MDC Alliance sticks with Tsvangirai

THE MDC Alliance yesterday vowed to stick with its presidential candidate Morgan Tsvangirai and take advantage of the nasty fights within the ruling Zanu PF party to wrest power from President Robert Mugabe in next year’s general elections, despite his poor health.


Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday following a voter registration campaign blitz in the capital, MDC Alliance principals said Zanu PF was in its final stages of self-destruction and they would seize the opportunity to remove it from power at next year’s harmonised elections.

The blitz was led by coalition spokesperson Welshman Ncube (MDC), MDC-T deputy president Nelson Chamisa, Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume, ZimPF’s Agrippa Mutambara, PDP’s Tendai Biti and Mathius Guchutu.

Concerning Tsvangirai, Ncube said they were optimistic that the former Prime Minister would be back on the driving seat soon to “finish off Zanu PF”.

“Of course, the absence of our candidate affects our momentum but he is our best foot forward, our chief campaigner, our chief mobiliser so his presence is important,” he said.

“The reality is that he is unwell at the moment and we would rather have him recuperate fully and rest so that by the time he joins us he is fully recovered to be able to lead from the front. We are not anywhere in a conversation about changing our candidate or reconsidering.

“When we made the decision that he is our best foot forward he was already unwell, we were clear about that and we believe that he will heal soon and be with us soon.”

Turning to Zanu PF wars, Ncube said: “In the middle of all of these, you will expect that you will have a government which will devote its energies to addressing these bread and butter issues which face our people, but we don’t have such a government.

“We are all glued to the apparent soap opera that is taking place in Zanu PF which has now all sorts of ugly heads manifesting themselves, the ugly heads of tribalism, potential military security action being taken in light of the failure to manage the political crisis.”

Biti said the MDC Alliance would remain focused on preparations for the 2018 elections and would not allow Zanu PF factional fights distract them.



  1. Comment…i thnk Ncube is ryt

    1. mgandani chebundo

      Morgan is a dying horse as of now he cant campian because of his health who will do his duties chose a health person and move forward its upto you guys but if you chose morgan you wont win


    foward ever guys we are behind you

  3. Concerned Citizen

    Get well soon Sir….we are all behind you

  4. “The reality is that he(Tsvangirai) is unwell at the moment”

  5. But his health should not affect the MDC. Let’s focus on taking advantage of ZANU in house fights and take over from these evil people and tozogadzirisa zvehurwere. We cannot have this Morgan for presidency

    We pray that opposition ngatirambe takabatana kubvisa hunzanyiriri

    1. Morgan is showing dictactor tendencies we do not need a sick president

  6. Give us Chamisa and we will do the rest for you

    1. josphat mugadzaweta

      chamisa is a monkey. he is mugabe’s simaese twin. at the end of the day we are a democratic party and we will elect a candidate if the need arises.

  7. The current government leader is bleeding the country’s coffers looking for medication all over the world now the MDC Alliance want to do the same. Aaaaaah what a shame hakuna here vamwe without strong ailment who can lead that Alliance. We are in this dire situation today because of nhingi chete chete singers

    1. wataura idi iwe wezhira, MT should go

  8. was that decision arrived at democratically?

  9. Without being economical with the truth, democracy is only as strong as its weakest link. Mugabe and his perennial archrival, Tsvangirai, must come clean on succession. We cannot be lured to believe that the two are the only fabric holding the country. They must demonstrate leadership that outlives them as opposed to bringing everything to paralysis in their absence. We can’t keep subjecting the lives of 15 million people at the mercies of two individuals. Both are two sides of the same coin.

  10. Comment…Tsvangirai is not forcing himself on the people. Mugabe is. If the need arises there are a lot of capable leaders in the MDC. Some of these issues are not for display but i am sure a succession plan is already there in the MDC,which is democratic. Its not humane to say for example; your father is sick and you start moving around telling people that you are now going to be the head of the family because you are the first born. Time will tell and everything will fall into place. No need to panic if you are surely for the opposition.

  11. You right Japongo, the transition should not be with victims as we have seen in the IRON fisted party.

  12. Vanhu vezanu munonetsa,you are trying to make people focus on useless things such as succession, sickness etc on Tsvangirai so that people lose focus.We know Zanupf is afraid of Tsvangirai that’s why they want him out of the driving seat ,they know that he is the man of the people who have won the hearts of many even outside the country and going to next election with him as their opponent will mean disaster for them .Trying to dampen people’s support on Tsvangirai using such silly tactics will not help yu …your part is dead..

  13. Do you honestly thinkugabe cares what or who wins elections? Dont waste time talking about elections pliz hope is on theilitary

  14. Dont worry. Their candidate is also unwell. So what’s new. But my advice is that you must hold no grudges from the past and all allience leaders must be given senior posts in the alliance. No greed and propensity to ‘protect’ positions. I worry because I see MDC T leaders fearing that their positions will be taken especially the deputies. Such attitude creates problems. Accept that Coalition leaders need recognition to do this and be humble because there is need to be realistic and not greedy. Make sacrifices and accept the leadership of others – do not have an immanent mien where you have a sense that you own your post. That is what got us here in the first place. Be warned. The worst enemy is not the gorvening party but yourselves if you cannot contain and reign in your unbriddled ambitions. If you cannot do it now then it’s never. The nation will never forgive you because you will have shown that you are just selfish and greedy. Be careful.

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