Mugabe’s silence worrisome

THAT Zimbabwe is on the cusp of a military coup is out of question after the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) Commander, General Constantino Chiwenga, called President Robert Mugabe to stop Zanu PF succession wars that have cost the country over the last few years.

From Chiwenga’s utterances, it appeared he was miffed by the purge of former Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa from both government and Zanu PF, and the ongoing expulsions of Mugabe’s former number two’s allies ahead of the December extraordinary congress, among other issues.

It is an open secret that the sacking of Mnangagwa could have triggered these developments, but we believe the generals could have engaged Mugabe as their commander-in-chief to express their concerns and resolve them in their closet without necessarily dragging the nation into this quagmire.

From a layman’s view, Chiwenga is on point when he claimed the ructions in the ruling party have cost the country and its population over the years as no meaningful development has taken place.
In fact, Zimbabwe has been in perpetual election mode since the coming on board of the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC almost 18 years ago.

There is no doubt that these Zanu PF leadership shenanigans affecting the country in general, must be treated with extreme caution.

But we believe military rule is unconstitutional and, besides, it may lead to further deterioration of the current situation. We have no doubt that Zimbabweans do not envy those countries under junta rule for many reasons.

While most Zimbabweans are unhappy with the prevailing situation in the country and Zanu PF’s continued misrule as well as the deterioration of livelihoods that perhaps only a change of government would resolve, we are wary of a situation whereby the military may want to take over.
It is not clear yet how this stand-off between the military and Mugabe will pan out, but we would like to urge the parties involved to quickly resolve their differences before mapping a strategic and sustainable way out, which will not lead to degeneration into chaos and anarchy.

Zimbabwe has generally enjoyed relative peace, security and stability and it is important to maintain this tradition.

No one is sure yet what Chiwenga meant by “step in”, but the citizens would rather want a situation in which the army remains neutral observers of political developments.

We are concerned by developments happening in the country under the watch of the fractious Zanu PF regime. We do not believe the army has the capacity and wherewithal to stabilise the situation, particularly because there are no indicators that the political developments will lead to major, nation-wide chaos.

The fact that security chiefs – including Zimbabwe National Army commander Lt General Philip Valerio Sibanda, Air Vice Marshal Elson Moyo, major generals, brigadier-generals, wing commanders, senior commanders from the rank of base commanders upwards – could come together to make political pronouncements is really worrisome.

If Zanu PF is going to implode, it must be allowed to do so because it has failed to self-regenerate, and new political parties with a new vision and trajectory for the country must be allowed to emerge and in all these processes, the defence forces should not be partakers.

It may be a little too exaggeration to imagine Zimbabwe deteriorating into another Somalia and Central African Republic because Southern Africa is not known for military coups.

The tense atmosphere prevailing should be quickly defused, and Mugabe should explain what is going on behind the scenes to calm the situation.



  1. Whereas what appears a security scare may just be shortlived and with no harm, at least it is a wake-up call to the regime that things are not okay from within and without. Having been adamant to the public for long, this commotion may at least touch the regime a raw nerve to come back to its senses and stop taking things for a joyride. I hope it won’t go overboard.

  2. Facing Mt Zimbabwe

    Is this not the coming of change we have been all yearning for. Who ever said when the change comes, it is without pain. No pain, no gain.

  3. Zimbabweans,do not go and attend to zanu pf gatherings,say NO to whatever they say please.

  4. RGM might be quiet because his authority has been emasculated. With the shrill noise usually coming from the family stable and the minions surrounding him, the silence is deafening. Could this be the end for RGM and his disciples? They certainly can’t match, fight or resist the soldiers….

  5. The biggest concern though is that is the military doing it for the good of the country or to protect their ill-gotten wealth considering their fractious party does not stand a chance in the next general elections. The people of Zimbabwe do not need to glorify this act as the status quo remain unchanged since its the same side of the coin. We should not be blinded, they are the same people who killed so many people in 2008 and took almost two months to disclose election results after they had tempered with the results to suit their situation. What is mostly to happen is replacing an aging and out of sorts zanu with a more murderous zanu.

    1. Precisely put Kufandada. The generality of Zimboz have known suffering for 37 years hence they are now clutching at straws with the faint hope the military could bring desired change. If we look at the history of military coups we will see that these have generally brought about short lived euphoria followed by stagnation and regret.The Zim army is a mere extension of Zanu-pf hence the way they are trying to impose an expelled VP on the populace.A person who himself was a key member of a failed system and regime for 37 years. SADC should ensure that a transitional authority runs Zimbabwe for the period leading to free and fair elections in 2018 supervised by SADC itself.

  6. Person of Interest

    Mr writer are you domiciled in Zimbabwe or not? Are you even Zimbabwean? What do you mean by military take over..? The military took over decades ago. That is why in Dzivaresekwa when someone gave Mugabe’s motorcade the MDC open palm salute the army later returned and pulverised people. What about that time when soldiers forced bar patrons in Chitungwiza to have unprotected sex because of voting for MDC. Who implemented operation hakudzokwi in Chiadzwa? What about the Mudzuri household engaged in a gunfight with soldiers at their rural home 2008. Mugabe is a stooge of the military that is why him and his motor mouth wife are treading cautiously since the statement. At least there is hope that if Chiwenga or Mnangagwa eventually take over they will be more inclined to do the right things to gain acceptance by the people and international community. One case of note is last year’s agriculture scheme ran by the army and was quite successful.

  7. For now the Zimbabweans want anything that changes the current status quo whether by military or by elections but electios are a waste of time so the military path is better placed to change the leadership and most Zimbos I have interacted with are happy with this.

    1. Chisingaperi chinoshura selfish first family have gone i wish mugabe and his wife to suffer even in heaven….zimbzbweans have suffered enough-chimwe NECHIMWE CHINE NGUVA YACHO YEDUWO YASVIKA

  8. Chisingaperi chinoshura selfish first family have gone i wish mugabe and his wife to suffer even in heaven….zimbzbweans have suffered enough-chimwe NECHIMWE CHINE NGUVA YACHO YEDUWO YASVIKA

  9. Bravo Major General

    Thus the gun has become mightier than the pen….

  10. While we may not condone military coups, and the Generals themselves may not be very different from Mugabe and his G40 cabal, this is a situation which will one way or the other bring some meaningful change, one hopes. The direction the country was going with motor mouth Grace in charge was quite frightening and damn disturbing. One hopes therefore that the military in this case does the Jerry Rawlins way in Ghana years back. Step in, bring sanity into play and step aside. I hope, also, that the military is doing this for the sake of the country and not for Zanu PF.

  11. Yes anything that changes the status quo in Zimbabwe is most welcome by now. We are happy for now, will see how it goes. But a Dynasty is Big No No.

  12. chenjerai kutambiswa chamutengure vhiri rengoro

  13. viva military real change is what everyone loathes for, We dont want “Gucci Grace” even as a VP
    She has never held ant mininsteral job or any other relevant post for her to retain a post as a VP… Let alone she is too ‘ladish’ and has ‘aggressive stupidity’

  14. oh!yes everyone seems to be so optimistic . but the reality is we are all afraid. MALI ,CHAD,DRC,SL,BOSNIA,etc.the military SHOULD NEVER BE LET LOOSE REGARDLESS.however MUGABE SHOULD HAVE BEEN IMPEACHED WAY BACK.-2011 athe guy was already sleeping in parliarment.nonetheless we guardians of tomorrrow will be watching and waiting in the shadows, for we know power is addictive

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