Military barracks renamed

GOVERNMENT has renamed various military barracks in honour of veterans of the armed struggle and military gurus. In a Government Gazette issued yesterday, Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi said King George VI Barracks and the Airforce Headquarters in Harare had been changed to Josiah Magama Tongogara Barracks.


Cranborne Cantonment Area has been renamed Charles Gumbo Barracks, Old Cranborne has changed to Kaguvi Barracks.

Also changed was Brady Barracks in Bulawayo, which has been renamed Mzilikazi Barracks, Karuyana Barracks has been changed to Chitekedza Barracks, HQ3 Brigade Barracks will now be called Herbert Chitepo Barracks and Chipinga Cantonment Area will now be called William Ndangana Barracks.

Sekeramayi also notified the change of HQ4 Brigade Barracks in Masvingo to Gava Musungwa Zvinavashe Barracks, Second Battalion to Masvingo Barracks and Gutu Barracks to Chinomukutu Barracks. — BY XOLISANI NCUBE

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  1. This factional nonsense should stop. Where is Solomon Mujuru barracks

    1. I think Bob and Grace burnt it down

  2. Army rule

  3. Blessed Mugwagwa

    They should’ve named one after Chiwengwa, he’s my hero. Well done General.

  4. No Robert Gabriel Mugabe Barracks? Ummm…

  5. Comment…It has been too long, at least like the removal of Mugabe , the time is now.

  6. hahahaha Chiwenga shld be given Thornhill Airforce Base

  7. thanik you general chiwenga.thank you sir

  8. chiwenga ndibaba vezimbabwe

  9. Chiwenga is just old wine in new bottles.he did what he did for self preservation. I don’t think he cares oh sorry any nationalist politician in Africa be it army generals or ministers care about civilians. Anyone who celebrates these events and does not get paid by lacoste or army is a fool

  10. Nzara ndinobvumirana newe uri dofo ukasupporter zviri kuitika makajaira kuporofitwa mazimba musinga kushanda kana usina kuregister saka unofunga kuti vachabuda sei

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