I am still a model: Morgan

FORMER Miss Universe Zimbabwe Lisa Morgan says she is still into modelling despite venturing into the food and hospitality industry.

By Winstone Antonio

The model now operates a restaurant in Milton Park in the capital as well as at the popular open-air joint known as Pamahuswa, situated along the Harare-Chitungwiza highway. NewsDay Lifestyle reporter Winstone Antonio (ND) caught up with Morgan (LM) and below are excerpts from the interview:

ND: Many people know you as a model. Have you abandoned modelling to venture into the food and hospitality industry?

LM: I cannot say I have abandoned modelling. If I am called for duty, I go and do what I know best. I had always had a passion for cooking since I was young, so I am now fulfilling my dream, the other side of me off the ramp.

ND: What motivated you to venture into this food and hospitality industry?

LM: My late grandmother always took me by her hand and taught me all I needed to know about food. That’s when the passion grew and I took it up from there.

ND: Did you receive any form of training?

LM: Yes, I did train to become a chef and I also did a course in baking and another one in Italy on Italian food.

ND: What are some of the challenges that you have encountered in your endeavour to grow your business?

LM: The economy has really killed me in terms of growth. Right now, it’s all about where all the people are. That is why we are also having another set-up at Pamahuswa. Sometimes you have to go to the people and not always wait for the people to come to you.

ND: Can you say so far you achieved what you wanted through modelling?

LM: I can safely say yes. To a certain extent, I have achieved what I wanted through modelling. It has really moulded me as a person and has made me a strong figure in the society. If it was not modelling, who knows where I would be by now.

Probably back in my old neighbourhood, but at least now I have achieved a lot of knowledge and wisdom, all because of modelling.

ND: How best can you describe the local modelling industry?

LM: Our industry is not so vibrant right now and for such a reason many advertising agencies have taken advantage of

Even when we look at the pageants we have around, we cannot even say we have an industry.

Or maybe it also has something to do with the economy that is not stable at the moment, but looking back six years ago when we were queens, things have changed.

ND: Besides your passion, what else are you doing?

LM: I am in the process of writing a cooking book, hopefully to be released end of the year. And I am with a cooking show called Flavour Hub.

Losing both my brother and grandmother this year in a short space in less than four months apart, will drive me to work hard and do better with myself and in my business.

ND: Thank you for your time

LM: My pleasure.


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