In pictures, Mugabe first public appearance


President Robert Mugabe has arrived to officiate the Zimbabwe Open University graduation ceremony currently underway in Harare.


This is Mugabe’s first public appearance since the army seized control of the country on Tuesday.


  1. Much alive and kicking. Does it imply the whole exercise that attracted the whole world was mere public relations? Time will tell.

  2. Mugabe is not in charge. He would have said something at the graduation, his wife in tow. If you look closely, he is wearing the same clothes he was wearing yesterday.

  3. where is Chihuri the father of corruption.It was his duty to arrest criminals with the backup of the army but he is quiet is it because he is another crminal.Was he arrested or ran away.Please don’t let this criminal outside he destroyed the Zimbabwean Police force because of money.

    • Rumour is that Chihuri was arrested.He sent his police to arrest Chiwenga on Sunday,and the boys were disarmed by ZNA.

  4. taurazvako chipurisa chakauraiwa naye naCharity Charamba. Iyo face YaBob arikufunga mkadzi vangaajaira kufamba naye askana!!Don’t worry muchaonana.

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