Mnangagwa must show contrition

In response to Press Statement by former Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa: A sixth sense tells me that former Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa may have signed, but did not write his grovelling statement. He may even be in the country as I see no reason for him to skip the border.

By Justice Takesure,Our Reader

Former government officials Simba Makoni, Dumiso Dabengwa and Joice Mujuru all still freely walk Harare’s streets, even though the first two were not only more principled, but bolder than Mnangagwa. That was also the case with the late Edgar Tekere.

The greatest threat to President Robert Mugabe’s rule is still MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai, not Mnangagwa.

Missing too from the statement is the VP’s signature slogan: Pasi nemhanduuu!

Had Mnangagwa written the statement, he would have started it with an unreserved apology to those who fought for this country’s independence based on one man, one vote concept in free and fair elections.

He would have apologised too, to the people for the economic mess he helped create over the past 37 years of his unbroken disservice to the nation.

Mnangagwa would have apologised for his part in the Fifth Brigade madness. Instead the statement sounds egoistic.

We demand a more mature statement from him. It should show contrition for the multitudes of sins he and his colleagues have committed against the republic and its wailing, but voiceless masses.



  1. Yes yes ndochokwadi icho.

  2. Unfortunately there is no contrition in his statement to show that the leapard has not changed his spots thus I have sympathy for him. Worse he stole our hard won victory in 2008 and presided the demise of many of our relatives and the economy. What you have looted I feel its now why not just retire and enjoy your loot.

  3. i think you need to revisit your headline THE ARMY IS RUNNING TINGS

  4. ithink its time to say ihave enough and leave others to lead too . you may r
    eside in hong kong,dubai or s africa where you own palacial homes

  5. kuti tingati pane asina kuba here in the previous government? mari dzema diamond dzaingonzi $15bn went missing,zvoreva here kuti hapana aiziva zvakaitika? vaifanira kunge vakasungana mazuva iwoaya kwete nhasi,apa vaakuda kutsvaka mavhoti edu,saka ngatingwarirei varumeweee. vada kutishandisa uye yeukai kuti hatina kuvavhotera vanhu ava uye tine simba rekuvabvisa toisa vatinoda.

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