Live updates: Mugabe ‘must go’ march

ZIMBABWEANS across the country are waiting with bated breath for the outcome of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF)’s move to weed out criminals within Zanu PF and their negotiations with President Robert Mugabe.

Currently at Bulawayo City hall

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The crowd giving army food and alcohol.

Mwonzora says: “Zimbabwe is not for one person, army has upheld constitution, Zim is for all races.
Your hold on power Mugabe has come to an end he quotes what Jesus said on the cross in his last moments.

Chinamasa – says he is representing Zanu PF and is immediately booed, Mahiya had to intervene to bring order so that he is allowed to speak.

Chanting crowds demand the return of USD ask Chinamasa were it went.

The minister Has torrid time addressing the restive crowd

He says War Veterans fought to remove Mugabe and should be respected.

He says Mugabe must go he has to resign. people around Mugabe should be arrested, their crimes should be investigated
Mugabe should go now

Joice Mujuru is introduced just says I am here to support War vets, says people have suffered enough. Let’s all push so that he goes Pastor Mawarire comes on stage says Let’s build Zimbabwe together.

Building a new opportunity for the people. Not a party issue, this is a Zimbabwe thing shouts Mawarire.

Patson Dzamara gatecrashed and demands the wereabouts of his brother

Oppah Muchinguri: Denounces 1st Lady and says we have capacity to solve our own problems. Tells off Sadc and says we have to march to State House to remove the tyrant.

Roads congested but everything flowing perfectly well in the absence of police.

Watch live stream video of what is currently going at parliament

“We are giving an ultimatum to Mugabe. This aura, this pretence that things are normal going to Zimbabwe Open University capping people, it’s pretence,”– Chris Mutsvangwa

War veterans have called on cornered President Robert Mugabe to step down today or face the wrath of Zimbabweans in a planned final push rally to oust the only leader Zimbabwe has known since independence in 1980.

Currently at Bulawayo City hall
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  1. bvunza tsvangirai akambodeedzera final push

    1. Urimbwa yemunhu g40

    2. @G40-Tinyararire. ndimika vana Wicknell, G.Kadungure, Tazvi Mhaka murikunakidzwa nekutambura kwevanhu. Manje vakomana tizayi. Muchamama mese Including vana Fake prophet Magaya, vaivharirwa mhosva naChihuri.

  2. Keep up! The destiny of Zimbabwe solely rests on the people. Its your turn now to define it.

  3. Newsday fambai netechnology, pakuda live feed yeAerial view. Anyway thanks for the update.

  4. This is one of the greatest events ever. It has been a norm in Zimbabwe to see pple wearing long and hopeless faces in bank queues and streetcorner selling anything that can bring a 10c. But WOW today check the jovial mood and excitment praise the Lord!! All bad things come to an end.

  5. They are still his henchmen in government institutions who behave exactly what Mugabe has been doing. Mabasa is one of them who is treating staff at Bulawayo Polytechnic as if that institution is his private company

    1. Comment… big up to Chinotimba

    2. Comment…And Kushinga Phikelela Polytechnic too. A Mavunga runs the place like it is his pvt estate, using gvt finances to earn the loyalty and servitude of staff members. Denying those he disapproves access to financial benefits and fattening his and his chosen few’s pockets. He must also be investigsted and purged

  6. Am loving the happy faces. Well done Zimbabwe. Enjoy this happy, happy day.


  8. Lacoste has been part of the rot…we demand free and fair elections

    1. Comment…welcome to the farmhouse meet Crocodile Mr Munangagwa, Mr Tsvangirai the Chimpanzee you can tell he can leave politics for a women, Miss or Mrs Mujuru the baboon who got in power since 1982 but have nothing to show even where she comes from even Chinoz is better

  9. Rise up people of Zimbabwe. Don’t tolerate another dictator ever. All the power is in your hands.

  10. time up my brothers and sisters the future is yours ,,carry on carry on

  11. Kkkkkkkk i support cde chinamasa that man was against unbudgeted expenditure and matibiri replaced him with a thief called chombo.matibiri wakanyra pple lyk mujuru rugare gumbo mutasa chinamasa muchinguri and above all cde munangagwa.u didnt know that u were digging ur own downfall grave by doing so.where is mandiita wepi chimhene???i support zanu pf for the pple nt mugabe only.

