Mnangagwa to be sworn in tomorrow

FORMER Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who flew into the country yesterday following a two-week hiatus in self-imposed exile, is set to be sworn in tomorrow as Head of State and Government following the resignation of President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday.


Mnangagwa, who skipped the country citing security concerns and sought refuge in South Africa following his dismissal by Mugabe on November 6, came back in the company of his son, Emmerson (Junior), and was welcomed at Manyame Air Base by service chiefs and top Zanu PF and government officials, including ruling party spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo and secretary for legal affairs Patrick Chinamasa.

Hundreds of his supporters first gathered at the air base, but later moved to Zanu PF headquarters where they waited until late into the evening as they anticipated Mnangagwa to address them.

The President-designate’s plane was initially scheduled to land at 1pm, but only touched down at 3:20pm amid reports that he had been delayed by South African President Jacob Zuma, whom he met before flying to Harare.

Zuma is expected to attend Mnangagwa’s inauguration tomorrow.

Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda said the Office of the President and Cabinet was now seized with preparations for the swearing-in ceremony after Zanu PF nominated Mnangagwa to succeed Mugabe.



  1. Welcome comrade, a hero in your own style.But allow me to ask few questions.

    *Did Mugabe sign the resignation letter or it was a done deal – forged ?
    *Why the Mugabe family is still under house arrest?
    *There was heavy deployment of soldiers in Harare CBD on your arrival day 22 / 11 / 17 , why? and what are you scared of?, is a leader from the people subject to any kind of threats?
    *You confirmed your involvement in the coup but not a coup dejavu ,working with the generals , is this the right way to overthrow a national leader?If you are from the people , what was the armed force doing in the streets?

    *Did mugabe sign freely or under duress, he is a bold man ,we know him very well, nothing could stop him from saying farewell to his people, why he is not allowed to air his views and confirm his resignation?

    Your generals were searching and arresting people deemed criminals, why all criminals seems to be people aligned to the demised president,those aligned to you are clean indeed?
    *Is it not right for us as people of Zimbabwe to know the agreements we made with the demised president, was it not noble for us all to be involved in a collective decision making before the AGREEMENT was signed.

    As concerned Zimbabweans ,we are desperately ,waiting to hear from you?

    1. @ZPC-PF pres, very valid questions and some of them need answers. We should not be blinded by the fact that Mugabe is gone but we need to know the clear circumstances. We must all remember that Mnangagwa is not an elected president and therefore may not care so much. Also because he thinks he may be killed by Mugabe and friends, he may tighten security for no reason and have an even bigger motorcade.

  2. Excited to have a new president. one piece of advice to you Mr. President. Before you can sit on that throne, find a man of God who can cleanse it for you, becoz if you rush to sit there without cleansing it, the demons that possessed Mugabe will surely possess you and soon we will begin to see you rule like Mugabe (the brutality, repression, patronage, impunity, corruption, poverty, etc)

    1. In a Democracy, the Office of the President is not a THRONE. I know that its been 37 years of Mugabe Dictatorship therefore it is understandable that there is too much of a Mugabe mentality in most Zimbabweans’ way of thinking – particularly those born after 1980. It will take some time to wear out!

  3. The best thing that the incoming CEO for Zimbabwe has to do is to ditch all ministers who served under president Mugabe’s rule. People like Orbet Mpofu, Joseph Made, Lazarus Dokora, Patrick Chinamasa, Chris Mushohwe, Sydney Sekeramayi, Kembo Mohadi, Supa Mandiwanzira. If any of these people are included in the next cabinet, then fellow Zimbabweans be assured that Zimbabwe as country won’t be “going anywhere quickly”. It will be more of the same. Most of the people mentioned are serial flip floppers. Political opportunists. Remember they celebrated when ED was fired and on Sunday where in the forefront running around to get Mugabe fired not because they were happy to see the back of Mugabe but they were already safe guarding their jobs. Remember Orbert Mpofu declaring that he was Mugabe’s first born. Chinamasa is an accident waiting to happen each time he opens his mouth. We want a clean and fresh start. You owe it to every Zimbabwean to be in the position you are right noW. It was not ZANU PF, MDC, Joyce Mujuru, but a collective effort irrespective of political affilliation, colour, or ethnic orientation. Appoint your own team and be your own man.

  4. ZP-PF President we dont care, as long as Mugabe is no longer in Office.

  5. zpc pf president l agree with u the dots dont add up only time will tell

  6. 2nd independence taking place during the month of the chimoio massacre, very strange

  7. Nhai hama, i holiday here?

  8. One monster at a time , after David killed Goliath killing a giant became a common thing hence the game has juss begun. Register to vote and let`s finish off the whole Zanu Pf Cabal.

  9. People are celebrating the fall of Mugabe yes of course,but Mugabe was not alone in zanu pf.He had Mnangagwa,Chiwenga and company.Mnangagwa is becoming an interim President come November 24 2017.Who is putting him and on what merit and why? The 2008 election was Convincingly won by Tsvangirai and MDC ,but Chiwengwa, Mnangagwa and zanu pf did so many tricks to deny Tsvangirai victory.So what has changed now in Mnangagwa,Chiwengwa and zanu pf party in what people are seeing good after Mugabe fall?Birds of the same feather flock together.

  10. 777 The Great Work

    This has nothing to do with the nation. This is a Zanu Pf fight, won by Lacoste. Our battle as a nation remains to be fought in the next elections. Mnangagwa and company shall be put to the test, whether they are for democracy or against it, whether they are for Zimbabwe or for themselves.

  11. We are waiting for next year to elect a president for civilian not one imposed on people by soldiers . To call a spade a spade No ONE want Mnangagwa for president maybe just a hand ful of la coste but next year he will be gone FOR GOOD. .

  12. Please can someone officially post when and where the president will be sworn in. Theres whatsup messages but nothing on any official websites such as ZBC and newspapers. I’ve even checked zanupf webdite and Twitter and absolutely nothing on when and where the ceremony is

  13. Kugarakunzwananahamandishe Garanewako

    Apo vene veZimbabwe vachapembera nemufaro, zvamaiziva imi JEHOVAH musi, zuva nenguva. SAMASIMBA tinokumbira madzikamiso kubva kwamuri Ishe wedenga nenyika. Baba ndimi chete wemasimba ose. Ndimi chete munoziva zvirimberi mberi, kukunda kuziva kwatinoita zvatinenge taita parinobuda. Tenzi, tinoramba tichikumbira mapopoma nemafashamu emaropafadzo kubva kwamuri nekuti ndimi chete makasika nemufananidzo wenyu mushure mokunge masika denga
    nenyika. Baba tidzoreyi apotinosangana nemadzudzo tokupomorayi mhosva dzisi dzenyu. SAMASIMBA!!!! Tidzikamiseyi apo tinosangana nemaro.

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