Mphoko fears return to Zim

Phelekezela Mphoko

VICE-President Phelekezela Mphoko, who was in Japan when the military took control of the levers of power on Tuesday last week, is reportedly making plans to seek refuge in either Zambia or Mozambique as he fears arrest if he returns home.


This came as President Robert Mugabe tendered his resignation with the Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda yesterday, just as the two Houses of Parliament — Lower and Upper — were moving a motion to impeach the outgoing 93-year-old leader.

Highly-placed sources said Mphoko, who had return tickets purchased by the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC), had approached a travel agency seeking to alter his itinerary.

“He was supposed to be back in Zimbabwe by Friday, from Tokyo, Japan. But through the OPC, he has requested that his tickets be changed so that he lands either in Zambia or Mozambique. We know he fears arrest because he is wanted for obstruction of justice and corruption,” the source said.

A highly-placed source in the OPC said Mphoko was expected to join his family, which has already left the country and is currently holed up in Botswana, where the VP has business interests.

Meanwhile, Sport, Arts and Culture minister Makhosini Hlongwane and Tourism deputy minister Anastasia Ndlovu were yesterday said to have contacted ousted Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa so that they could smoke the peace pipe with him.

Ndlovu is reported to have reached out to fired Midlands provincial youth chairman Edmore Samambwa pleading for his intervention in saving her from possible arrest.

Samambwa confirmed the overtures, saying he was baffled that a minister was approaching a person who was fired from the party.

“I don’t know how she thought I could help her, but a minister who had Mnangagwa’s ear before he was fired asking me to talk to shefu (Mnangagwa) so that she can’t be arrested, how does that work? In any event, anyone with a crime should face the music,” he said.

Hlongwane reportedly made overtures to Mnangagwa’s trusted allies seeking for a pardon over his attempts to vilify the Midlands godfather, saying he was a young person who was used in the heat of things.

“He asked me to tell Mnangagwa that he was sorry for allowing himself to be used by the G40 cabal and because he was a young naïve politician, he fell for the trap,” the source said.

Hlongwane rose through the ranks to Midlands provincial political commissar with the help of Mnangagwa, but dumped his benefactor as factional fights took centre stage in Zanu PF.

Government spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo would not respond to questions on the fate of Mphoko and the two ministers, saying he was locked up in meetings.


  1. I shall remember our MIA VP for arrogantly and stubbornly staying for more than 580 days in a luxury suite at the Rainbow Towers, at taxpayer’s expense and for attempting to absolve Mugabe for Gukurahundi by bizarrely blaming it on a Western conspiracy. The rest I will try hard to forget.

  2. hlongwane alleged that mnangagwa was a leader of alshabaab which is terrorising kwekwe and midlands pple. those,are serious allegations. ngaaripe mombe inotsika

  3. The words we speak and our actions will one day come back to haunt us. Let is be a lesson to all Zimbabweans. We reap what we sow. However, those who were thieving should face the music because they were stealing from Zimbabweans and not ED. ED can forgive those who were bad mouthing him, but thieves and robbers are answerable to the people of Zimbabwe. How could Mphoko a devout SDA allow himself to be used by the devil?

  4. These dhanda heads are busy asking for forgiveness from man instead of first asking for forgiveness from God, haven’t they learnt now that when God delivers his final mighty judgment there’ll be nowhere to run? Where is Bob & Grace now?

  5. Here are some of Makhosini Hlongwane’s words two ago:

    “We need to calm down, we know there have been tensions but we thank President Mugabe for bringing back unity. We should support President Mugabe, the First Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe, and the party, nothing else. Those who were lost should know this. We thank the President for liberating the province, especially Kwekwe,”

    • foolish people ! you have started calling the new president Sheff! He is no sheff but servant of the people> you are used to being used and that is why you are not principled. you sing for your supper because you are in politics for money and not the people. If you believed Munangagwa was wrong why run to ask for forgiveness? Emmerson should not allow people to come to him grovelling for super. He should just tell them to go and work hard for the people and not come to him for favours. all those who are just in Government because of favours must go. Only hard workers must be given assignments to do by government. There is too much hero worshiping in our country and this is impacting heavily on prformance and productivity of our public servants.

  6. foolish people ! you have started calling the new president Sheff! He is no sheff but servant of the people> you are used to being used and that is why you are not principled. you sing for your supper because you are in politics for money and not the people. If you believed Munangagwa was wrong why run to ask for forgiveness? Emmerson should not allow people to come to him grovelling for super. He should just tell them to go and work hard for the people and not come to him for favours. all those who are just in Government because of favours must go. Only hard workers must be given assignments to do by government. There is too much hero worshiping in our country and this is impacting heavily on prformance and productivity of our public servants.

