Mnangagwa urged to repeal draconian laws


AS Zimbabweans across the globe celebrate the downfall of President Robert Mugabe, who resigned on Tuesday, civic society organisations (CSOs) have called for the removal of draconian laws and opening of lines of direct foreign investment to revive the economy.


On Tuesday night, several CSOs gathered at the Bulawayo City Hall car park to celebrate the post-Mugabe era, where they listed a number of demands to the incoming administration led by former Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition spokesperson Dumisani Nkomo said although they were celebrating the departure of Mugabe, there were numerous demands that were made to him, but were not fulfilled.

“Before the new leader has even settled in that position, it is important that he finds a package of issues which we want addressed,” he said. “We as citizens said we want devolution in the Constitution and Mugabe’s administration had been ignoring to implement it, so we are saying the incoming leader must be sensitive to the people’s demands.”

Nkomo said the CSOs were concerned that since the nation would hold elections next year, the biometric voter registration period should be extended to allow civic groups to educate citizens about the process.

“We also demand that the new administration should reform the electoral laws and when police officers come out to enforce laws we demand that there should be no tolerance for corruption. He [President] must make sure he weeds out corrupt elements from State institutions,” he said.

“We also make it clear that media laws must be reformed especially concerning the State broadcaster Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation. It must stop being biased. Laws such as the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act must be repealed.”

Nkomo added: “The government must also restore investor confidence by removing some laws which scare away investors such as indigenisation. We still have the Public Order and Security Act and these laws make citizens to appear as if they are enemies of the State and must be done away with.”

Nkomo said the new leader should be seized with Gukurahundi, which Mugabe has been ignoring for long, if he has to gain credibility and support from Matabeleland and Midlands provinces. He said the policy of national healing, reconciliation and integration should be taken a gear up to resolve the impasse between the government and the people.

Streetwise Informal Traders’ Association director Percy Mcijo said they welcomed the resignation of Mugabe, but had reservations on what the new leader would do concerning the informal sector.

“We welcome the new era without Mugabe and we bid farewell to the old one. We are saying the new era should take cognisance of the old era’s mistakes and never repeat them at all,” he said.

“As the informal sector, we demand recognition and the enabling policy legislative framework to be enacted by the new administration which must support job creation.”

Mcijo said the government should consider the high rate of unemployment and assist the informal sector to create more jobs.
“We urge government to uphold the provisions of the Constitution which promote job creation. The government must come up with enabling environment to boost the economic performance in the country,” he said.

This was echoed by Streets Informal Traders official Edward Manning, who demanded that the government should meet their expectations and enable the informal sector to be the backbone of the economy.

“We do not want to see politicians coming to use the informal sector as a campaign tool and dump it when they are voted into office,” he said.

Manning also said as CSOs they demand that Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairperson Rita Makarau resign immediately as they want someone non-partisan to be in that office.

“We want a retired judge to take over and run that office so that we have credible elections next year,” he said.


  1. CSOs and the lot should not in their quest for change want the new Administration to create chaos and anarchy by removing some laws to suit some groups or individuals. The leader of the New government to come is a Learned Lawyer. For all these changes to happen he should appoint man and woman of integrate, for the purpose of unifying the people he can appoint even members of the opposition as ministers and or deputy ministers in his cabinet for inclusivity, in his own words he said we are all Zimbabweans and we should work together for the good of our nation.

  2. Unifying people? There you go again with this tired typically African idea of Unity. National Unity should not be at the government level – its useless; we have had this before. It should be in communities at the street level and national level and be in practice, even if it means it is legislated, if it needs be. For instance, why should I demand that my children be taught in Ndebele, yet I live and work in Marondera. I should be forced to integrate and respect the dominant Shona communities and their languages in Marondera. The same should happen to a Shona family in Lupane with respect to the Ndebele language. That is practical unity as far as I am concerned!

  3. We don’t want anything dime with zanu pf ideology because we have come a long way suffering and it had dismally failed Zimbabwe.We want new political dispensation with new political party rather than Zanus please.The MDC had shown us the light although it was an inclusive government,but they had brought with it hard currency which everyone was better off than zanu pf’s useless bearer cheques and bond notes.Mnangagwa is zanu pf blood and he is still fully surrounded by the same stigma.Down with this bad syndrome.

  4. There is this guy called Walter Magaya, the prophetess or prophet or whatever u call him, should be investigated for his close dealings with G40 kingpins, namely Chipanga, Tongai Kasukuwere etc, Domboshava land earmarked for the youth, construction of his multi-million dollar quest house lodge/ hotel are the result of dining and wining with the so called king makers.

    The case of his rape case which was thrown into the bin at Rotten Row Court becoz of Grace Mugabe’s G40 kingpins’ influence needs to be revisited asap.


  5. Why would we bother ourselves talking about Mmangagwaor asking him to do something when we know he was put in power by the army to try and revive dead and rotten zanu the army said it first day on zbctv when they over threw Mugabe they said they want Mnangagwa as president so that he can stop zanu from dying not to revive our economy or remove some dubious laws no .All sane people do not like this guy next year we taking out . finish and klaa

  6. whenever people start to bring up issues about Gukurahundi,my blood boils.l have a cousin brother who was killed by the so called dissidents during that era buy the likes of Gwesela just to mention a few of those who caused a lot of suffering to the shona speaking people.Note both tribes had a lot of casuaties during that era,so no tribe has the right to open up old wounds.lf the other tribe wants that then the Ndebeles owe the Shonas a huge sorry,lets go back to history then,in 1868 when King Mzilikazi had died,and was succeeded by his son,Lobengula,he also continued to rule us the Shona people,raiding our crops and cattle and killing all the shonas who resisted.In these circumstances l would like to tell those shouting about Gukurahundi to shut up!!1

    • No man. ZANU PF is not a tribe. They caused GUKURAHUNDI – why are you involving Shona people in this? It was ZANU PF against the people of Matebelenad because they wanted to destroy PF ZAPU so they could create a one-party State. Forget the propaganda!

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