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‘Mujuru could have been readmitted into Zanu PF’


APOSTOLIC Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) leader Johannes Ndanga has claimed that former Vice-President Joice Mujuru would have easily been readmitted into Zanu PF, had she heeded his advice not to join the opposition camp following her expulsion in 2014.


Addressing journalists in Bulawayo on Monday at the end of an ACCZ congress, Ndanga, who endorsed President Robert Mugabe’s candidature for next year’s election, said Mujuru should have swallowed her pride and begged for readmission like former commissar Webster Shamu, who has since bounced back as Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs minister.

Shamu was one of the biggest surprises when Mugabe recalled him from the political dustbin, where, on several occasions, he was seen cutting a lone figure at Zanu PF functions.

He had been suspended in 2014 for allegedly aligning with Mujuru in an alleged plot to topple Mugabe.

“I advised Mujuru not to make rushed decisions and form an opposition party after she was expelled from Zanu PF. I advised her to humble herself, be patient and dedicate herself to Zanu PF, telling her that all would pass and she would be re-admitted into Zanu PF, as grudges cannot be held forever,” Ndanga said.

“Had she listened to my advice, she would have, by now, been re-admitted to Zanu PF like Shamu and possibly given a ministerial post. But she didn’t, and she is still out there in the cold.”

Mujuru now leads the opposition National People’s Party (NPP) and fronts the People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC) — an opposition alliance made up of NPP, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) splinter group, Zimbabweans United for Democracy (Zunde) and the Democratic Assembly for Reform and Empowerment (Dare).

Methuseli Moyo, PRC’s information and publicity committee chairperson, yesterday defended Mujuru’s move to join opposition politics, saying the former Vice-President had no intentions of rejoining Zanu PF.

“Johannes Ndanga can go hang. I am sorry to say that to the man of god, but in this case, he has to be told so. Mugabe is not God who must be worshipped. Mujuru is happy where she is right now,” he said.

“She feels relieved to have left that sinking Titanic, which she, by the way referred, to as Egypt. There is no chance of Mujuru going back to Zanu PF, even in her next life. This we can assure you. She is done with
Zanu PF.”

Mujuru led the Zimbabwe People First after her expulsion from Zanu PF, but the party later split following differences with other founding members of the party, among them Rugare Gumbo and Didymus Mutasa.

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  1. It’s wrong to refer to this messenger of devil as the man of God.Instead he should be referred to as the messenger of Lucifer.He collaborates with evil leaders who cause untold suffering to the general populace of the country.

  2. its really shocking how such a person has a following and level headed men actually ascertain that they are from a meeting with such a person. cry our beloved Zim.

  3. Is Ndanga a leader of a Zanu PF wing masquerading as a church? The church should be composed of people of different political backgrounds and not to railroad mapositori into supporting Zanu PF. However it also shows how shallow minded some of his followers are because they take him as their mini-god. Mupositori uya wokumborova Ndanga nemapurisa was right.

  4. Surprisely you will find thousands congregating and even choosing such a dimwit like Ndanga as their leader……then we are told that we are 2nd best educated on the continent…with this level of mindset my foot>>>>

  5. These fishers of gold adulterating the true gospel by preaching partiality just to eke out a living are not even worth earning the name ‘men of God’. As indirect partakers in tormenting the public, they represent the earthly kingdom and have already defined their destiny.

  6. So to you Ndanga and the millions of your ilke being admitted to ZANU PF and being appointed a public post is all in order so to avoid the cold and live a comfortable life. Not about serving the people. All of you who follow this man’s ministry take note. If this is what he believes then he doesn’t care about you and has his ministry only to shield himself from the cold. J

  7. Investigative journalism should have dug deeper, to identify the basis for Ndanga’s advocating for a party that has ruined our country: is there a convergence on principles and policies… or is it a convergence at the bank?

  8. Isn’t this the same moron whose video was on social media taking about Zanu is a party on the path of taking people to heaven? What a blasphemy!! How does he lead his sheep when he is this lost himself!!

  9. so this evil man called Ndanga is actually happy with zanu pf in power despite the fact that it is causing untold suffering to most Zimbabweans including those that are under his church leadership?I think the word “Church” has been abused by these later day church leaders just to hoodwink the gullible public or congregants into believing every word that comes out of these satanic so called men of God.

    • Comment…I do believe ndanga doesn’t stay in Zimbabwe ,clearly shows he doesn’t know the causes of suffering ordinary citizens, if not so he would know better that all these mess are being caused by his uncle Goblin who don’t want to give other competent leaders who can lead the country better than him ,rather he chose to go to the grave with the whole nation.

  10. The issue is whats best for Joice . The chances of Zanu going on and on the Continental style are not statistically remote, at least the learned professor still has list of yet to be revealed credible alternative formuli, acceptable explanations of how the opposition would have credibly lost on their n+1 th attempt. I think joice like any seasoned advocate is not really seriously looking for the stainless (opposition) green buck for first time. Its essentialy political business sense my home boy Ndanga appears pragmatic about i.e Joice’s inevitable regrets if Save wins narrowly and seeks coalition with Zanu.

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