Mnangagwa to meet Mugabe: the full Chiwenga statement



  1. Gen Chiwenga, Please Stop Mugabe’s Cabinet Meeting
    Or You Have Thrown Zimbabweans Under The Bus

    RG Mugabe is not senile. He is an imbecile, a fool that thinks he can “fool all the people all the time”. and the difference between the two is a secret that will see him out. There is no senility in a man that has the natural gift of the mind. He proved this gift by his well-earned seven degrees and an eighth one he claims is in violence; a violence that includes wiping out some 20, 000 people in Matabeleland. He has scuttled his way around a Constitution that is primarily his handwork. He knows the in and out of this Constitution and uses it to have his way. The most powerful organ of ZANU-PF that can recall him, the central committee, remains at his mercy. There is no current chairman. Not since 2014. It meets only when he chairs. Something he orchestrated only recently, in his “senility’’. He now challenges the constitutionality of the central committee that sacked him last week. He knows what he is doing.

    Don’t blame Grace. It’s all Mugabe’s well thought-out plan to protect his name and legacy even after he is gone. He uses intergenerational transition as excuse to protect his future.

    He has had his way around SADC where even in the last few years of his so called “senility”, he worked hard to put the paper work in place so if there ever was to be a coup in Zimbabwe, he will have a SADC military intervention to roll it back. The Defence chiefs in SADC are all aware. So there is no “coup” in Zimbabwe as we speak. The ZDF has said so.

    Now a cabinet meeting is called by RG Mugabe, the beginning of the end of Chiwenga’s ‘bloodless transition’. If Mugabe holds this meeting, a chain reaction is set in motion. The least of which may be a court injunction spearheaded by the cabinet that puts every transition process on hold till the case is heard in court, may be sometimes 2018, while Mugabe continues to rule.

    RG Mugabe is not senile. He is an imbecile, a fool who keeps missing his timing to quit the game. A fool whose day to be exited ignominiously will still come because no one, no matter how intelligent, can “fool all the people all the time”.

  2. Why do you keep printing photos of documents? Do you not have a scanner?

  3. You can fool people but can not fool all people all the time

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