Live updates: Mnangagwa inauguration

It is the dawn of a new political era.

An expectant populace and the world is glued to the television while some have thronged the National Sports Stadium to witness the inauguration into office of President-designate Emmerson Mnangagwa who is set to be sworn into office today (Friday).

He becomes the second president of the country after the resignation of Robert Mugabe on Tuesday.

Updates by John Mokwetsi/Felix Machiwenyika

President Mnangagwa’s inauguration speech at a glance

In his first speech as the President of Zimbabwe, Mnangagwa preached about peace and reconciliation saying that people should embrace each other for a new Zimbabwe.

He added that he will reach out to the globe by making Zimbabwe favourable to the international community.

He emphasised that the land reform programme was irreversible but encouraged land beneficiaries to utilize the land and he also said that the country was going to revive itself on the backdrop of agriculture among other things. He spoke about the continuation of the Command Agriculture initiative.

Mnangagwa declared that the upcoming 2018 elections will be held as scheduled in 2018 in the spirit of fairness.

He said he was going to be inclusive and draw his strength from diverse political backgrounds across the nation.

Economically he said we should attract foreign direct investment as Zimbabwe moves to grow.

He warned that civil servants must work hard saying that the business as usual approach was no longer attainable.

Listen to part of Mnangagwa’s speech here

12:50 Mnangagwa starts his national address.

12:24: Our readers react

12:13: What next. Our panelists try to answer that question here:

12:06: Mnangagwa is inspecting the guard of honour. It is reported that he had invited Mugabe to inspect with him.

Yesterday we reported Mnangagwa as saying

“I urge all Zimbabweans to remain patient and peaceful and desist from any form of vengeful retribution. It is not in the spirit of Ubuntu/Unhu (humaneness) which characterises the nature of our people. Let us not, therefore, allow criminal elements bent on destabilising the peace and tranquillity prevailing in our country, by either settling political or social scores outside the ambit of the law,” he said in a statement released through the Office of the President and Cabinet.

To demonstrate his reconciliatory approach, Mnangagwa reportedly invited Mugabe and his wife, Grace, to be part of delegates at his inauguration ceremony at the National Sports Stadium. They both did not turn up.


11:54: Most trending twitter hashtags

These are the most trending Hashtags on Twitter today

11:50: Police Commissioner General, Augustine Chihuri who was rumoured to have been arrested when the military took over pledges to serve at the President.

11:49: General Constantino Chiwenga takes to the podium amid cheers and swears his allegiance to the President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

11:47: The security chiefs have saluted the new President

11:45: Mugabe was reportedly invited to the swearing in of his sidekick of 50 years who had turned enemy but he is not at the NSS


I Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa swear that as President of the Republic of Zimbabwe I will serve Zimbabwe and obey and defend the constitution of Zimbabwe, and that I will promote whatever will advance and oppose whatever may harm Zimbabwe.


Mnangagwa appends his signature. HE IS NOW THE PRESIDENT OF ZIMBABWE

11:34: Two weeks after being smuggled out of the country Mnangagwa is being sworn in by the new chief justice Luke Malaba, whom he brought in after amendments of the constitution recently. Mnangagwa was still Justice Minister then when he brought before Parliament the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment Bill (now an Act) which changed the manner in which the Chief Justice, deputy Chief Justice and Judge President of the High Court are appointed. Malaba came in as Chief Justice after he passed public interviews.

11:31: Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda says the ZDF has done a great thing to usher a new political dispensation in Zimbabwe

11:29: Watch live an SABC live streaming of the inauguration

11:28: Watch the sacking of Mnangagwa from Zanu PF a fortnight ago

11:26: Jah Prayzah’s plug track, Mudhara achauya belts and echoes in the stadium and Mnanangagwa smiles. The last time Mnangagwa’s face was shown on TV was when Grace, the wife of the former president was telling him that he will be fired.

11:07: This is a day nobody expected to witness in Zimbabwe. The robust applause that the President elect, Mnangagwa and his wife received from the crowd was usually reserved for Mugabe and Grace. It is a carnival atmosphere but the question in most people sitting in the stadium is whether the country will recover from a myriad of problems like respect of rule of law, corruption, cash shortages and service delivery that had collapsed.

11:02: Zambia President Edgar Lungu has arrived.

11:00: Not surprising is the presence of Mugabe’s biggest critic on the block, Botswana President Ian Khama who showed his happiness by dancing recently to the news that Zimbabwe was going to have a new presidency.

10:56: SADC is here in support of Mnangagwa’s presidency. In attendance are South Africa’s Siyabonga Cwele who is the Minister of Telecommunications.

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  1. This is the day we have long been yearning for- the day the Cariculture’s fiefdom will eventually crumble. We tried our best to no avail but God intervened just right on time. Lets celebrate with thanksgiving.

  2. Did President Tsvangirai attend

    1. Who is this Tsvangirai you are talking about?

    2. Yes he is there

  3. For the record, Mnangagwa is the 3rd president of Zimbabwe, after Cannan Banana and RGM

  4. Why wasn’t today made a public holiday?

  5. Congratulations to Zimbabwe and the new president. I wish him all the best !!!!

  6. Comment…Canaan Banana was a ceremonial president. All decision making was done by Mugabe.

  7. We are very happy now we can rebuild our nation destroyed by Mugabe.

  8. Jamengweni Godonga

    President elect – sure? Elected by who?

    1. Correct. The army appointed this guy, not even Zanu PF. He will serve the interests of the army, the rest he said is hogwash.

  9. Comment…thank you for the update, i wish the President all the best may he also put the people in Zimbabwe in an atmosphere conducive to enjoy their rights and freedom and curb all corrupt activities within the party and other goverment sectors eg Vid,Pension fund,land barrons aswell cash barrons i thank you

  10. For the mini time,he is the ZDF pinpointed president,not by the zimbabwe masses at large.So his blood is tinted with zanu pf’s spirit.At this moment,we will reserving our joy.

  11. Really, you know (or should know), Cde Mnangagwa is the THIRD president. For the first year or two after independence, Canaan Banana was President and Comrade Bob was merely the Prime Minister. How quickly we forget!

  12. Lawrence Chakwesha

    I sincerely welcome the new President Mr E.D. Mnangwagwa and wish the best of his term.
    I only have one request that of Droping the slogan PASI NEMHANDU,or another political party. Times have changed and we want to leave in hamorny and there right ways of correcting our enemies but wishing them dead is just not right.

  13. Comment…Am sincerely hoping for e best but considering the short time frame of ED’s tenure, l dont think it will be humanely possible for him to meet some of the promises he made coz RGM’s regime certainly left nothing on the ground. May God continue to help us a country….It’s indeed a GOOD MORNING FOR MY BELOVED COUNTRY

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