have the transitional government and then let politicians campaign? lf those in the transitional government participate in the elections won’t there be a conflict of interest in which the player becomes the match commissioner and the referee. The transitional gvt must hand over power to the winner, and as General Chiwenga wisely stated, everyone must be given equal opportunity.

  21. Go on Zimbabwe Arise and Shine

  22. Thank you Dr Amai Stop It, for tearing the once formidable Party from within. You have helped bring about the welcome relief Zimbabwe has been yearning for for years. We hope the $10 000 000.++ found @ Dr. White Head’s residence & other residences and farms will be put back into the banking system and Zimbabweans can regain confidence in the banking system once again.

  23. Thank u Cde Dominic Chinenge and your team you have shown that u are real gandangas this is just smart we are happy well done mukoma takamira nemi pachiitiko ichi

  24. No words can express my joy. All has been said. I salute the Army General and his troops a million times! I knew such times would come. We rally behind you all times as you have shown patriotic concerns for your people. We are proud of you guys. A Nobel price awaits you Cde Constantino Guvheya Chiwenga! May God bless you abundantly!

    1. I cant be left behind i want to add a bit of juice,To Baba General Chiwenga,Baba,General P.V. Sibanda and your team you deserve special medals someone has to design them for you.I on my behalf of my family,and the entire country wish to thank you for removing us from this terrible bondage mwari vakuitirei zvakanaka nokukuropafadzai abundantly walk with your heads high, and may the democratic bill be lifted immediatley for everyone as the true enemies of our democracy have been fished out.Viva ZDF I hope the international community takes note and reward zimbabwe for solving their own problem.Icho charira

  25. ZRP boss Mr Chihuri must be arrested too. He has presided over the arrest of true patriots and he has accepted to be used by the G40 cabal. flush out all police details who did the will of the G40

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