Pressure piles on Chihuri to resign

OPPOSITION political parties have called for a major shake-up in the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), starting with Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri, whom they accused of allegedly presiding over a corrupt force that protected criminals and arrested victims.


MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu yesterday called on President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who assumed office on Friday, to crack the whip on Chihuri and have him arrested for turning the police into a rag tag militia and corruption-infested force for nearly 23 years.

“Chihuri must be fired and arrested for corruption, failing to cause the arrest of suspected criminals even when his juniors had prepared dockets. Instead, he would cause the arrest of complainants and abuse State resources protecting the real criminals,” he said.

This came amid reports that Mnangagwa was planning to urgently realign the ZRP and the entire State security sector, to ensure adherence to the rule of law.

Sources close to Mnangagwa said the heckling that Chihuri endured at the President’s inauguration ceremony on Friday was an indication that the police boss’ days in office were numbered.

“It was incisive the boos at the stadium, the absence of police at the parade or their exclusion from providing security told you everything that you need to know, the police top brass is not trusted and is most likely to be forced out, arrests might also be effected, but the President will act,” a very close source said.

The calls come following the arrest of Finance minister Ignatius Chombo, Zanu PF youth league secretary Kudzanai Chipanga and youth league political commissar Innocent Hamandishe for crimes committed more than two years ago.

Hamandishe is accused of six counts of kidnapping and assault which occurred in 2015, which were reported to the police, but arrests were not effected because, according to Chihuri, the accused was on the run.

In an affidavit deposed in the case of Hamandishe, by Detective Inspector Lovemore Chifamba, opposing bail, the police stated, among other reasons, that the accused had been on the run since December 2015 and that they had overwhelming evidence.
“The accused has been on the run since December 2015 and if granted bail is likely to abscond . . . the accused is of ill temper who hides behind his party position and is likely to continue committing crimes of a similar nature if granted bail,” the police submitted.

But Hamandishe’s lawyer Emmanuel Samundombe dismissed the police claim that his client was a fugitive.

“That is a sick joke. How could he have been on the run when he addressed rallies and was appearing at State functions, where police were providing security. There is no evidence that they were even looking for him,” he said.

Chombo is accused of abuse of office during his tenure as Local Government minister, where he is alleged to have defrauded Harare City Council and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, in cases dating back as far as 1997.

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association chairman Christopher Mutsvangwa described Chihuri as a cartel leader who abused his office to protect the G40 cabal.

“He failed to act on (former Education minister) Jonathan Moyo when the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission had compiled a docket against him. He (Chihuri) kept criminals in the G40 cabal out of prison, but was quick to arrest war veterans for demanding that he arrests corrupt people. He should just resign,” he said.

Peoples Democratic Party spokesperson Jacob Mafume echoed similar sentiments, urging Chihuri to resign and save himself the humiliation of being fired.

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  1. He must be prosecuted he chihuri for his cruelity


  2. Comment…Chihuri ordered police to fundraise through unnecessary operations targeting motorists and vendors.

  3. He has created more enemies than friends and the new President must not allow police to come back to roads before sorting out the rot in the force and it is high time we go back to the ticketing system and traffic offenders given 7days to pay as this is now the age of technology were road blocks could be conducted with the aid of online computers to track those who will have skipped payment of fines.

    1. How clean is the new President himself? We need healing and truth NOT witch hunting!

      1. How clean are you Jojo. The humiliation motorists suffered whilst real criminal were allowed to roam the streets and even address rallies is unacceptable. Why would the police concentrate on the length of reflectors which were sometimes 0.005 cm short and then fine the motorists while the likes of Jonathan Moyo who openly stated that he helped himself to half a million dollars were let free. The police officers had become a menace on our roads because of the inhuman treatment they were subjecting motorists. Unooa mupurisa kutopfugama pasi kutarisa kuti pasi pemotokari pakamira sei. You have a professor anonyora document about the lives of others instead of using the energy for the development of the country. You have a doctor who spends most the time denigrating others, kudoctrate basa raro nderekutuka here. ED is not a saint, ingawani makuti muroyi, aida kuuraya Mugabe, akakanda Majonga nepawindo. The bottom line is that professionalism in our police force was non existent. Period, and who is to blame for that it is the CEO, Mr Chinhuri. He should have reined his officer. How can you have roadblocks very 500m or 1 kilometre. Kunyika ipi kwazvakaitika kunze kwe Zimbabwe.

