Mnangagwa out − Grace

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe yesterday hammered the last nail on under-fire Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s political coffin, declaring that the VP should be gone, both from government and Zanu PF party, before the ruling party’s extraordinary congress next month.


First Lady Grace Mugabe

This came as Zanu PF executives in four provinces — Mashonaland Central, Matabeleland South, Bulawayo and Masvingo — yesterday met and endorsed calls for Mnangagwa and his allies to be booted out of the party on allegations of fanning factionalism and plotting President Robert Mugabe’s downfall.

A visibly angry Grace told thousands of apostolic sect members during her “Super Sunday Rally” at Rufaro Stadium in Harare that she would personally push for disciplinary procedures against Mnangagwa whom she accused of plotting to topple Mugabe from office as early as 1980.

“I moved to stop the issue of youths being expelled from the party and demanded that we deal with the head of factionalism. A snake is better dealt with by crushing the head,” Grace ranted breaking into a rendition of singer Sulumani Chimbetu’s ‘Batai Munhu’ hit song.

“His head must be crushed. I have said I will personally make sure disciplinary procedures are followed to deal with Mnangagwa even if everyone in the party is scared. I will not be intimidated.”

Grace said Mnangagwa hated Mugabe since independence.

“He wanted to wrest power from the President in 1980 claiming there was a plot to have him assassinated by Rhodesians just after the elections. He advised the President to leave the country but it was Samora (Machel, late Mozambican leader) who told Mugabe to return home. He hates the President,” Grace claimed.

Yesterday’s direct attacks on Mnangagwa came hardly a day after Mugabe and his wife took turns to lampoon the Vice-President in Bulawayo on Saturday accusing him of plotting to unseat the Zanu PF leader and mobilising his
loyalists to boo Grace.

Mnangagwa has come under attack after years of a brutal internal power struggle that has seen Zanu PF split between two distinct factions. The VP is reportedly leading one faction known as Team Lacoste while another group known as G40 is fronted by party national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere and Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo with support from Mugabe and his wife.

Grace warned of a second round of brutal purges akin to the chaos that followed former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s expulsion in 2014, but this time targeting Mnangagwa allies.

“Trouble causers in the party must go before the next congress. He (Mnagagwa) must be dropped before we meet at congress in order for us to have unity in the party.

“Those accused of pushing a Lacoste agenda in the women’s league are dead. Chipanga (politburo secretary for you Kudzanai) all youths associated with Lacoste are gone,” the First Lady declared amid gaffes of laughter, to cheers from sections of the crowd mainly women sitting in the VIP tent.

Mugabe has agreed to an elective congress in December instead of the annual conference and on Saturday told party supporters at a youth rally in Bulawayo that all burning issues will be settled then. The 93-year-old Zanu PF leader also accused Mnangagwa of fanning factionalism, threatening to “drop him even tomorrow”.

Grace has been agitating for changes to the Zanu PF constitution to re-introduce a clause that provides for a woman in the presidium. She however said Mnangagwa’s problems ran deeper than the changes to the party’s governance charter. “He probably hates me for demanding the woman’s quota but it is more than that. Even without the constitutional changes he can still be dropped and someone appointed in his stead just like we saw a few weeks ago with the Cabinet changes,” she said. “It was a mistake to change the constitution and allow Mnangagwa to be appointed. It will never happen again.”

Grace gave the clearest hint yet that she was ready to deputise her husband.
“I am so good at what I do, I can say it myself. Give me the job and I will do it very well because I am good. I can do a great job,” she said.

Grace said there would be nothing wrong if Mugabe were to eventually anoint her as his successor.
“There is nothing wrong because we will be following in Mnangagwa’s footsteps. He left a constituency (Chirumanzu-Zibagwe) to his wife. So I have said the President you can also leave me in charge. You can also give me your position. We will just be copying from Mnangagwa,” she added.

Turning to her embarrassing booing by Mnangagwa’s alleged allies in Bulawayo on Saturday, Grace said: “He (Mnangagwa) thinks we are foolish. He was coordinating everything and when (Jay Prayzah)’s song ‘Mudhara Vachauya’ was being played he was pointing at himself with his thumbs instead of the President.”

“Mnangagwa thinks he knows Mugabe because he has worked with the President for a long time but yesterday (Saturday) he saw the other side of the man. Mugabe is a patient man. He has tried to protect Mnangagwa but now things have changed. He (Mnangagwa) will be dropped,” Grace seethed, adding the former Justice minister would then have to spend more time at his farm.

