Understanding divine times

The biggest tragedy to any society is its inability or failure to recognise their hour of divine visitation. Such a people remain in perpetual bondage not by the enemy, but by their lack of insight and understanding of times.


If there is anything that haunts Africa today, it is this failure to understand times.

My heart is so overwhelmed and troubled that we can as a people once again miss the opportunity granted us by Heaven to reform ourselves and walk in the divine order of God.

Today, let me just share my “cent” views on what I think those of us who have an insight into the mysteries of Jehovah should be doing in such a time as this.

Last week, I spoke about seeing opportunities, but today let us talk about understanding our time of reformation.

In a crisis naturally, people get into a survival mindset. A survival mindset requires in most cases observance of jungle laws and behaviours.

It becomes the game of the fittest. The weak are crushed and even eaten up. We have been in a 20-year crisis which to some of us had become a lifestyle.

If we are not careful this can steal the moment and keep us stuck. Transforming from this mindset to a new thinking of rebuilding takes grace from God.

I believe we have that grace enough to cause all of us to desire to rebuild. Crisis is over and now is time to rebuild. Rebuilding anything in a society like ours starts with inward reformation.

This means that all of us as individuals must desire or challenge ourselves with the labour of reforming ourselves.

Reformation is an inward work. It starts with the mindset, the attitude, the heart, the feelings, the perceptions and so forth. In the reformation time we must agree to have one mind, one heart and one agenda.

I pray that the powers that be will quickly spell out our national rebuilding agenda.

This has to be engraved in our hearts all of us and it has to become like a new national anthem. All of us must understand we need to reform. Why reform?

We all participated in the last dispensation of destruction. Some were the perpetuators while others were opportunists benefiting from every wrong thing that happened.

Others were victims of their own fear and choices. Most of us participated by being passengers in a wrong bus to a wrong destination.

We were willing to be used, cheated and abused for so long a time. We owned up to a wrong and made it ours and to some it became a culture.

We sold and gave away principle and human dignity to something we knew deep down our hearts was taking us nowhere, but to destruction. Others participated by being silent and giving up.

It does not matter which way you look at it, we are all responsible for the past and hence the need for all of us to come to a place where we are deliberate in wanting to reform ourselves.

My question is, simple, do we see the need and do we notice that this is time for reformation? Nothing must remain the same. Everything from our individual families to the biggest office on land in politics, business, religion, faith and whatever needs to reform.

My friend Keith Heywood will always say; “re-invent or die”. Beloved, this is our time to re-invent ourselves. This is our time to reform ourselves. This is our time to rebuild and restore ourselves.

There is going to be no other time such as this. God has an agenda for us and we get into it beginning now. We cannot move forward with the previous mindset.

It is impossible. Every dispensation has its own mindset and qualities. The reason being that each dispensation has its own demands and ways of doing business. There are only 4 things we need for now.

We need stability of mind, emotions and expectations

Calm down and think positively. Choose emotions. It is not time for violence and revenge. It is time to find each other. We lost ourselves and now we must find ourselves as a people. It is time to take stock.

We need clarity in the mission

Like I said we need a clear national rebuilding agenda that everyone is clear of and can participate fully. The mission must be clear and open and national. It is so easy to rally a nation like ours behind a clear agenda.

We need to focus on the task

Each one of has a task and we must focus on the task. Who is doing what, when and how?

This is the time of functioning as a huge family. This is the time of faith. I pray that the leadership at every level will be focused. Focused on the national task and not individual selfish tasks.

We need to seize the moment

There is no moment like this. It shall not be there again. It comes only once. Hopefully we will not let it pass and regret.

Each moment has its passions and we need to harness the passion and make the moment work for the good of us all and to the glory of God who has taken us this far.

All the best to all of us as we participate. No passengers this time around. God bless Zimbabwe. I return to my core business of writing about the family and relationships next week.

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  1. Great insights indeed! ‘Re-invent or die’ LIKE 😊

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