Mugabe nephew berates ‘dumb Zimbos’

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s nephew, Patrick Zhuwao, has labelled Zimbabweans as “dumb” as they were allegedly allowing themselves to be “used” by the military to fight against a leader they popularly elected five years ago for the benefit of expelled Emmerson Mnangagwa whom he claimed was not popular within the ruling Zanu PF party structures.

Speaking to SABC television presenter via Skype from his secret location in South Africa, Zhuwao said the decision by the army, led by Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander general Constantino Chiwenga, was “pitiful”.

“This coup by the way is rather laughable because it is a coup that is meant to bolster the fortunes of one presidential aspirant by the name Emmerson Mnangagwa who failed to navigate himself through the political processes of Zanu PF,” he said.

This came as the Zanu PF central committee met in Harare yesterday and expelled Mugabe and First Lady Grace from the party, paving the way for his possible impeachment by Parliament tomorrow.

The party’s decision also came at a time Mugabe was locked in meetings with army generals at State House to seal his political fate in the wake of massive demonstrations by Zimbabweans on Saturday calling for the ouster of the country’s sole leader for the past 37 years.

Zhuwao, who is Public Service minister, is believed to be one of the “criminals” that are being pursued by the military and is lucky that they “stepped in” when he was already out of the country presumably on government business.

Some of his colleagues linked to the Generation 40 (G40) faction are reported to be in military custody including Saviour Kasukuwere (Local Government Minister) and Higher Education Minister Prof Jonathan Moyo.

Mnangagwa was expelled by Mugabe two weeks ago after 37 years in government accused of being deceitful and disloyal to Mugabe.

Zhuwao maintained that the military’s intervention was wrong, although it was widely celebrated by ordinary Zimbabweans as a positive move.

“Can you imagine you my sister in South Africa you are going for an ANC elective congress and the South African Defence Forces then come in and say no, no the person who must be the president of ANC must be Nkosanazana Zuma or Cyril Ramaphosa. That is so wrong.”

Zhuwao added, “The military is a national institution that must never be utilised for anyone for factional agenda, but that is what is really happening.”

Early on Zhuwao had told Reuters that Mugabe and his wife Grace were “ready to die for what is correct” and they have no intention of stepping down in order to legitimise the military coup.


  1. He is the one who is dump.Let him come and comment while he is here.Why self exile.Thieves. Mbavha dzevanhu.

  2. We are coming after you very soon & we’ll remove those dreadlocks one by one

    1. Kkkkkkkkkk

    2. People know what they wanted. They wanted Mugabe out of office period. They have seen the worst leader it can’t go worse.

  3. I do not recall Zhuwao speaking out against the army when they did the same thing in 2008 by entering politics on the side of a chosen presidential candidate who had also “failed to navigate himself through the political processes”.

  4. Vese imbavha mhani

  5. The nephew can call us names and try demonstrate how dumb we are. thats your choice.
    A coup generally has the citizens run for cover. in this case they celebrated in the streets and protected. no looting at all and no hate speech except that your sekuru its now time out
    Your beloved million party youths failed to stop the beloved party from appointing the “unpopular” ED to the top position in the interim
    lastly and more importantly apart from the party stance ma ZIMBO hachadi zvawo zvemhuri yenyu and your sekuru. Sandimi mega munofunga kani. your sekuru was being propped up ne Army iyoyo zvino yanetawo yakudawo ED iwe wabva warwadziwa asi it was good for your sekuru

    isu tamirira resignation chete. achatonga nani ma Minister ake ati kwete.

    1. It’s painful truth that Zhuwawo is speaking the PLAIN truth.

      The army is installing a Zanu PF leader who failed to have his will on the party. Now Mnangagwa is using the gun to achieve a political process.

  6. Zhuwao you know better than anyone than Mugabe was not elected so don’t lie, atually if he was popular why is the entire country against Mugabe?? You can’t hide forever and we will be waiting for you when you run out of money and try sneak back into Zim.

    1. uchadzoka zvako, better kutorega kutaurisa…leave us wit our dumbness

  7. The dump aspect applies to Zanu pf members! sure they were dump for 37years vachingo tevera. Way way back we said Zanu yawora ana Zhuwawo vachiti haina.The army is not foolish as they know that their master is now useless.
    Warumwa nembwa dzake ndeyekwake.

  8. Sadly, the army has displayed double standards. In 2008 it was not only MT & MDC who lost – the whole country lost. It is clear now. We lost credibility by having genuine democracy denied to the winners of elections in 2008. The same army has done the same thing this time. They even threatened not to salute “anyone without liberation war credentials”Why do we celebrate for things that are very short-lived? Is there any guarantee that the same army will respect voters’ choice if whoever leads Zanu (RF) loses the next elections?

