Turk Mine workers lock out management, demand their dues

OPERATIONS at Turk Mine in Bubi district came to a halt last week after workers locked out management demanding their outstanding salaries.


Workers, who spoke to Southern Eye yesterday, said they were owed six months’ salaries and they vowed not to give up until management was suspended.

This is not the first time workers and management have clashed over salaries. Previously management ended up calling riot police to quell the protests.

“Workers have been manning the gate since last week blocking management from entering company premises. We have been producing every week, where is the money going to? This management must be audited and suspended as they have abused workers for a long time,” said one worker who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Another worker said they had engaged traditional leaders in their efforts to push management out of the company. The worker said they had been joined by retrenched workers who have not received their packages.

Workers said they were failing to pay school fees for their children who have not written exams because of non-payment of fees. They fear that the school might close due to lack of resources.

Commenting on the issue, Chief Mtshane Khumalo of Bubi district confirmed that all was not well at Turk Mine, adding that he had been engaged by both workers and management to help resolve the impasse.

“Yes I have received messages from both workers and management. I was supposed to meet the management on Monday unfortunately these disturbances had already started.

“It is important that we meet to solve this issue as the management was saying that production levels were lower than anticipated and are not able to pay salaries and are planning to retrench,” he said.

Management could not be reached for comment yesterday.

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