“We are going to congress and all of us will have to step-down from our positions. We would then have to hope that the President will re-appoint us to our positions. If he does not re-appoint you, well tough luck, it is not the end of the world. At least you have a farm and grandchildren to play with,” she said sarcastically.

Mugabe at the rally claimed that he knew that rowdy youths who booed his wife were connected to Mnangagwa.

Grace added that after Mugabe’s angry address in Bulawayo, Mnangagwa reached out to his boss and attempted to reason with him, to no avail.

“He followed us to the airport (Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo) and tried to talk to the President as he took the stairs into the plane. The President just looked back and asked ‘what nonsense was that’ referring to the booing,” Grace said amid giggles, adding this was not the first time Mnangagwa had confronted Mugabe after being dressed down.

She said the VP did the same following her unrestrained rant at another youth interface rally in Bindura.

“He was angry and asked the President for an explanation. We then met, the four of us including Vice-President (Phelekezela) Mphoko. To my surprise, I realised Mnangagwa is a coward. He could not face me and say what he wanted to say. He wilted but I took him on. I told him he is a liar and he just sat there stone-faced without a word. That man is a coward I tell you. When push comes to shove, he just shuts his mouth,” Mugabe’s wife said.

But Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) leader Christopher Mutsvangwa, a known Mnangagwa ally yesterday dared Mugabe to a vote to determine who was more popular between the Zanu PF leader and his deputy.

“Zanu PF is a revolutionary democratic party which prides in the vote. And Zimbabwe is a constitutional democracy.

The vote is the ultimate litmus test. If Mugabe and his dynastic wife are true to their rally protestations, let both subject themselves to a transparent and free vote at both party and national level,” Mutsvangwa said.

“Mugabe, Grace and their G40 cohorts will never be allowed hide and seek with the exercise of free popular will.

Each youth interface rally has only served to raise the stature of ED (Mnangagwa) to the point of national veneration. And thumps up to the Bulawayo rally it forced a jaded DisGrace (Grace) and her husband into throwing tantrums before a city, a national and a global television audience”.

Mutsvangwa added: “It’s Mugabe versus the people, ED with the people. The rally whimpered to a mere threat when Grace and her G40 cohorts anticipated a big bang. Mnangagwa has the people on his side.”

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  1. josphat mugadzaweta

    pfutseke iwe. why did you make him vp when you knew all that? anyway it serves us better if you butcher the party before the elections.

  2. Grace Mugabe’s shallow mindedness has stripped the office of the president of all it’s dignity right to the very last ounce, well done Byo, husband & wife are so used to abusing others without a right of reply at least this time they got a taste of their own medicine

  3. Comment…gore rino masango matema kuzanu bt ndinopa a big thnx to Jonso haa man u do excly zvawakataura kut zanu uchaiparadza from wthn kn kwawakatora mshonga wekut uteererwe nevaridz vezanu avo haa m1 nw love at it zanu pf is gone ende gone 4gud watch this space aifunga kut ngwena dzichafumurwa kudaro pakazara vanhu ndiyan mabasa a Jonso gud work John chipedzisa basa tione kut timire papi muzimbabwe

    1. Rakazvirova rikazhamba. ED is testing his own medicine. If there is anything I am so bitter with him was to deny us our victory in 2008 and went on to maim and kill us for voting against his dream of succeeding Mugabe by default. He had so much want to succeed Mugabe but had no necessary support so he pretended to fight on behalf of President so that he can recognise him in succession matrix. Today the day of recognition in the succession matrix has dawned. I wish you the best.

      1. You have hit the nail on the head. We owe 2008 to ED and vana Chiwenga. Now they are tasting the bitter fruit of the tree they watered.

        1. Pasi nemhanduuuuu, pasi nemhanduuu.

  4. Dedication tracks to this story

    Dzemudanga- Winky D
    Kutonga kwaro- Jah Praiser

    ndatenda hangu

  5. oky lets say he hated President, since 1980, its now 37 years of hatred mother, what is the reason why this person was kept as the vice president of our country, how were they communicating and organise the progress of this country

    1. Serve the country and not human masters… ED was used in the name of “loyalty”.

    2. They were not. That is exactly why we are where are today economically. Politics is just a game where the players play with people’s minds in order to buy time and build their castles whilst there is time. Leadership, which is what we need, is what takes a nation forward and has been sacrificed expediently at the altar of politics.

