Magaya triggers hot debate

THE involvement of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader Walter Magaya in the Warriors legends match against their Barcelona counterparts at the National Sports Stadium on Sunday, has polarised opinion among football fans across the country.

Magaya, who has been Zifa’s main sponsor in recent years, bailing out both the Warriors and the Mighty Warriors, was a guest player and was given a run in the second half of the thrilling exhibition match that ended 2-all.

He accommodated the two teams at his Yadah Hotel, using the facilities for their training sessions. In addition, he provided the two luxury buses that were used on match day.

Magaya proved a crowd favourite, with his every touch attracting wild cheers from the almost sell-out multitude, exhibited some deft touches, in particular his first touch of the ball – a racking pass across field with the outside of his boot.

But his involvement in the match triggered debate among football followers, most of whom took to social medial platforms to express their feelings.

On one corner were those who felt that Magaya had done wonders in supporting football development in the country and deserved the chance to rub shoulders with the Barca legends, while others believed he shouldn’t have been anywhere near the playing field.

One reader of NewsDay Sport using the name SaMutoko: “Magaya is not a legend, true. However, it is common practice globally that when legends play, they can feature one or two guest players. In this case, Magaya was a guest player.”

Another reader, who calls himself Soccer commented: “I am not a Magaya follower, but honestly he loves soccer and supports our national team efforts. Sometimes it’s important to appreciate what other people do for the good of others.”

“He made good touches plus it’s a game that was meant to entertain and celebrate football. His presence can’t be an issue. He has stood by the national team in hard times. I think he is a legend in his own right. The guy has done what many, including the government, have failed to do –that is bailing out the (Warriors) in their hour of need. Don’t just hate the man for no reason.

Magaya is soccer crazy. Zimbabweans, let’s not just be jealousy for no reason. Thumbs up to the man of God,” wrote Wasu. But there were those who were against the idea of Magaya featuring for the legends. They felt his role should be confined to sponsorship only.

“Is Magaya a legend? The match was for Warriors legends and not prophets. Money talks,” wrote Kundai.

“This was very unfair to us the supporters, we wanted to see legends, not boozers. Three deft touches cheered to by a paid crowd do not mean a thing. The organisers got it wrong. To me, the inclusion of this guy who contributed three fake touches is tantamount to a kickback in football and I strongly suspect that the Zifa crew are abusing Fifa funds as per the allegations which have been circulating of late,” Eliah commented.



  1. Person of Interest

    Those who say Magaya should not have been honoured into the starting line up, should appreciate that without him availing his facilities there would not have been this legend’s match in the first place.

  2. I wonder what is wrong, or who is wrong thereof, the so called warriors are always on a begging bowl, first, Peter Ndlovu always used to chip in, then that Wicknel boy, now its Magaya, why? there was no way Zifa would turn him down when he hinted on playing because he pays the bill. At this rate this Magaya boy of your would be clamoring for the presidency, dont say we did not warn you.

    1. You are totally wrong about Prophet Magaya wanting to take the presidency.This is a wrong perception as Magaya does not want that as he has money already and does not want anything from people with poor minds who always comment negatively about him.

      1. People with “poor minds” are actually children of God… who forgives every sin and sinner. Material wealth is not “everything”, you leave it all behind when you are buried 6 feet under, as is the inevitable fate of ALL of us like it or not.

        1. Comment…people with negative mind always see negative things thus a social game whats wrong with you fellow zimbos thus why musingabudirire in life .Prophet Magaya is real and does nothing wrong .is just like that he loves people wholeheartedly muchasvotwa I personally support him bcoz is a real man of God.

      2. Even if he has ambitions for presidency what wrong with that???

      3. What do you mean kana uchiti Magaya ava nemari iye asati mbotenga ring ye1,4 million? The little he has amassed was robbed from poor minds in his church who believe he is a demi-god. @Kangaira you are now a prophet to know all about Magaya’s ambitions nhai? You are indeed a poor mind because you defend the indefensible. He faces various allegations but you treat him as a saint. The match was for legends not fake prophets.

      4. Anti-False PROFIT

        point of correction my friend: Magaya is rich because of the money he swindles from desperate Zimbabweans,,so Magaya wants everything from ppo with poor mindset like yours,who have been so brainwashed by the so-called ‘profet’

    2. Whats wrong with people, Magaya is as ordinary as u r, if you want to go for presidency go, and so for him.

  3. He is a good man. We need him to be the president of Zimbabwe.

    1. RGM was once a “good man”, people change. Their values change…. and their ego grows until it bursts!!

      1. So does you, thats the way of life

    2. Anti-False PROFIT

      go home you are drunk!