  12. mukovhe wa tshilidzi

    Good for you guys but make sure that your marching will not be interpreted as support for the murderer ED. we demand votes, erections, erections!!!

  13. No retreat, no surrender! The nation is bigger than an individual. Why go down with the nation? Democracy is on trial. Forward ever, backward never!

  14. We thank the ZDF and General Chiwenga; they rescued Zimbabwe from an oppressive ruller and his corrupt team. They wrecked Zim economy. At indipendence, Julius Mwalimu Nyerere told Mugabe that you have inherited a jewel, keep it safe. One would question where is that jewel now. Once bread basket, now beggars, unemployment rates—like non in SADC. Mugabe destroyed our economy. The best thing that he can only do for Zimbabwe now is to step down

  15. Let me congradulate fellow Zimbabweans for standing up against the enemy of the people, ‘Mugabe & family”. To the Generals, indeed your braveness is commendable. But lets also be weary of some elements in Zanu Pf who also participated in criminal activites, who happen today to be opportunists, following evrywhere where there is an opportunity( likes of Chinamasa, Muchinguri, Dinha, Shamu, nevamwe vavo). To my respected VP Mnangagwa,we have heard a lot of bad things about you, ranging from murderer to corruption, hutsinye siyai VP. Namatirai mweya wehutsinye ubve motungamirira vana veZimbabwe muhutsvene kuti vabudirire, vadye vachipfachura, musazoitawo dictator. If i were you i would accept to lead Zimbabwe for only one term and leave. If Zimbabweans entrust you to lead them, be reminded to serve in all honestness. Your boys such as Energy Mutodi, Lumumba to mention but a few, ensure that they are disciplined bcoz they might contribute to your downfall. There are other talented individuals who can help you build a prosperous Zimbabwe, people such as Strive Masiiwa, Mutumwa Mawere, James Makamba, to mention but a few, do not hesitate to take them on board, asi siyana navana David Butau, vanehuwori. We know the selfish interests of the army that they need Mnangagwa bcoz he will serve their own interests, plz take away that mindset, anyone who is not Mugabe with capabilities can lead Zimbabwe and represent your interests. Fellow Zimbabweans, rwendo urwu, chenjerai kuti pane vakatomirirawo kuti takuzodyawo, ‘Pasi navo’.

    1. Well analyzed Chavhunduka.That’s great.

    2. You were right Chavhu, today one can question on the benefits of the march, considering the cabinet and zanu pf. if we keep our heads down we will languish in poverty vachidya havo. The true Zim enemy is Zanu or there is need for reforms in zanu pf if it has to lead zimbabwe from the economic quandaries that we are currently facing, we are the heroes of our time let us stand for our country.

      One thing that I hev realised is that at a periods of time there is a war which will be on or there will be a situation which distinguishes nationalists and heroes from the general populace. One may yearn that if he was there during the liberation struggle, he could have done something but at this moment and time there are situations in our generation which are calling for true nationalists and this will result in those who are willing to take the risk to become heroes of the next generation.

  16. rovai basa macomrades ndizvozvoo

  17. this is great, his demons are now haunting him, atozvimamira katatu.
    truly he must go

  18. Comment…Handeyi varume gandanga haridye derere. Muroyi munyowani ari nani. Kwete wawajaira.

  19. ohh it was sweet kinda of an exercise to participate in this bloodless show of force to oust an repetent oppressor, lets see what happens in the next few days.