    1. Comment…At least you see the light we the youth we are the majority but the old pple even ED himself is old what was the problem if the youth lead and the elders be advisers and we uphold the principal the fort for come on this is Stupid

      1. very very few are seeing the light uyazi

    2. that’s my problem with these joyous celebrations exhibitted by the people. will the army relinquish power if the upcoming, stronger ZANU-PF is beaten in a free and fair election?
      isn’t this sounds like an internal power struggle? what they call factionalism. even H.E. said it

  9. Shut up patrick .just come back and see what the millitary is going to do with criminals.

  10. Whilst I applaud the army for the intervention, there are some criminals who should equally be fished out from the people we saw denouncing Mugabe at meeting held at the Shake shake house yesterday. Amai Mupfumira for the rot she caused when she was with the Labour Ministry. She founded all the amai rallies then buying rice and other commodities from monies stolen from Nssa. Also Obert Mpofu the obedient son. When he acquired a lot of wealth when he was minister of Mines and later minister of transport.

    1. great point! however, it seems equality will be determined by who is powerful not who is a criminal

  11. This idiot called Zhwuwao is insulting Zimbabweans and must be brought to book. All the riches he looted must be recovered for the state

  12. Zhuwao who dont have the right to comment here. uri mbavha hombe and Mugabe was just protecting and propelling you.On the other hand the statement by Chinamasa guys was reckless. imbavha hombe futi iyoyi mwana wake akabatwa last time ane millions and millions of US dollars paborder. three quarters of people who participated in the march are MDC supporters Chinamasa dont be foolish and be blinded into thinking kuti vese vanhu veZANU.

    1. have always thought Chinamasa akangwara, he has proved m wrong

  13. Isn`t it ironic that this is the same Army that has kept Mugabe in power because ever since 2000 he has never won any election including the “infamous” 2013 elections where the winner in the first round loses a runoff – because of the Army.

    It is called “Karma” you dreadlocked thief Zhuwao(you aren`t Zimbabwean anyway”.What goes around….You are just a Minister because you`re a nephew…and u appoint Bona as a Board Member of Empower have no shame

    1. l am giving them the benefit of doubt and assuming kuti they where slow to learn the implications of protecting the system yaMugabe

  14. ichokwadi army ine ma double standard. infact it seems ndeye zanu chete not zimbabweans at large. hai respect civilian govt. saka inoda vanhu papi. responsible army ichauya zve ma war vet zvabva izvi.

  15. What has this Zhuwao done for this country? does he even have one relative whose blood was spilled for the liberation of Zimbabwe? He is just Sabina Mugabe’s son, that’s all.

    Shut up Zhuwao!!!

  16. Tibvireyi apo iwe name sekuru vako go hang

  17. It’s called denial, Patrick. Uchabvuma hako. Sekuru is gone. Dr Amai is gone. Jeri remasoja rakakumirira

  18. Comment… Last kicks of a dying horse. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 😀😀😀😀

  19. If Patrick Zhuwawo has nothing to say, He must just shut-up. Why did he run-away in the first place. There is a saying that the guilty are afraid.

  20. This Mosken is VERY STUPID. He is now bitter because his 93 yr old uncle was given a rude awakening. SOONER THAN LATER MUGABE WILL BE HISTORY.


  21. when the same army was denying Morgan Tsvangirai victory it was good for Zhuwao. Today the tables have turned the army is now wrong. Zhuwao and your uncle you nurtured evil so feel it.

  22. Manje kana wakaenda usina mbanje dzako rasta wotorova bronco ikoko nekuti kungosvika paairport chete..unobatwa ukaenda kunana mukoma jonso..

  23. hahahahahaha zizi manhenga huya utaure pamberi pema soldier zvauri kuhumana izvo. majaira kudya mega hupfumi we Zimbabwe .

    Soon rather than later yu will regret

  24. pauchagerwa rasta iro uchipinda mu chikurubhi ndipo pauchazia zvekutaura

  25. Wasting precious little tym for repentence whilist he can… Zvafa mzaya

  26. There is nothing wrong with change. we have suffered long enough. lets see how it goes from here. zimbabwe is home to over 4 million families not just one family

  27. He and his uncle bob were barring the ascendancy of ED. He should stop talking nonsense.

  28. He has a a valid point. vanhu ava vakapandukirana and we as Zimbos should be very careful kutambiswa bhora ravo. Ma demonstartions achaiitwa from now on should be done under the name of Zimbabweans not any Political Party(ZanuPF) to be precise. This is why we will need to have MDC, Mjuru nevanhu vake and all other political parties taking part. Then we pave way for a “newly” elected Government. the its happening we are just going to have the old Zanu in power with a new leader who has been part of this corrupt system. Bringing us back to “Square 1”.

