Mugabe must go: Citizens

ZIMBABWEANS across the country yesterday were waiting with bated breath for the outcome of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF)’s move to weed out criminals within Zanu PF and their negotiations with President Robert Mugabe.


Citizents who spoke to NewsDay Weekender commended the ZDF for taking the matter into their hands as Zanu PF infighting was negatively impacting on citizens’ livelihoods. They castigated Zanu PF bigwigs for plundering national resources while ordinary citizens were surviving on less than a dollar day.

“I want Mugabe to go. Soldiers must stay on the streets and make sure he is removed from power. If they delay he is going to fire them because he is a man of tactics. If need be, they should dig trenches until he is gone. We are tired,” said one resident of Harare Terry Makonese said seeing soldiers taking charge renewed his hope for a better tomorrow.

“I was happy when I woke up to see a soldier on television. I was happy that at least something is now happening finally, but I am now disappointed. I was really hoping for the best, now it seems like we are heading for a stalemate,” he said.
Talent Simango said Mugabe should pay for his crimes.

Melody Mututu, who was disappointed to see Mugabe on live television, said: “It has been the happiest week of my life and would like to applaud (ZDF Commander General Constantino) Chiwenga, although the news has been saying he was under house arrest, today we saw him busy capping students at the Zimbabwe Open University. Seriously?”

Another Harare resident said: “Yes, Mugabe can go. But who will replace him because if he is replaced by (Emmerson) Mnangagwa (ED) then we are doomed. We haven’t forgotten all the violence that he has done, especially in 2008 around election time. Choosing ED will be a desperate measure, I just hope that free and fair elections will be held next year and people will choose their preferred leadership.”

Sean Matambo from Harare said: “For 37 years, he (Mugabe) has been in power and he has destroyed everything. We are finally going to have our socio-economic situation revived then maybe our children can get jobs.”

A resident from Bulawayo, Thambo Tshabalala said: “ZDF must hold on to power until we get to the elections because Zanu PF has failed us since 1980. We are grateful for the intervention of the army. We want to see how that turns out. The country is in serious problems because of Zanu PF, the cash crisis, hunger and many other problems. We want to see change. The chaos caused by First Lady Grace Mugabe was a blessing in disguise which may change the history of Zimbabwe forever.”

Another Bulawayo resident who spoke on condition of anonymity said: “Our children are learned, but they cannot find employment, they have since left the country for the Diaspora because there is no industry in the country. We want a change of leadership that will ensure the industry is functional so that they may come back and work in the country.”

Peter Choto said: “What the army did is commendable, but there should be an inclusive government and the elections should be postponed until things are back in order in the country.”

Sikhumbuzo Nhliziyo said: “We are in limbo at the moment because no official position is coming out timely and regularly, no one really understands what is going on with the current negotiations. Currently, our hope as citizens is that we get to a level where we start rebuilding our institutions.”

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  1. “…..The chaos caused by First Lady Grace Mugabe was a blessing in disguise which may change the history of Zimbabwe forever.” True words! She created this crisis by wanting power, this was the downfall of her husband and her gold digging ways!

  2. its amazing and shameful to see how certain people hate ED yet he is a key player in this act which has finally brought down a committed dictator. lets not hate people based on rumours.ED can be a very good president who can usher in a government of national unity. a government that ensures a stable and favourable environment for business. thank you general chiwenga and your team we are sick and tired of hate political speaches which do not address bread & butter issues for zimbabweans.

    1. People feared the military all along and not Mugabe. Now that he doesn’t have the military’s support, not even one person fears him anymore…

  3. Comment…ED was bae nw a mesiah simple hatingatongwi ne(Chipoko)mboko ngaidzokere kwayakabva

  4. kana zvaramba handei kumba kwake tinogara pa gate kusvika abva,,,enough is enough vamugabe takakurambai kare Grace40,,,yakunyeperai kuti tiriri kukudai ibvai henyu muende henyu,,,chenjerai kuti amuvingi pa hero’s acre,,,

  5. Maporofita enhema miripi ana Makandiwa nana Magayas did you see this one just this one only coming, very fun guys indeed.

  6. Comment…a change is better than no change.

  7. The political evolution in Zimbabwe is too complicated for majority to comprehend and thus their mixed reactions are understandable. It occurred too fast for a crop used to political violence to understand. Personally, I long anticipated the backlash of Mugabe’s political blunder. Time is up for the nonagenarian

  8. Who said he could never be removed by a pen? Who said if he lost an election he would go back to war? Why would the same person cry foul when people chose to remove him by the barrrel of the gun? He is the one who said it?

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