Mnangagwa plots Mugabe challenge

AXED Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday said he will constitutionally challenge President Robert Mugabe “by the will of the people”.


Mnangagwa spoke as he dismissed speculative reports that he was plotting to stage a coup d’etat against Mugabe, saying his plan was to constitutionally challenge the Zanu PF leader at the ruling party’s upcoming extra-ordinary congress.

However, his fight-back plan and desire to challenge Mugabe could have gone up in smoke after the ruling party last week launched a campaign to cull his allies from the central committee and influential provincial structures ahead of the December extra-ordinary congress.

The former Zanu PF strongman spoke as Nigerian cleric, Temitope Balogun Joshua popularly known as TB Joshua, in an address to his followers at his Scoan church last Sunday predicted turmoil and civil war in an unnamed Southern African country.

He said God had shown him that there were plans in the unnamed country to either kidnap or kill the President, Deputy President or the First Lady of that country.

“Their (military) interest is to get rid of a President there, they will not tire, but their aim is to get rid of a President in that region in Southern Africa. I said it in January that a President will be kidnaped, Southern Africa people will remember if they are not going to misquote me, this time… I am saying a military, they are interested in embarrassing a President, that they kill him or kidnap him,” TB Joshua said at his service last Sunday.

Joshua added: “They are still on in that plan to kidnap either President or Vice-President of that nation or First Lady of that nation.”

But, yesterday, a source close to Mnangagwa claimed that the former VP had hoped to use his wide support base in the party’s central committee to challenge Mugabe’s dynasty plans, before he was kicked out of both government and the ruling party last week.

“The idea was to have him challenge Mugabe at congress and have party structures deliver a deadly blow on the dynasty that has now become Zanu PF, from there he hoped to get the mandate to lead the party into the 2018 general elections,” the source who, however, declined to disclosed Mnangagwa’s plan B, said.

Mnangagwa in a statement last Wednesday, soon after he skipped the country and sought refuge in neighbouring South Africa, declared that Mugabe and his cohorts would “leave by the will of the people”, but the remarks were viewed in government as a coup threat.

On Thursday, Zanu PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo indicated that State security agents were critically analysing Mnangagwa’s statement with a view to lay treason charges against him.

But, Mnangagwa loyalists yesterday said the charges were meant to thwart the former Vice-President’s next move by labelling him a criminal.

“This is a plot to block him from constitutionally participating in the political sphere in the country. What treason is committed by calling on the will of the people and asking the people to register to vote?” the source queried.

Following his expulsion last week, Mnangagwa vowed to come back to Zimbabwe in the next few weeks to “take control of the levers of power”.

“I will go nowhere. I will fight tooth and nail against those making a mockery against Zanu PF founding principles, ethos and values. You (Mugabe) and your cohorts will instead leave Zanu PF by the will of the people and this we will do in the coming few weeks as Zimbabweans in general now require new and progressive leadership that is not resident in the past and refuses to accept change,” he said.

He also called on his supporters not to ditch the party but remain holding forte, so that they could deliver a decisive blow on Mugabe.


  1. josphat mugadzaweta

    lies lizard. we know that there are no longer elections in zanu but poliburo members are handpicked so how where you going to launch the challenge? it is you who helped crafted the stupid changes to the party’s constitution in order to thwart mujuru. apa waruma nechekuchera mwachewe!!!

  2. josphat mugadzaweta

    prophecy could mean lesotho, angola or mozambique. the army in zimbabwe is so docile that they will not do anything of that sort.

    1. Yaa Mozambique or even Botswana (the VP enemies might have cruel intentions since he will be president in a few months time)

  3. Even zambia has a dictatorial president who can be a target of military disciplining because of his admiration and imitation of what the zim leader does.

  4. Fake prophecy and the document was not written by ED but the Zimbabwe secret service.NewsDay and your sister papers we know that you have been infiltrated & now working against your boss Mr Trevor Ncube.Please save us from all this nonsense of ED this,ED that,instead focus on how the ruling party is going to grow the economy,to a twenty-first century economy, create jobs,improve our health & education sectors etc..