  4. Legend or not….Magaya deserved a piece of the cake

  5. Until we learn to appreciate good works that others can do,,, we shall die poor minds,,,,

    1. What we need are good institutions and effective administration. An individual dies with all their “goodness”. Look at the EPL, it’s not one man’s forte!!

  6. Chemical Solution

    Leave this man alone mhani imu. Muri matsaga evanhu, aitasei, akutorerai chii? Hindiva kungovenga munhu pasina chaaita. Dai asina kuprovider all his resources chii chaibuda ipapa.Remember Zifa haina mari saka munhu akabatsirawo moti aipa haaa go to hell mhani.

    1. Daughter of a prophet

      I salute you u are a star.Vanhu vanongosvotwa naProphet Magaya.Manje mukarwadziwa navo hamupori

  7. Those with poor minds will always blame what good others are doing. Prophet Magaya is doing a splendid job by sponsoring our national team and anyone who blames what he is doing then needs his head to be examined for insanity.

    1. Last time it was a convicted fraudster sponsoring Zifa. Have you ever wondered why Strive Masiyiwa pulled out of sponsoring soccer? Do you know that soccer is a gambling game? Are you aware of the scriptures’ stance on gambling?

      1. Inoti chii scripture yacho .Wc bk and wat verse usanyepere vanhu iwe

  8. Magaya totoda aite ZIFA president kwete kutamba apa chete

    1. Bhora zvarinotambwa Sunday anoparidza musi wei?

  9. Daughter of a prophet

    Chokwadi thats why Zimbabwe isingabudirire,we dont appreciate and support each other,instead basa ndere kungovenga nekusvorana why??.I salute you our prophet of our generation.u are a star.Dai nyika ino yawana vamwe kana 2 or 3 vakaita semi aiwa nyika yaibudirira

  10. Chokwadi thats why Zimbabwe isingabudirire,we dont appreciate and support each other,instead basa ndere kungovenga nekusvorana why??.I salute you our prophet of our generation.u are a star.Dai nyika ino yawana vamwe kana 2 or 3 vakaita semi aiwa nyika yaibudirira

    1. Please mukabatanidza chinamato nebhora munorwadziwa. Vanhu vebhora vagara vakadaro. Saka sapotai muprofita wenyu kuchurch kana vave kubhora siyai vebhora vasapote vanoziva rurimi rwavo

  11. I don’t understand why some people suddenly become knowledgeable when it comes to critcising and all negativities. Magaya maybe someone else in his religious circles, but he has been passionate about his love and support for the warriors which the critics choose to downplay. You forget how ZIFA properties had to be attached due to non payment of accommodation expenses and transport during camps. Now Magaya assists and you don’t appreciate that. In any case his featuring in a social legends match is not something very awkward as history elsewhere shows.

  12. Vanhu kungovukura Magaya wacho achingotamba agotamba ozotamba. A legends match is just for fun and Magaya is a legend in that he sponsers the team and was part of the organizing committee. Pakuporofita apa handimubhilivhe zvangu asi pakufara nevamwe kubhora haana kukanganisa. Enderera nekufara zvako iwe Walee zvevanhu haungavafadze vese

  13. He is a legend ,he was also playing soccer when peter,madhinda,zenzo,mwariwaru played for the national team but he was not scouted for the national duty.To me he deserve it coz to be a legend is not all about playing soccer but to sponsor the national team in terms of monies,grounds,accommodation one can qualify to be a legend.Thats why you find out that on National shrine not all of them honored just coz they fight during the liberation struggle but because of their contribution to the nation .

  14. Prophet Magaya deserves the honour. Those who complain have nothing to offer. They are just haters. You can also sponsor the warriors team so that you too be honoured. Leave Man of God alone. He has not done anything wrong. Also note that he is going to feature more where you dont expect.

  15. Comment…Regai atambe bhora. He is a legend. not many know the meaning of that word l guess.

    1. Microsoft Encarta description of legend – celebrity: somebody famous admired for a skill or talent

  16. Sunday no Church

    reason: Pastor varikuma boozer

  17. legend to who the dude juss has money thus all,its not his country or his natonal team. sit down and be humble stupid kwete kuzopinda muground respect of country and national team haisi church yake or imba yake Respect us plz

  18. Iim one guy who doesnt follow this guy but on this one ;THUMBS UP PROPHET .He made the whole thing happen both in and off the stadium. Th majority of the fans in the stadium cheered(not booed) when he entered the pitch and when when h touched the ball. After all th game was for fun.