  7. Im nt surprised abt mphoko wat do u expect from the ndebeles???Tshaka made mzilikazi his military commander and he stole cattle and relocated in nw ndebeleland.Lobengula kutengesa nyka cz of sugar nkomo nema dissidents ake jonathan moyo nehumbavha hune kahutsinye mukat.akomana so ka.

    • And see how the Shonas have superintended over the demise of our country over 37 years. Nkomo was by far a better leader than your Mugabe at independence but you chose tribalism over reason, look at where it has got us. The man murdered 20000 of us and you continued hero worshiping him until he killed 200 of you in 2008, for you to see who he really was, that’s how stupid you are.

      Don’t you ever dare think this country belongs to shonas because we are all came from elsewhere to occupy this land. Unless the only history you know is the rigged ZPF history designed to brain wash our children.

    • so mr truthhurts what exactly are you saying about ndebeles?? ur comment is so primitive n does not belong in the 21st centuries…go n look for your brains baba

    • STUPID IDIOT, Even though Im not Ndebele your comments show how shallow you are, you need to get a life, right now Zimbabweans are coming together in unity of purpose there you are spewing poison, people like you deserve are a waste of sperms and resources. Urimbwa yemunhu

    • am not a ndebele myself, but u getting it wrong there. such utterances, we will not tolerate in the new Zimbabwe. Mphoko was only working under instructions the same thing you could have done if you were in his position. its the shonas who are more corrupt. lets preach love, peace and reconciliation.

    • Nonsense, Lobengula never sold any country wth sugar this is propaganda thought at yo school by shona tribalists. Plus yu need to do research b4 the Jameson line imposed by colonialists bcoz of economic interests Mthwakazi was a seperate distinct kingdom frm Mashonaland. This is the reason why we must seperate the Mashonaland & Matebeleland once and again . it all seems imposible until its done.

    • how are you Truth Hurt?
      Thanks for letting us aware that there are still brainwashed guys like you. Well thats your opinion. But may you also reason around the following questions and points.

      1. Mzilikazi was also a commander like our current commanders. He wanted to re-orient Tshaka`s rule to return to normalcy. However in his case he just moved away with a few Khumalos who were grateful to him and left some idiots like you who criticize the true Father Zimbabwe.

      2 Can you prove your statements about LObengula? Dont mix facts with your lunatic grand father`s folk tales. So you tell me that you still believe in the story of (Mvundla and Nteletsha or Tsuro na Gudo)?

      3 Can you prove that Nkomo was leading Dissidents? As such can you prove the allegations that were leveled against Mai Mujuru? Or else may be you have forgotten since you have a shallow mind, then lets talk of recent events. What tangible offense did E.D commit which led him to be booted out like a school prefect (Even a prefect is given a hearing platform let me say like a group leader)? Absolutely nothing. Then look at the trends from Nkomo to Mujuru to E.D. Were all these 3 criminals? No. Does having a different opinion from your superior a crime?
      So who was/is the culprit?
      Revisit your opinion my bro.

  8. Truthhurts anti New Zimbabwe spirit you are ejaculating there. How can the misdeeds of an individual or individuals be representative of the group. Inga wani in a family one anogona kunetswa nachirwere che-athsma hazvirevi dzinza rese roita asthsma.

  9. Arrogance and ego has not served many African leaders. Most that are funded by their Western benefactors only for the own benefit. Yes Bob had an opportunity to go down in world history as the giant slayer and defender of Western oppression and survived to build something even greater than the bread basket of Africa which really never had much benefit for the blacks only whites that controlled that basket and most of the benefits. My Master Teacher taught me a lesson I have learned well as a race of people. Always do you self and kind before you do for others. Preservation of your race should always be first mandate of any race. As that is the legacy of any race to survive and not be conquered. Should Bob had only practiced what he preached at just 50% he would have created a legacy that no other leader could compare with in the world. But like so many long standing African leaders they fall prey to their egos and become idols in their own minds, not knowing all the long they are only custodians for the people of their country. And to understand the privilege of being a caretaker for the people that called on your service not mastery of them. The lesson that Bob should teach the next leader is that they should really want to due for race first should, only look back and in a blink of an eye a new reality tells them the people wanted answers as your employer. We all as blacks, African people should look at this moment in time and remember. When called to serve, do so with humility, and be humble as the privilege that is given to you at any time can be taken away at any time. What is put out into the universe, will come back, good or bad. It is up you the person for the actions they perform in their life.