  6. Comment…Grace is right mnagangwa must go,his hands is full of ndebele blood go you a killer where is itai dzamara your deserve to be fired

    1. you are not so sane sir. you think Ngwena killed more ndebeles than mugabe. Shame on you unoshoresa mamwe mandevere. you think that Mugabe was and is not the commander in chief of 5th brigade.

  7. The people of zimbabwe,please tell tell me the really truth,why are you still supporyting zanu pf up to day when all your necked eyes are seeing that our family ties has been destroyed,NO DEVELOPMENT DONE IN THE ENTIRE 37 YEARS OF MUGABE AND ZANU PF’S IRON RULE? Are Zimbabwean people mad and demon possissed.Why are you still supporting and attending to zanu pf meetings? The founders and leaders of ZANU has all gone and forgotten,what is wrong with the people of Zimbabwe? Mugabe and his evil family are toy toying with zimbabwe willingly and do whatever they want,What is really important in their exicetence in zimbabwe? zimbabwe in none to be found in model development,i am very very angry with the future of our children because the people are supporting evil doers.

    1. I agree with you Sir/Madam. The biggest problem for our country is not Mugabe, but the people who support him. The fact that Mugabe still wins elections shows us that the majority of Zimbabweans are fools.

      1. Or Mugabe has been rigging elections

  8. grace tigarire hako pasi uti tyo.muchashaya kwekutizira imi mahure imi

  9. If e d goes without rgm going along, zim will have solved nothing. Our troubles will continue, the cash shortages; the uncoordinated electronic charges accompanied by high bank charges; the different prices for swiping, mobile money purchase, cash purchases in bond or u s dollars.

  10. Three things that have always destroyed great men throughout histry; MONEY, PRIDE & WOMEN especially the last! The only lesson we learn from HISTORY is that we NEVER learn from HISTROY ! Weldone DisGrace! In the Fuculty of Distroying Zanu PF from Within, you deserve a REAL PhD (the whole world will agree), NOT chi~FAKE chako chamakapanana naBambo vako icho.

  11. Grace doing a good job, causing all these fissures in Zanu Pf. Let them throw out ED and who else comes next.

  12. I feel sorry to those who were listening & cheering. Wake up and see Zimbabweans. Many youths are struggling to get job, but someone is busy talking of Munangagwa. Give us vision, hatidyi hutongi wenyu isu…deal with country’s economy not ZANU-PF…Munangagwa wacho takutozomudira izvozvo manje,

  13. VP Maitiseka ka kkk nhasi chachenyu

  14. LACOSTE to act now or never. This is power, any delay he is finished.

    1. So for 37 years this crocodile has been planning to eat RGM, he has the patience surely. Amai avaka vanowawata.

  15. all men and women of zimbabwe,lets tell the truth.its not munangagwa who should go but the old man robert.he has overstayed.this grace is there to protect her wealth only.warvets where are you.

  16. Guys this isn’t funny anymore, Grace Mugabe now has one buttock sitting on the throne. It’s far better to give away the country back to Britain than to let Grace Mugabe become president of this once upon a time great nation of ours

    1. It was never funny from the beginning. Zanu (RF) is a party of liars, backstabbers, thieves, fraudsters, killers and liars. They smile at each other whilst hiding knives in their “cloaks”. They ululate at one of them’s promotion and ululate and the same person’s downfall the next day. They call you a “hero” today and tomorrow you will be a villain. ALL of them need cleansing. They are creating a huge HELL in Zimbabwe not only for the ruled, but for themselves and their descendants. They are so power-drunk they under-estimate the anger out there.

  17. If people elect leaders then all in ZanuPf must face Emmerson at the congress not trying to chase him from the party before congress. Lets see who is popular.

    1. Popular or not popular, ED is just as evil, heartless, brutal and corrupt as his boss, Cremora Zete Zana. He and his supporters like Chiwenga and Mutsvanga have a sense of entitlement to the throne because of their liberation war credentials and their ambitions should never be allowed to materialise. Grace is doing a good job in dismantling that warped kind of thinking. Otherwise Zimbabwe will be doomed forever. Once ED has been discarded to the political dust bin lets then I guess it’s easier for the opposition to deal with Grace than ED.

      1. @chunga, well said. ED is worse than Mugabe. The war vets think that they have the country in their pockets. Let Grace get rid of these imbeciles and Zimbabwe can wake up again.