  29. kkkk ende svi doctor amai sviya svanga svonyanya kuvukurisa… shame! mai vakangwara vaifanira kungo pusha agenda yavo vakanyarara. how can you claim to love your people when you stoop so low to steal their dam. zvafa patrick mzaya



  32. chematsenganzungu

    The honeymoon is over boy.ukataurisa topedzera shungu pane chese chinonzi chako warned.STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. What good has come from Zhuwawo or his old man….

  34. Nhengure chiwenga has shown that zizi harina nyanga, as previously thought and feared.
    Too many relatives of rgm and grace in cabinet positions; mike bimha brother to grace from her father’s younger brother; walter chidhakwa brother to rgm from younger brother to president’s father; zhuwao, son to president’s sister; joey bimha, secretary for foreign affairs from grace’s side again; chombo from the zvimba province.
    Sister bridget stayed in zimbabwe house which vice presidents muzee, josh nkomo, musika, joyce, jorn nkomo, mphoko and e d were not allowed to inhabit. Same sister stayed on life support at pari hospital for more than four years at the state’s expense. Nephew leo was given a billion dollar airport upgrade deal back in the days which he failed to service but ate up the money.
    Daughter bona is made board member of empower bank and censorship board despite having worked nowhere and therefore having no useful experience of life to bring onto those boards.
    The list of ills goes on.
    The point is that this country does not belong to rgm as an individual, his family, relatives or personal friends and acquaintances or those he chooses to bring closer to himself.
    There is therefore no reason to cry foul comrade zhuwao. Otherwise come back home and let’s debate and quarrel with our army and e d from our own country.

  35. We are sorry zhuwao ngwena yarema iyi. Patave Hapana Reverse gear.

  36. murimadofo kuno marcher kushaya zvekuita MUGABE ndewedu handimbofa takamurasa kutaura kwamusina kuswera

  37. you chose the wrong side zhuwao.How could you take the side of a gold digging bich.How can a person marry someone times two their age.She was after money the old fool didnt know he was sharing with chipanga

  38. By uttering this statement ‘dumb Zimbos’ it just reflects upon every rational thinking Zimbabwean how this youngman and his uncle take us for, they think we are fools for allowing to plunge the country in the mess it is today

  39. Well then thank God we have the intelligence of Patrick Zhuwao on our side then. We just waiting for you to come back and show us how its done

  40. mbandaka bolomba

    huya uzvionere ,pamwe nekuda kwamai ako Sabina tingakusvoda ,bhasopo povo inokunyangadza ,hauna chaunogona ,kkkk kuzvarigwa nekuzvarira mustatehouse life has never taught you anything.Chandigumbura vupenzi hwawakapomera vana vasekuru vedu .

  41. Psalms 109 vs 8-9

    i want to understand why the army took a side by choosing to support Lacoste and not g40 or both. this means that the generals have interests to guard. zanu and the army must not use the people to safe guard their interests.ARE THE LACOSTE NOT CORRUPT AS WELL? Remember what Chipanga said about the General!Most of the generals are equally mine a mnangagwa???? How about chinamasa? vanhu vakati chii pa solidarity march when he was about to addresss the people? vaiimba vachiti, ‘yusa, yusa, yusa,….’ iye chinamasa wacho akabvunza the chairman kuti ‘zvinorevei izvi?’ he got no response.anyway zvaireva kuti mwana wake akabatwa pa boader ane ma us dollar. akaitwa chii ?NOTHING. Chinamasa was asked pa SABC , kuti Transtional GOVT ichava nemamwe ma party here and he said no because zanu ine ma number akawanda mu parly.for protests they call upon every Zimbabwean yet pakutonga vava kuzvifunga vega.The President might be better than these guys who want power by any means. You think mnangagwa will be better than the President? Never. ma opposition be warned better to block impeachment coz they just want to use you then dump you. mutsvangwa and wife, mnangagwa and wife, ma general all were appointed by the President, some to ministers yet hava tendi. army generals will benefit a lot from misrule ya is solving an internal problem ye zanu so that they continue looting zimbabwean resources. they dont have people at heart.pakakanganisika ma election why didnt they intervene to restore tsvangirai to presidency? opposition support president because vana chinamasa havadi kuti mu ‘lumewo’. they are only different from vana jonathan kumeso pazviito the same. army sungaiwo chinamasa. referrundum ikaiwa President will will because he is better compared kunevamwe vari kuda power ava.
    By all means possible the opposition party should block Mugabes impeachment. The army are NOT interested to solve Zimbabwean issues, rather, they want to protect themselves. In this current environment, we better support Mugabe so that the army wont crown ED. Mugabe may want to take his revenge, and therefore destroy everyone involved hence the entire Zanu pf, this will certainly end with Zimbabweans benefiting. If ED is genuine, he should refuse the offer to lead Zimbabwe. The army is brewing something much more dangerous than Mugabe.