      2. Good question. Some of these arrested guys will not go down alone.Skeletons -even those of the president will end up falling off the shelves.We watch.

  4. Ko CIO sei takanyarara. They committed abductiobs, torture, beatings, murder, people disappeared, money laundering. They were running a parallel State. CIO was nolonger a national security organ but a State President project

    1. Precisely the point I am making above. The new admin will not do very much on corruption lest they get sucked in (as they will). What is needed is a completely FRESH start.

      1. A complete fresh start can only be achieved through elections and remember this new guy ED is just a caretaker to bridge the gap between now and general elections, but that does not mean to say he should underestimate the problem of corruption on hand, it still has to be tackled from the bottom otherwise all eyes are on him and it may be his downfall if not handled carefully.

  5. Surely Chihuri must do the honourable thing and resign. He belongs to a repressive regime where he was used to oppress people using police brutality. The police must be for the people but as it is the police are against the people.

  6. If Pres ED retains Chihuri then he is no better than Robert. It is an open secret that Chihuri turned the ZRP into a bunch of criminals bent on lining their pockets and not fulfilling their mandate of protecting law abiding citizens. Three road blocks on a ten kilometre stretch, that is unforgivable!

  7. If ED is looking for low hanging fruit to win him support and send out a message that (some) things will change, this one can be reached by a Grade 1 student.

  8. Charles Charingeno

    I think we tend to miss the main point with Chihuri and his bandwagon of fundraisers. Please repeal the too many traffic laws designed to collect money from motorists and then remove presence of police in town preventing smooth floor of traffic. This is the key thing. We have been moving freely as motorists without any problems so we do not need police checking and stopping vehicles frequently. We need police at traffic lights and circles to control and prevent traffic jam.

  9. CDE CHOCHA Mudzingadzi Base Commander always in the wrong basket even during the armed struggle

  10. chiruri was getting instructions from his boss to effect selective arrests, so let’s see if the same scenario will not obtain in the new dispensation.How come only G40 criminals are being arrested. Are you telling us that there are no criminals in the former Lacostre outfit

    1. point them out we don’t know of any

  11. Jamengweni Godonga

    Home Affairs as a ministry is where the rot is; the current minister should be behind bars. Chihuri next and I don’t know who. Obert has done a lot of damage to the country. Newsday conduct a snap survey in Matabeleland and Victoria Falls in particular and you will have the glaring reasons why he should rot in Chikurubi. He is one of us, no tribal junk here but heyi, indoda iselfish yonale.

  12. Chihuri must be arrested and rot in prison. he and his department has done more harm than good to the country of Zimbabwe.


  14. I LOVE MY PROPHET , THE GREAT SEER PROPHET MAKANDIWA…HARVEST TIME, Umwe ne mumwe achanomira nezvake kudenga….starting muma courts emunyika….Thank you Prophet you see beyond the ordinary eye

  15. Enock Porusingazi mbava yekwaChecheche waidyise vanhu upfu hwakasangana nemaguri.Anga ari mumwe waGuci Grace

  16. The entire ZRP hierarchy from the top down should be dismissed forthwith for failing abysmally to carry out the duties entrusted to them by the people of Zimbabwe. All constables should undergo rigorous retraining before they are permitted to apply for re-employment in their former capacities. This is the only way to weed out the corrupt, lazy, good for nothing Mugabe followers…..

  17. Chihuri must go. In the present gvt pipo are not expecting to dine with such criminals. pipo had been crying and crying but nobody heard or react to their cries concerning the brutal behaviour of the police. The new gvt should always listen to the concerns of the people. VaMpofu vane dzavo nyaya ngadzitsvagwe dzibude pachena. Vasatambira pedyo naPresident kuti anyare kuvasunga. VaChinamasa vane dzavo nyaya dzinosanganisira mwana wavo akabatwa ne7 million dollars kuborder uko achienda nayo kunze. Haana kusungwa negvt yaivepo nekunyarwa. ED TIBATSIREIWO MBAVHA DZAKAURAYA NYIKA IDZI.

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