  18. Your paper is lying about Masvingo and Mat South

  19. Wezhira wezhara

    Mamwe mapepa akapiwa part of 15 billion to spruce up image yaMugabe nemukadzi wake. Kana vana Tsvangirai hatichambozivi zvekurwara kwake. Mamwe maComments edu anodzimwa because Grace will withdraw her money the way she is demanding 1,4 million yeRing.

  20. Mr VP its either you act now or never. Then mongoparara makanyarara. Because zvamakaitwa naGire mmmmmmm pakaipa

    1. siyayio zvakadaro mdara mai avavakagagwa na satan pachake vachamama chete one way or the other ku south africa vanotozikanwa kuti imboko yomene kwete yekunyepera

  21. come congress lets see what will happen

    1. tangai zanu yenyu musiyane namapenzi omundege awa

  22. jojo wekumafeso

    Nezuro it was Mai Mujuru today its Mnangagwa .Just watch the space Zimbabwe will be free very soon.

  23. It’s the church people’s responeses to Amai that worry me. Why remain glum and let her laugh at her own jokes guys? Even the 1000 tonnes didnt induce the expected joy and jubilation. Musadaro guys

  24. Without exonerating ED from his sins, all what Munangagwa did since 1980 was instructed by Mugabe and the buck stops with Mugabe.They must all go. The woman is half-human, a creature.

    1. kkkkkk Unidentified Flying Object. Gosh

  25. just like what we have suspected all along and others thought it were jokes,Gire told everyone at the rally yesterday that this ED guy is a Lizard and people must not fear him.

  26. The problem is ku state house kwaita benzi risingasungiki kuti riendeswe ku ngomahuru kana ku engotsheni kunotariswa pfungwa thats the only problem irikuonekwa nemunhu wese avawo mapostori achiripururidzira. Va Chihuri tinoziva kuti zvino netsa kusunga benzi rinogona kukudzingayi basa but surely for christ sake and for the sake of the nation some thing has to be done.

  27. Mnangagwa will soon be sitting at Nyika growth point drinking scud from his ‘I’m the boss” mug if he’s not careful kkkkkk

  28. Mugabe to hold a Press conference at 1400 hours today to fire Ngwena. Zvaari kuda kuita zvakafanana nekumitisa mai vake.

  29. Kana ukarota ZANU PF asisatonge ziva kuti midzimu yakurasha. tichatonga tihotonga tigotonga imi muchingovukura nokuvukura. What is this now. Kufa kwaTongogara na Solomon Mujuru nevamwe vaisawirirana nehutongi hweZANU Ngwena played a big role. The same Ngwena is the one who facilitated to forcefully remove Mujuru. Ngwena is now tasting the same medicine.
    Mukati Grace an hama imi. VekwaMarufu mukati kune vazukuru nana Sekuru vanorayira vana. KaSekuru BP yakakwira when they bood amai.

  30. Comment…woo its a dog eat dog scenario only God knows the end

  31. so what ngaaende so what?ende zanu tikuivhotera

  32. Mudhara wedu wavakungoimba manhanga kutapira akanyura muma dress amai,chezivo nekukura uku kuti vava kuparadza musangano wavo, nenyika.Munoti dayi vaive mai sally nepfungwa dzaka dzinezivo dzikama dze munhu mukuru vaiviringidza mudhara iyeyu kudai-worse chigaro chaagere ndochakaipa chinokonzeresa.De-e aiva an ordinary man no effect at all.Nokuti pachasimuka kutsamwa mumative mana enyika zvichikonzeresa kufa kwe vanhu vazhinji.Iyi mbuya yotoda u presidency inofunga hunopindika nyore.Inofunga vanhu vese munyika muno maduutuu se ma bootlickers avo e first family.Ihondo yavari kutanga iyi

  33. Go on Grace and fire all the Army bosses b4 you become the president. These Army generals told the entire nation that, they wont salute anyone who never participated in liberation struggle. After that, fire all corrupt ministers who have been protected by your nonagenarian hubby. Its a blessing in disguise to have a fearless character like you Grace.
    After that your fire Mnangagwa, go to the farms and get rid of all the lazy black farmers.
    After that, get rid of all the bootlickers(those who call your hubby ‘cremora’, ‘God’ ‘jesus’ etc
    There are plenty of educated fools and cowards in Zim and this will give Grace and advantage to get a presidential post.