  42. This Zhuwawo guy is a funny character,why is clamouring to have a say in a country which is not of his origin,he should go back to his country of origin which is Mozambique and fight against Dhlakama”Matsanga” then he will know that life is not as rossy as he thinks.Enough is enough,too much of anything makes one sick.The old man has had enough and he should take a rest we are not undermining his previuos achievement,so don’t force us to continue accepting him so that you satisfy your personal egos.No Taramba.

  43. Kkkkkkkkk the dreadlocked alien is bitter that sekuru can no longer provide. Nonsense.

  44. PATRICIA jUAO kkkkkkkk Bondia Papa

  45. Ini ndikuda kutonyenga hangu Gire ‘Gucci” ndidye ma USA ndiri Ziiiiii


    PATRICO JUAO Telling Dump Zimbos really after all these years giving you sadza here??

  47. Though he is saying shit, he has a valid point. vanhu ava vakapandukirana and we as Zimbos should be very careful kutambiswa bhora ravo in their power struggle. Ma demonstartions achaiitwa from now on should be done under the name of Zimbabweans not any Political Party(ZanuPF) to be precise. This is why we will need to have MDC, Mjuru nevanhu vake and all other political parties taking part. Then we pave way for a “newly” elected Government. the its happening we are just going to have the old Zanu in power with a new leader who has been part of this corrupt system. Bringing us back to “Square 1”.

  48. Though he is saying shit, he has a valid point. vanhu ava vakapandukirana and we as Zimbos should be very careful kutambiswa bhora ravo in their power struggle. Ma demonstartions achaiitwa from now on should be done under the name of Zimbabweans not any Political Party(ZanuPF) to be precise. This is why we will need to have MDC, Mjuru with her axed War Veterans and all registered opposition parties, taking part under one banner. This way, we pave way for a “newly” elected Government. The its happening we are just going to have the old Zanu in power with a new leader who has been part of this corrupt system. Bringing us back to “Square 1”.

  49. As true as it may be that people are being used we would rather be used to remove a life long tyrant asingade kupawo vamwe chance. We can acknowledge our enemies as enemies but at the moment they are our friends As it is said “an enemy of my enemy is my friend” we will deal with a latter devil at a later stage but for now we will deal with you and your uncle.

  50. To police and the corruption bandwagon watch out the hand of justice is around the corner. Ryt now we are free because there is no unnecessary blocks in the name of blitz in Harare.

  51. We were dump before when ur uncle used security sectors to intimidate us, but for sorry u alien we have woken up no way ur family can get closer to our resources, Chiwenga has spoken and I urge you to come back and start ur debate you will see opposite from ur thinking, ask your friend Chipanga we need new reformed leadership in our country.

  52. It is sily that the son of an alien call us zimbos dump is it bcoz we allowed a foreigner in the govt .What all Zimbos are demanding now is Mugabe out nothing else the rest we will see after Mugabe is gone .

  53. Usadzoke Zhuwawo gara ikoko zvachose

  54. Mnangagwa imposed Mugabe on us in 2008 against Mugabe’s and he had the support of Chiwenga. These are thugs. I believe they are the ones who have the 150 billion USD. Obert Mpofu is free? How ridiculous!!! He is the biggest thief!!! Another thing Mugabe never won an election against Tsvangirai. The entire ZANU PF thughood knows it. Endorsing ED means allowing him to abuse us using the army. He will lose an election and declare himself the winner. Any protest will be quashed by the army. Chiwenga was fired and is a rebel and dissident.

    To the generals, I say allow Tsvangirai to take over and see how many will be celebrating. You will that your so-called solidarity march had fewer than people who will celebrate. Do not impose Mnangagwa on Zimbabwe hatimude!!!

  55. Perhaps it’s time Robert and Patrick consider going back to Malawi? How dare they want to alienate us?


  57. You made fun of the march chitaura tinzwe?

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