Send intellectually-handicapped children to school: ZimCare

A SENIOR official at the ZimCare Trust Special Schools has urged communities to guard against discriminating intellectually-handicapped children, especially in the area of education.

By Stephen Chadenga

The call was made by Mudavanhu ZimCare Trust Special School board member Tinashe Manzungu, who said it was disheartening that many children with special needs were being kept at home, denying them access to education.

“People are born differently, but we are all human beings and, as such, children with special needs should have access to education, health and other rights,” he said at the third annual ZimCare Trust Awareness Day held recently in Gweru.

“Most of these children spend their time at home and have no access to learning opportunities. It is our duty as the community to ensure that children with special needs are well catered for.”

Manzungu, who is property developer, donated a stand to Mudavanhu School and urged non-governmental organisations and the business community to donate towards the welfare of children with special needs.

ZimCare Trust director, Nicholas Aribino said the awareness day was set aside to highlight efforts made by the trust to help mentally-challenged children at the 14 schools and centres administered by ZimCare Trust across the country.

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  1. Nice article and Tinashe I agree with you that the children with disabilities also have the same rights as a normal child.As education is the basic need today parents should not feel shy to put their children in school, in fact, they should help them and motivate them and treat them as a normal kid so that even they will not feel awkward.

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