Opposition parties back military intervention

SEVERAL local opposition parties yesterday defended the military’s decision to “step in” and restore normalcy in Zanu PF, saying had the situation been left like that, the chaos would have easily degenerated into a serious national security issue.


The Nkosana Moyo-led Alliance for the People’s Agenda (APA) said it had affirmed the army’s stance and urged Zimbabweans to now focus on next year’s general elections.

“In this regard, APA affirms the position of the ZDF (Zimbabwe Defence Forces) that Zimbabweans remain calm and go about their business in the interests of stability. Our country’s economy has already suffered enough and any actions that exacerbate the situation are undesirable. Our focus remains the upcoming elections so that we can restore our country’s economy to its rightful place and our people’s well-being,” APA said.

“Finally, APA urges all Zimbabweans to reflect deeply on the road travelled to date that has got our nation into this sad state of affairs. This is a critical element that should inform how we proceed as we press the reset button.”

Former Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara blamed President Robert Mugabe for causing the current political crisis after he failed to deal with his party’s toxic succession issue.

“When you ruin the economy and destroy the country; when you forget that since 1976 to date, your wicked Machiavellian power retention strategies were wholly sustained by support of the military; when you think at 93 [after misruling a nation for 37 years], you are the only answer to political leadership, this is what you get! What is happening in Zimbabwe is what you get. It is a case of chickens coming home to roost,” he said.

The former MDC leader said although the involvement of the army in civilian issues was not the best solution, it was the only possible way to remove Mugabe.

Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) leader Agrippa Mutambara urged the military to urgently set up a transitional authority made up of civilians to prepare the country for fresh elections.

“The situation that Zimbabwe now finds itself in is that of desirable outcomes through undesirable means. However, to move the country forward, we need to recognise the outcomes as being irreversible and then map a way forward. We in ZimPF, therefore, now call for an immediate transitional civilian authority involving all major parties and alliances,” he said.

Yesterday, the British government issued travel warnings to its citizens following the army’s intervention in national politics.

Amnesty International (AI) also urged the military to ensure the safety and security of all people in the country regardless of their political allegiance and refrain from any action that puts lives and human rights at risk.

“The military takeover should not be used as an excuse to undermine Zimbabwe’s international and regional human rights obligations and commitments,” AI regional director Deprose Muchena said.

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  1. zanu munoiziva zvakanaka here imi?

  2. The best way would be to have a transitional led by civilians till next year when we go to elections but the worry is the army wants to keep zanu forever so the junta Chiwenga will make sure zanu never loss if it losses he will make sure he does not accept it . We have a catch 22 situation

  3. currently wat z important is to avoid zvanga zvoda kuitika kt murume anoita president mkadz vice president kunge nyka ino yambuya vamgabe.and important too is the arrest of those criminals lyk chombo.no one z perfect bt the army ryt nw has done wat we havent imagined wud happen even in our wildest dreamz cz we thot chiwenga was one of mugabes wives bt we were wrong on tht capacity.Any change is acceptable we dnt want zim to b a family’s private property.arrest mugabe’s son in law fut he grabbed a farm in murewa district recently.kutouya nehelicopter yenyka.

  4. Of course Zimbabwe and the military are targeted at removing Mugabe (the official President of the country) in a legitimate way. What is this legitimate way going to be if Mugabe refuses to step down voluntarily? Could it be that Zanu PF elections will be held which will depose him as head of the party, even expel him from party as he had done with Mnangagwa thereby paving way for ‘new’ blood in Zanu? Or could it be they will stress him to death, or even poison him

  5. Its better to inject him with cyanide so that he dies slowly. This person is inhuman and has caused a lot of suffering. He lives by compelling people to do what they don’t want. Look at our young Chipanga, he was given a Press statement to read on behalf of the Youth League, but inwardly, he did not know what he was saying. Look at that empty press statement by S.K Moyo purportedly rubbishing Chiwenga’s statement. S.K was shaking like a reed, an indication that he had been forced to do so. That is Mugabe for you and all atrocities committed in Zimbabwe are signs of his architecture.

  6. chenjerai hwai dzinouya ari mapere

  7. according to the prophecy T B Joshua gave, the president will be killed if he denies the order.

  8. according to the prophecy T B Joshua gave, the president will be killed if he denies the order. so that’s it

  9. African American represented on tv last night said whilst there are against coups with Zimbabwean case its different there will not shed a tear, and what is important is the democratic process which will emerge out of the whole episode.

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