    1. unrepentant oppressor

  20. ts unfortunate to say the least, Zimbabweans have shown the world how shallow gualliable they are, even a blind man can see that the march is being used to disguise the ongoing coup. the Generals have much blood on their hands than Mugabe, and they are only doing this to cover their backside, these are the very same people who have propped up this evil system, if the army were doing it for the people and wants to cleanse itself of the blood stains instead should have have made the call long back, and this call should rather focus on the building of stronger public institution, from the judiciary, police force,and holding of democratic institutions, than a fight centred in bringing one of their own to the helm, we are being used to be dumped, this they have learnt from Mugabe, to see all those former cabinet ministers lining up to denounce Mugabe and we take it at face value,is a big shame on our part. These are pieces of the same cloth. We must leave these zanuiods fight out their factionalism. its either the marchers were deceived on the objective of march, which is to replace Mugabe with a fired former Deputy, its its we are jumping from a frying pan into the fire.

    1. GumboreShumbaKaguvi


      1. you did not argue anything i said. other than insulting my person, that is one of our challenges as a country, i will not retaliate and sink to your standard.

    2. Have you jumped from the frying pan to the fire before?I mean have you changed the Zimbabwean President before to another one who is like him?Spare us this hogwash.Change is always a risk taking move.It doesn’t matter if a new leader who is word than Mugabe comes,what matters is that change is needed now.No person in Zimbabwe will rule this country for 37 years again.Even Mnangagwa who is 75 years old cannot rule until he is 112 years old.So common sense should tell you that change is coming.Along the way the new leaders will die,they have also learnt one or two things from their own mistakes in the old regime and they also have their own weaknesses nwhich can lead to their downfall.Mugabe was too perfect to be a modern leader no known hobbies,did not drink beer,no clear friends ,no casual socializing etc.only obsessed with political power.In any case Mugabe cannot rule forever.If he were to die to were you going to ressurect him for lack of new leaders in this country?Change is a leap of faith.The status quo cannot be used as a basis to justify the continuance of bad leadership because one is afraid of what change will bring.No.!!!

      1. Well said.The problem is some people are looking for saints in politics but there aint any. Even oMorgan can be blamed to a certain extent. But we must take risk and change leadership. For once be told there is a new president not cabinet. Just look at how the nation is happy? from he imminent removal. What more the day it is confirmed,imagine the joy. Point is there is no justification in the universe to keep RG in power, by whatever means necessary he must be removed.

  21. Comment…also Kushinga Phikelela Poly in Marondera. Purge the Principal

  22. Follow the money – where did all the money go? It will be needed to build a new Zimbabwe. Find the economic leaks in the Government Banks and Mugabe out of country bank accounts. When Mugabe and Grace leave they should leave as broke as they have left their countries. An audit needs to be done.

  23. I am so happy for Zim! The whole world is watching. There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. The regime had to come down and this is the time. Mugabe has acted contrary to the constitution throughout his tyrannical leadership. Surprisingly, now he finds the usefulness of the constitution. I wonder why the SADCs and AUs of this world do not lecture him (Mugabe) on the importance of acting in accordance with the constitution instead of lecturing ZDF. Mugabe has been a law unto himself. Why have the AU and SADC not raised their concerns about the constitutionality of Mugabe’s actions before in the same manner they are raising it now? Those who kill by the sword are killed by the sword.

    Secondly, it is Mugabe who has been on the steering-wheel of Zimbabwe leadership, not Mnangagwa, not Jonathan Moyo, not Tsvangirai, not Tendai Biti, or even Grace for that matter. He, Mugabe, is entirely responsible for the state in which Zimbabwe is. The rest have only been trying to do anything they can to save the country from total collapse using whatever means they can.

    Long live Zimbabwe!

  24. matili robert i dont wan to talk go back to malawi i will not say it again

  25. The people have said, let their voice be heard. President Mugabe fought for us from way back, the people think its time he must rest now. He will forever be part of this great nation’s and Africa’s history. His legacy will live on and the coming generation will forever be grateful. We will tell his story to our sons, grandsons and great grandsons and they will tell theirs of a Pan African who fought tirelessly for the freedom of this nation and the continent at large. So we appeal that he listen to the voice of the nation, the people who constitutionally elected him to lead the nation, to step down and rest.

    We love you President Mugabe, make Amai (Sally) happy and she will smile from heaven, we believe its her wish for you to rest.

    Jongwe rekutanga Robert Gabriel Mugabe

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