  19. Mhando yevatsoropodzi ava varikusvora Prophet ndiyo isina kana chimwechete chainombofa yakatenda, izvozvi munhu iyeyu akatarisa kurikubva nezuva anotoridza tsamwa kuti dai rabva nekwariri kuenda. Siyanai navo nekuti vakazvarwa vakadaro ende hamufi makavagona nyangwe muvanogedzere pfuti! Haiawo! Next time Magaya akapinda muteam vatsoropodzi Ava ngavadzime TV dzavo vorara kana kutsvaga zvimwe zvokuita nekuti vacharamba vachingotamba, vachitamba, vagotamba, vamwe vachingovukura!

  20. Just too critical for nothing. The match was a social event. Do these legends live in an Island? I see no wrong in his participation. Accept your beliefs are different from his.

  21. its very funny when people cannot make a difference between church and soccer. there are certain standards and scenarios that football fans want. if you take this debate with a religious point of view then for you its normal for a sponsor, church leader to play in that match. but for soccer fanatics, its a different story they would want to see real football legends that they brings a memory of the dream team. they would have enjoyed Francis Chandida instead of the man of GOD. Football fans and the nation at large will always give thanks to Magaya for his generosity in sponsoring our bankrupt soccer team. fans would cherish much to see a sponsor sitting on the VIP stand clapping hands with smiles. He would have made a greater impact if he had decided to sponsor and support the worriers just like any other sponsors. even in South Africa there are sponsors, same to Nigeria, Mali.

  22. Regai PWM varidze what’s wrong with him playing ,kurwadziwa ne15 minutes idzodziya asi 15 billion yakanyura makangoti zete apa

  23. Welldone Magaya man of God. You have done so much for the Warriors and Zifa. you deserved a place in the Legend Team and when they start nominating people to be inducted in the Whole of Fame for the contribution they have made in soccer in our country you deserve to be one of them. Pasii nevanhu vane problem ku brain dzavo.

  24. kuuya kwayo team nekutamba kwayo hazviisi mari muhomwe mako kana kwava Magaya hazviise mari muhomwe mako vazhinji marovha ari kuenda ikoko saka kana shungu nazvo

  25. Kkkkk kuzoti “Man of God”. Haaayas maZimbo kufa brain ndiyo problem.

  26. Comment…
    Saka 10mins dzakatambwa na Prophet ndodzabva dzaita issue so.people lets be honest
    thumbs up to man of God.
    I wonder what exactly we Zimbabweans want?

  27. Ronaldinho Gaucho

    Zifa needs proper sponsorship from the corporate world like a normal football association, not benefactors who almost always have a self serving agenda when supporting the national team.

  28. the Man of God did nothing wrong. In effect he changed the game

  29. Thumbs up to man Of God, those varikurwadziwa hameno henyu hamupore….

  30. People should first understand before criticizing,we all know that Magaya is not a football legend but has of late supported ZIFA in its hard times.Magaya just played this match as a guest not a legend.

  31. man of God giving glory to God through Football,really ! . you see as for us christians of the remnant church we clearly see the fruits that the so called prophet MAGAYA has. it is a shame for me to see y’all guys trusting in this man before getting to know what the bible says about false prophets. Mathew chapter 7, it says by their own fruits you will see we go back in old testament we clearly see what the true man of God were like and if we compare them of today ‘s modern prophets , there exist a very big differents. i did not mean to judge.

  32. Zifa must learn to look for sponsors as we are going back to Cuthbet Dube era. See Magaya hosted the warriors and Barca legends in his hotel and he get a place among legends even though we know that he is not a legend. Prophet was cheered by members of his church throughout the game whom he paid for to enter the match.

  33. such games are meant to raise funds for a certain cause so controversy is needed to lure vanhu nemari,haisi nyaya kuti Magaya akatamba,look everywhere ndizvo zvinoitwa,ku Spain Rafael Nadal we tennis na Antonio Banderas wema film vanotamba nana Zidane.

  34. prophet Magaya chibaba ndozvandoziva ini zii zvangu…Ane bhora ndiye anomakwa …Real legend Real Monya ..prophet Thumbs up for yo love of the country continue withh the good works of bailing out our beloved sport of football…All zimbabweans love you inhema dzevanhu idzo kunge vanovenga izvo kudawo huya payadah apo ubviswe dhimoni namdhara uiitewo mari sesu

  35. He remains a Prophet of GOD even though he likes soccer or plays soccer on a sunday, who knows….maybe the Lord had told him to be there.. i thank the heavens for him, some were blessed and healed unaware by his presence in the team, 2 CHRONICLES 20 vs 20

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