Speedy resolution of current impasse could save Zim


THAT the atmosphere prevailing in the country currently is tense, but calm and it’s business as usual following the “stepping in” of the military to reportedly save the deteriorating political situation, this action could explode like a powder keg.
Hence, there is need for transparency and speedy resolution of the impasse in the exit discussions for President Robert Mugabe.

The anxiety of the population and lack of transparency on what is going on could result in the situation getting out of hand.
We implore the military to ensure they provide complete information on what is happening to Mugabe, and about the talks
because the citizenry is a stockholder as well in the goings-on of the State.

What is sad is that the population is only making their conclusions as the presence of the military has increased over the few days encircling Harare.

The more time passes, the more the anxiety is likely to increase because almost everything virtually comes to a standstill despite the façade to the contrary.

It is our hope that the situation will be resolved quickly so that the nation has an idea about the latest developments.

It is, however, commendable that the atmosphere, despite the palpable tension, has generally been calm and peaceful.

Zimbabweans have indeed demonstrated a high level of maturity by not getting over-excited and we hope this will continue until the matter is finally resolved and people can continue with their usual day-to-day business with certainty about their future.

Following indications that Mugabe has agreed in principle to step down following make-or-break talks on Thursday night, we pray that this will be done speedily.

The more the situation drags, the more the population will worry. It is critical that Zimbabwe becomes functional again following the removal of all the stumbling blocks – selfish individuals who had reduced this great country into their personal fiefdoms.

While the intervention of the military may have unsettled a lot of people, perhaps this was the only way we were going to see the back of Mugabe given that he had entrenched his stranglehold over all national institutions of power, without which the Zimbabwean people can finally be able to bid him farewell while he is still alive.

Although the idea of former Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa taking over from Mugabe, at least as interim President, has unsettled a lot of people, it may be a necessary evil at this point in time given the delicate situation.

There is no doubt that Mugabe’s prolonged rule destroyed and deferred the aspirations of the millions of youths, many scattered around the world.

It is our hope that Zimbabwe will be able in a short period of time to return to democracy again to allow for development.


  1. One of the big questions people should be asking the Mugabe family and present government is Where did the money go? What bank accounts do they have outside the country? Full disclosure of the money returning it to the people of Zimbabwe should be negotiated. It would be sad to see the Mugabe family retire to millions outside the country.

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