Mugabe will pay for reluctance to contain graft

THE resolve by Norton MP Temba Mliswa to dare Energy minister Samuel Undenge over the $5 million controversially advanced to one Wicknell Chivayo, whose company, Intratek Zimbabwe, was awarded the multi-million-dollar Gwanda solar project under equally contentious circumstances, could not have come at an appropriate time.

In fact, Mliswa and his counterparts should be applauded for demanding transparency in the administration of public resources.
There is no way taxpayers should continue to finance Cabinet ministers and other top government officials’ shindigs from the government purse.

It is not lost that Undenge is the same minister who forced power utility Zesa Holdings to contract his acolytes Oscar Pambuka and Highfield West MP Psychology Maziwisa to carry out a public relations task for an astronomical figure, yet the State enterprise has a fully-fledged communications office doing the same task, thus duplicating roles.

It appears corruption is inherent among some of the Cabinet ministers and top government officials, whose only objective is simply to create opportunities to milk the government of millions of dollars for self-aggrandisement at the expense of the general public.

We cannot but concur with Mliswa, who raised this matter during the 2018 national budget seminar in Victoria Falls that legislators must not be rampaged into passing a new budget when public funds are clearly being abused.

There is need for Undenge to explain his relationship to Chivayo, whose project was awarded in 2016 and yet no meaningful progress has been registered despite the businessman making off with $5 million in his personal account.

We believe it will be difficult for the MPs to consider a new budget when huge sums of public monies are still unaccounted for, hence, the need for the responsible ministers to be brought to account.

We are aware that nothing will be done to such wasteful and other corrupt government officials, for as long as they remain in the right basket.

It is unfortunate that grovelling has become a prerequisite for one to become a government minister rather than competence, and this is why corruption levels have shot up.

Indeed, there is need to put a stop to all this madness. We have no doubt that endemic corruption continues to rise due to President Robert Mugabe’s reluctance to contain the vice.

It appears he uses graft as a way of controlling his juniors, so that they will not even challenge his one centre of power principle.

Yet, bad governance, corruption and foot-dragging has had serious ramifications on the welfare of the majority citizens. Mugabe should be warned that the citizenry will find a way to hit back. Had the economy been managed well, no one would ever want to focus on the politics of the country.

Given Undenge — like many of his colleagues — have failed to explain expenditures in their respective ministries, the citizenry will await the outcome of a committee proposed by Speaker of the National Assembly, Jacob Mudenda, to investigate the allegations.
There is still a lot of explaining to do, otherwise Zimbabweans are demanding deliverables, and a zero tolerance policy on corruption.



  1. Yet, bad governance, corruption and foot-dragging has had serious ramifications on the welfare of the majority citizens. Mugabe should be warned that the citizenry will find a way to hit back.
    There is no way they can hit back because everyone is busy trying to work out how to survive in an environment where all industries have practically shut down and there is no job except to be vending or scraping on street sides, conveniently dubbed urban agriculture, in the residential areas to come up with food.
    Storm drains fill up with sand from the exercise, and sewage systems block or break up, giving rise to diseases which citizens have to grapple with to save dear life, once again diverting their attention from the cause of the plagues, which is their very own government.
    Even civil service jobs are now all frozen, all for the sake of forcing people into informal work which will not give them time to rise up against an evil government system.
    For thirty-seven years, graft was a hallmark of this administration and it is not going to change all of a sudden today. Think of willogate; lorac land scandal; war victims compensation fund looting; fifty thousand dollar hand-outs to war vets; the paweni kangai sanyangore scandal and many more.

  2. Yes, I am happy that some issues we articulate here reach the MPs’ ears as well. I once wrote on this platform that corrupt people like Undenge cannot be fired because he makes sure Chivhayo has Dubai lunch for amai Dr. That will never be taken up as Mugabe is in complicit. That is why he dismisses people who hate corruption. The police spend time investigating fake cases of murder with already known accused persons, just because they want to hang a person who is against corruption.

  3. Comment…The problem is that people like Undenge were appointed on factional lines, see how his wife dances in front of Grace. Some of the money was credited direct into the minister’s personal account and no one dares to ask. The same time he was building a mansion, they do as they wish because they have Grace to protect them. Was surprised to see Undege busy stammering speaking factional statement which was very uncouth by thanking Mugabe on the sacking of Mnangagwa. Language from a so called learned Minister, no wonder his is an absent MP in his constituency busy moving around preaching factionalism with Grace.

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