  5. Pse ED its no longer appropriate to continue day dreaming you had your time and if you failed to dislodge the dictator from within then you are finished outside that system, its now time for Amai according to zanupf politics.

  6. TB Joshua, that is investigative prophecy. wangoonawo mamiriro ekunze. Zvinogona kuitika Mozambique, Zambia or any other SADC country.

  7. My friend, Makoni, i think Newsday’s reporting on ED is far much better than the reporting we see in other newspapers. Zanu Pf will and can never grow this economy to a twenty first century economy, create employment or improve health and other important sectors of the economy. So Newsday cannot report something that is virtually not there.
    A lot of people liked ED but he made a fatal mistake. He was so slow in the execution of his plan and the monster was watching him. ED’s friends including the military are cowards who can not stand with ED in trying times like these. The old man knows how to play his game. Even the army is divided. The Generals dont even know who is in which camp and that makes it so impossible to think of a coup in Zimbabwe.

    1. Moyo C – You say Ed’s friends can not stand with him in trying times like these but that’s what also led to his downfall – not standing with his friends when they were also being sunk, So in a nutshell they’re all cowards who die many deaths before they actuall die.

  8. There’s so much flip flopping, back stabbing, cowardice, chaos, political prostitution & selling out in zanupf it’s a real mystery how these men claim to have had courage to fight a liberation war

  9. Ballboy from Terraces

    Mswati wants Newsday to focus on how Zanu PF will create Jobs and grow the economy.

  10. and i suppose hillary clinton is the president of usa

  11. ngwena yakaburitswa muvhura

  12. Coup or no coup we will vote Mugabe out of office in 2018 isu maLacoste. I doubt if my comment will the light because I have been blocked several times. Kwatova nema CIO kuNewsday just like we have vana Welshman kuti MDC. That CIO guru masquerading as a University Professor.

  13. Tell Tb Joshua to keep his prophecies to himself. Izinto zabofejafeja! he predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the US elections. We know wat happened.He was shamed! One would think that he had learnt his lesson but alas he has not!

  14. which lot of pple liked ed enda kumidlands kwake uone kuti vamuda here kutaura kwausina kuswera vese vakushuvira ed murimadofo amai ndovane yese

  15. Hamunga dzingi vp se vendor other wise you also can go the sameway someday

  16. I know what good morals and loyalty but u are supposed to disregard good morals when you are living in a crazy bad world.if you are in hell how can u live like an angel?you are surrounded by devils,trying to be an angel,thats suicide.

  17. Muswati Makoni,you are one of the uselessness and dome person in zimbabwe.You are still dreaming of creating a prosperous economy in zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe after 37 years of deliberately and willingly destroying everything and up today you are still penning your hopes by prompting a useless and cruel Gushungu to create hell out of nothing. Muswat Makoni you are definitely mad and demon possessed together with your backers.

    1. tinashe mkaratirwa

      You have a point my bro that who is saying amai ndovaneyese go to hell who will vote for zanu after all this suffering,isu tongoti chimboitai henyu mahumbwe enyu aya takakutarisai but come 2018 thus when we will play our role imi chimboitai henyu manyongori enyu

  18. Sandy naTinashe taurai zvenyu imi musateerera mapenzi ayo…imimi murikuti amai ndovane yese iyiko corruption here kana kuti nhamo andisi kupanzwisisa ipapo zanupf yenyu zvayakatonga kwemakore 37 chii chamakawana honai izvozvi murikumhanyiswa everyday mutown umu amuchadiwe mavendor nemakombi apa mabasa acho akuna mari yacho akuna murikutadza kurara mudzimba dzenyu muchirara pamabank muchitsvaga mari yacho muchiishaya futi kutorumwa nemosquito…so chamuri kuswera muchiti hee amai amai ndovane yese chii ipapo muchafa muri maroja nekuzungaira kwenyu ikoko vanhu vevarume vanofarira kutongwa nemukadzi kwenyu kurikupusa here bvaa chimboitai tione munosvika kupi namai venyu ivavo itai zvenyu but tirikukuonai zvedu takanyarara

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