Tsvangirai, Mutsvangwa jet in

MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai and war veterans leader Christopher Mutsvangwa flew back into the country yesterday amid reports they were both ready to enter negotiations to form a transitional government with former Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.
Blessed Mhlanga

Tsvangirai and Mutsvangwa have both been in South Africa, though on different missions.

MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora said Tsvangirai would today chair his party’s standing committee and national executive council meetings and later meet his MDC Alliance partners.

Mwonzora, who was speaking during an AMH TV live streaming dialogue, said the opposition party was ready to join a transitional government.

“We are happy with what the army has done, it has done a good thing,” he said.

Mwonzora’s statements came as the military has indicated its willingness to hand over power to a civilian government as soon as possible. Mnangagwa is also expected in the country in the next few days after going into self-imposed exile in South Africa following his recent expulsion from government by President Robert Mugabe.


  1. Comment…Where is Mandiitadzerudzii mbanje Chimene

  2. Comment…Chokwadi Irene Zindi to organise demos against your colleague Oppah Muchinguri ? Makanyanyo tadzirana chii, ngunge muri pabarika.

  3. Kugarakunzwananahamandishe Garanewako

    Chikurukuru pasi rose, RUGARE!!! RUNYARARO!!! PEACE!!! SHALOM!!! Vanhu vodya vachiguta. Vatungamiriri vose vemakereke ibvayi munyaya dzematongerwo inyika. Namatirayi kuti nyika ive neRUNYARARO nguva dzose. Vatungamiriri vemakereke musaita vana HWENYA KWESE. Batanidzayi mhuri dzose dzeZIMBABWE.

  4. Comment… Kudya tichiguta chete pamwe nerunyararo ndizvo zvinoda povo

  5. Viva prosperous zim viva!!!chi 51% policy chenyu chiya mukubvsa hre kt zvifambe???coz foreign direct investment ikudiwa muno to the extreme.plus ka wese asri kurima purazi raakatora ngaatorerwe ripiwe anogona cz tkuda kutenga roller meal 1.80 per 10kg.mandi chimene haisi mhosva yake pliz musoro wake ndwo uzere dhodho.ku splasher taxpayers money ana gire isu tchipiwa ka20 per day???ko mugabe zvaanzi ngaaende ngaaende nema members chaiwo chaiwo e revolutionary movement muchanyarirepi ko nhai aGire.Dr Grace vakapiwa doctorate pasina thesis haaa haa haa!!!!

  6. Mugabe should be forced to step down in the same way and vein he has been doing to others. If he by some chance still has a memory he should remember how he treated Joshua Nkomo. The army should entertain no excuses from him.

  7. josphat mugadzaweta

    please do not defer elections by the gnu

  8. Pride comes before a fall! Who ever thought a fortnight ago that chest-thumbing Grace the hunter could be the hunted today? God’s time is the best. Change was not to come via our desperate pleas to the ruthless regime but from an unlikely quarter. Personally, I almost despaired as I specialized on whipping the opposition to join their forces to face a common enemy. The fall of the Gambian dictator late last year evoked my hopes to keep surging. Whereas Mugabe’s ‘parting’ shot was chaotic, it is a blessing in disguise as the new Zim will be devoid of Mugabeism and a fresh start. I am certain that with the army’s expertise and eventual handover to the people, Zim’s glory will be reclaimed and restored.

  9. Job done, we applaud. The way you are going to treat ‘these guys’ will also reflect on how civilized and God fearing you are. As Zimbabweans let us look forward with the much needed unity and forgiveness

  10. arrest mandi chimene kafodya kkkkk

  11. Reconciliation cannot be attained without truth and justice. Nonetheless, the first family and the perpetrators of the ‘missing link’ out of the play, leaders can sit down and reason together.

  12. the time we have been all waiting for has finally come….

  13. The power transfer must concluded as quickly as possible preferably within 48 hours to avoid interference from SADC and AU who are obvious backers of Mr Mugabe. There seem to be some inertia and cautiousness in concluding the takeover.

  14. pazvakataurwa kuti kuchinhoyi kwaita dhiziri, kwahi vamwe vakasvetuka kubva mumagumbeze.

  15. I am sorry to be saying my honest view of things. There is nothing good about this. The same people who forced Mugabe to hold on to power now simply turn against not because he has done anything wrong to the people. The crimes that Mugabe has committed would still be fine if he had kept Mnangagwa in his presidium. The real issue is Mnangagwa and all those generals want to shift all their crimes from the persecution of veteran nationalist Nkomo, the arrest of Dabengwa and Masukhu as well as the very Gukurahundi on to one character. The killings of 2002 and 2008 were all perpetrated for the interest of one man who now wants to wood wink the foolish nation into believing their plot. SADC should intervene we want a completely free and fair election not a handover of power to Mnangagwa.
    No no no! He (Mnangagwa) has his own cases to answer

    1. The same people who supported Zanu Pf during the liberation struggle and voted it into power in 1980 are the same people who want Mugabe out of power. Nothing should be permanent.
      Your argument is childish. We all want free and fair elections, lets have a transitional gvt that will revive institutions of good governance that had been destroyed by Mugabe. A lot need to be addressed before we can hold elections whose outcome can be accepted by every1.
      One step at a time, VICTORY IS CERTAIN.

    2. true, this guys are not overthrowing Mugabe because they want democracy but becoz they want those who participated in the war to continue ruling. SADC should come so that the military with the likes of Chiwenga will be gone forever. There are the once who stole the 2008 elections and forced Mugabe to remain as head of state regardless of that he was no longer willing to continue

  16. as usual our opposition politicians cannot wait to jump on to the gravy train ,SHAME.Now the Mutsvangwas have suddenly become saints,. SHAME.Where is the man and woman who sufferd all these years? ululating

  17. well come back boys of the same feather for now

  18. hapana chakanaka wese ari muzanu dna yake ndimugabe so zvikuita kunge taita plan but chokwadi chinoebdesa kudenga masoja madofo anoziva pfuti if u dont know who is benefitting from the orders u are taking n from the barrel of ur guns the u are potential criminals.zvaitwa hazvisi kubenefiter ruzhinji ndobvunza chii chawabenefitta nezvikuitika?hapana those stupid pple belong to the barraks

  19. Tsvangson = no deal remember akakanganwa vanhu vakarohwa 2008 akangoguta akakanganwa

  20. PkaipaComment…

  21. How can the opposition be happy with a coup. So they have failed to defeat Bob and needed the army to get rid of him for them! It is the same army that kept him in power when they beat Bob in 2008! Stupid opposition have no brains indeed. Let zanu and the army sort their mess. Do not go into some pact with them. Push for elections next year because if you go in bed with them again you will lose the next elections-mark my words.

    1. Your comment is stupid. If they win an election, it’s stolen. The 2008 GNU worked, why not try it again? Should they go to 2018 elections and AGAIN have it stolen? How does that help poor Zimbabweans? Idiot.

  22. Comments from people like Tom are so silly, Zimbabweans need someone who can revive the country. Zvekuti masoja madofo is a sign of a shallow mind, vasiri madofo vacho vakaitei?

  23. Comment… Sadly for u Sir, SADC is not exactly stupid. They won,t just walk in. Mugabe had to go by any means. After all the failed efforts by an indeterminate opposition, the action by the military however selfish delivered the goods. Remember leaders of the opposotion do not exactly suffer from Mugabe,s repression. They live well among the ZANU PF elite. .. And they are in the same power business….

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