  34. Vele in byo Asifuni Bumbulu

    U can`t come to Bulawayo
    From Harare
    Telling us about a guy from Masvingo

    akusekele thina

    1. uqinisile wena ubumbulu phansi kabaqedelane eHarare batshiyane lathi ngcono bahle bafake iboundary imatebeleland ibe yicountry ezimele yodwa

  35. Who is the head of the snake that is terrorizing Zimbabweans that needs to be crushed?

    1. wicked disciples
      Munangagwa there is no more room for u. Just keep queit and see Mugabe loosing elections.2018

  36. Comment…kkk where is chiwenga

    1. What is fair is for the position of president in Zanu pf be contested ipapo pachi congress ichi full stop. kwete kungotaura kuti he vanhu vanondida tinoda kuti vaverengwe vanhu vacho vamwe vakakurambayi wani ku Bulawayo mukaita semuchazviitira nekutsamwa munodhuva kuda kufungira vanhu. Zvana Chipanga zvekuti that position can not be contested ndezvavo izvo he is too old and people are taking advantage of that fact especially the wife. He didnt fire a single shot during the struggle he brags about but he acts as if he is bullet proof, the bottom line is he must stand against Mnangagwa for the position of president in Zanu pf whether he can “stand” or not then his wife can see the real zigwara ramakwara ose

  37. Zimbabwe is full of stupid and useless bastards.Did we fight the struggle for independence to liberate Robert Mugabe,friends and his family? Why did we wage war for you zimbabwean people,tell me? Is Mugabe zimbabwe’s IDI AMINI? Why are we prompting this devil’s style to keep on ruling and destroying our future? Ok to those who benefited through being Mugabe patronage,who far items of economic advancements have you done and is this benefiting zimbabwe at large? Selfish and cruel you people of zimbabwe and as long as it benefits you,to others life is not worth.IS THAT DEVELOPMENT WE HAVE FOUGHT FOR? We need the true development we had been wishing for.Mugabe and his party must demise, we are tired of useless criminals.


  39. webster chiweshe

    Vamwe vanongovukura, isu tichingotonga, tichingotonga.

  40. webster chiweshe

    Vamwe vanongovukura, isu tichingotonga, tichingotonga, tichingotoonga.

  41. Asijiki. Watching frm t terrace zvedu

  42. Phew….cry the beloved country!

  43. Comment…war vets where are you? say or do something pliz

  44. Fellow sufferers and hustlers, being the final recipients of the ruthless administration, we should not hypocritically approach this duel from a sympathetic angle to avoid giving them a lifeline. They have long been wining and dining on the same table. Instead, we should just watch events from the periphery as the revolutionary era literally phases itself out. Gloves off, it will be interesting to see the last wo/man standing if any, in the grand finale.

  45. Webster Chiweshe, you are ruling useless bastards who has no clue with life and no vision. Your useless and cruel leadership has totally demised zimbabwe into a junk status quo.In terms of economic development,your cruel and evil leadership has taken zimbabwe back into the stone age period and country like Namibia economically is better off than zimbabwe.Is that what we fought for to be Mugabe slaves? Where are Grace’s war credentials if the mindset of your followers are working alright? Hapana chisingaperi chete?

  46. We are watching zvedu zvichifadza kudai. Kana mapedza muziva kuti nyika inoda kugadziriwsa . Noise yenyu iyi haina chainotipa isu hedu vamwe .

  47. Kutuka nekunyomba nekungotarisa zvedu ndizvo zvarinogona chaizvo. Kubvira 1980 kusvika nhasi tirikungomirira kuti vatigadzirire nyika. What a pathetic lot! Regai Grace atonge. Akatozviona kuti tiri mazimbwende anoda kukora nomuto wakarara.

  48. chinomukutu mukuru

    But you cant just say ta dzinga mnangagwa sama hwindi ari parank even ipapo pane order. If there is factionalism then let the factions compete in an election. Zanu pf cant be your own private thing where you say you dont contest in elections. Thats why you had to leave south africa at mid night you thought they would just let you get away with it and now you want to force the same shit on a whole country No you have to contest against mnangagwa abaiwa obuda

  49. Comment…kkkkk azishe kuzolunga kusele kancane madoda

  50. old people's brains

    mai makutaurisa

  51. ED igwara zveidi. why is he waiting to be fired. he must resign immediately. akabviswa pahu vp saka anenge ave ordinary card carrying member yeZanu. Vamwe vanhu vakura but hapana kukura apa.

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