    • and how constructive is your comment there??? some pple behave like products of unwanted pregnancies. Yiwo ama sperm a escaper i condom mxm. Should we custrate ol shonaz for bringing our nation to the knees. Grow up and know that u can never paint a whole tribe by the same brush because the one who genERALISES generally LIES.

  10. Mmmmmm but i see a shred of truth here about the ndebele people.When i was a recruit constable at morris yrs ago i realised that the ndebeles were few.Our instructors told us plans were in motion to go to bulawayo to appeal to the youths to join the force in their numbers.Later i went to bulawayo for a few months and realised that the boys are very good at border jumping and knife wielding after xool.They have this mentality of saying they are being marginalised but by whom????You heard their mps talking about the possibility of a civil war if this marginalisation continues and you wonder wat good are they doing for their areas.@truthhurts indeed truth hurts bt never ever go to matebeleland and talk about gukurahundi you will be killed and die for nothing.

  11. instead of having constructive debate you choose to throw slavo at one another. where’s the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood? Zimbabwe belongs to us all no matter black or white or green, ndebele or tonga or shona.

    lets learn to be tolerant of one another. it’s the new Zimbabwe we all dream of where we live in love peace and harmony.

  12. After the fall of Mugabe who thought the nation was his personal property with his wife and family, we should shift our attention to those trusted to run government departments and those below them as they contributed to the corruption, victimisation,disenfranchisement and vilification of fellow citizens. Investigate Mabasa at the polytechnic who was always dishing students fees to Jonso each time the nutty professor visited on his way to tsholotsho. He is indeed an accomplice to whatever Jonso was doing

  13. I am really disappointed to be a Zimbabwean. Some of the tribalist comments from pple here show that we are still in the primitive era.

    it is reported that the Zimbabwe Deffence Forces which started a manhunt last week was actually displaying their true dedication to their Zimbo Family
    It has been truely proven that There were mercenerries that were paid as to deffend Mugabe by his allies so that these allies would stay in power .After he toppled his vice president E.Munangagwa and these mercenarries had been ready preparing in a nearby unexpected nation who is reffered as siammese twin to zimbabwe.
    The Mercennarries are said to have been waiting to distabilise and return the president as what we see in movies but to no avail the ZDF had all information and was highly alert on the developments on the issue that was meant to completely cripple the nation as they were planning to fight the ZDF and the nation could have been into ahses by now
    The mission was beleived to have been sponsored by the enemies of the state or certain individuals who are also reffered as criminals who wanted to protect themselves from their evil deeds if there was a new system as they were aware that the system was now reshaping itself
    The ZDF could not give these details so not to cause shock and fear among the citizens of zimbabwe but what was refered criminals were these elements who were now desperate to rule the country via G40 to plunder the nations resources to their personal and political benefit
    These killer like soldiers when they had or saw that the massess and the ZDF had established a solid strong relationship they were disturbed their operations and could not win a square inch if they triggered their first bullet on our soil .They proved that they were coming to total danger as zimbabweans are a highly learned society and they could have came to hell if they touched our soil Thanks to you Commander and your Green Forces Thank you for loving us we will always be behind you and will alwasy listen to your advise on national security issues
    We give great thanks to the General Chiwenga for protecting us from these evil greedy morrons who were now up to distabilise our hard won country. We wish the General and his staff and the ZDF for being alert in times of urgency like these when civilians , children , our youth and families needs protection
    Long live the General
    Long live ZDF
    Long live Zimbabwe
    this information cannot be regarded as complete ans it came from sources from reouter

  15. Here we are with a new leader. As a country, we need to nowy for our leaders not to use the past hatred. The advisers to the new leader shud with immediate affect tell him to stop using words like kuhukura kuhukura, tichingotonga tichingotonga. He niw shud stop uttering words used by some boys who wants to polish the master’s shoes.
    Manzwi like stop it aka shata. Look now who was stopped now?

  16. now is the time to unite against all forms of evil and prejudices and derogative slogans . if you have nothing constructive to say dont throw spanners away. like what mugabe said in his last speech it is indeed time to put shoulder to the wheel. ini newe tinebasa. umkhulu lumsebenzi.

  17. I agree with’Zviyo’ one lesson we need to learn is to stop calling our leaders ‘chef’ and behaving towards them as if they are gods. Respect them yes but get them accountable and responsible in their various positions. Tell them truth and not want we think they want to hear as that results in them growing a big head leading to corruption and inefficiency evils that have brought Zimbabwe to where she is today.

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