LIVE: Mugabe refuses to go, faces impeachment

President Robert Mugabe, in his highly anticipated address tonight, shocked Zimbabwe when he did not announce his resignation despite his party having recalled him, setting in motion the process of the humiliating impeachment that he now faces on Tuesday when Parliament sits.

Zanu PF today fired Mugabe from the party and gave him an ultimatum to resign by Monday midday or face impeachment, and it seems the aged leader, who appeared on TV clad in an unusual jacket, resisted and chose to, instead, speak about future projects as head of government, and failed to mention anything about his resignation.

There is a high possibility that the army general were caught unaware as Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander Constantino Chiwenga was seen to be unease during Mugabe’s speech, and at some point, helped the old leader to flip pages of the speech.

With half a day to go till the Zanu PF ultimatum, Mugabe now is likely going to face the embarassing process of impeachment as Zimbabweans in general and his own party have made it clear he is no longer welcome to lead Zimbabwe.

Mugabe’s leadership is blamed for reducing a country, once described as a breadbasket of Southern Africa, to an empty shell.



  1. Michael Rushizha

    Sounds exactly like Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, just a few years ago. Defiant speech, only to resign later that same night. The night is still young people…

  2. I am lost! So the army was just pursuing party interests as opposed to natiomal affairs? I need more time to understand this conflation of the two elaborately.

  3. Comrade Bob was supposedly ousted from his position as President of ZANU-PF. How then could he PRESIDE over the congress next month? Someone has lost touch with reality.

  4. How art the might fallen!

    In as much as I would like to see Mugabe leaving power as soon as possible, I think it is his constitutional right to remain President. Forcing him to resign has emboldened him and he is now ready to become a political martyr. ED and the Generals are in deep trouble as this case is far from over. I only hope and pray that the country will not plunge into civil war which would give foreign powers justification to invade Zim.

    1. Who do you think is going to invade Zimbabwe, and why?

    2. You are CIO/G40 this is the line they are peddling in the streets and we know it. Mugabe is going deal with it. He cannot preside over anything at Congress as he has been stripped of his leadership.

  5. Comment…12 midday monday is coming and without fail…then tuesday is on standby

  6. Comment…I was hurt in the afternoon when Chinamasa said they don’t need opposition they can do it alone. Vatotanga Mugabe styles I no longer trust them. We helped them to March. We are propping people with personal interests. I don’t see much change coming if they remain like that. Opposition should think twice before the impeachment process starts

    1. He is dull. No wonder people booed him ystdy. He is always unable to read the mood on the ground.

  7. I grew up hating Mugabe since I was a child because of what they did to my father during gukurahundi. but today I say the man is real a hero. he is real protecting the constitution and helping us. I am surprised that even people like Tswangirayi have been supporting this rubbish. a hungry man is not real a good political advisor. Tswangirayi you don’t deserve to be a president by just wanting to legalise this coup. you are bad as the general’s idiot. insteady of us celebrating the demise of ZANU pf you are helping them to revive the monster.

  8. Bob has literally played into the hands of the Generals. First,they have used him to fend off international pressure by declaring that everything was done constitutionally and any problems will be resolved internally. This leaves AU,Zuma and Lungu with smelly eggs on their hehind-like faces. Second, the Generals have openly told the world that they did not use their military muscle to remove Bob from power but Zanu PF and the people did.By saluting him publicly, they imply that he is still their boss and therefore no coup. Third, they have wanted him to face justice hence they have pursuaded him to refuse to resign thereby putting in motion impeachment processes. i rest my case

    1. You are a fool. Mugabe has already amended the constitution so he can reposses the power to unilaterally appoint judges against the will of the people. Dictators like to cite the constitution because it usually protects their own itnerest. They posses the means to “legally” change it whereas the people cannot. All uprisings yes even the American war of independence were treasonous

  9. He wont go easily. He is a stubborn leader. He will cling on to power until donkeys grow horns.

  10. Nhai Mwari, saka toitasei na Mugabe uyu???????

  11. Mugabe cannot do anything to stop impeachment. The MPs just need to move a motion. I think thats a better option.

  12. Comment…yes true you are supporting E D and Zanu pf ,unknowly.ducks

  13. Comment…can’t believe you were sheepishly commandeered to go out and March and consolidate their powers in full view of the world.foolish Zimbos. u deserve to be under Army and iron fist rule for real

    1. This must be some Jason or Patrick Zhuwao commenting

    2. Comment…True True

  14. Comment…now what’s next ,rig elections under a different dictator. if u think u will hv free n fair elections under these Zanus ,that’s a dream for you. they all birds of the same feathers. you fighting a war for these Zanus you don’t know n never to benefit you.if they are Democratic look already how many ppl killed and incarcerated without proven guilty. wake up stupid Zimbos.who hv bewitched you

  15. fellow zimbo’s pliz lets analyse thoroughly b4 taking further measures.something stinks here.i smell a rat

  16. @man kenya you are not alone on that one my dear brother.i feel used,then comes chinamasa’s statement.

  17. Kugarakunzwananahamandishe Garanewako


  18. None of this bullsh*t will set us free, only dEatH can set us free. May the lord take our souls sooner than we anticipate

  19. Kugarakunzwananahamandishe Garanewako

    Samasimba, Tangakugara, Muwanikwa ndimi Chidzivachepo, ndimi Mambo wemadzimambo. Ndimi Mutungamiri
    wevatungamiri. Hakuna mumwezve kunze kwenyu imi JEHOVAH SAMASIMBA. Ndinokumbira, MWARI, pindirayi senguva dzose. Nekuti ndimi chete munogona, imi musiki wedenga nenyika, uye mukatisika imi nemufananidzo wenyu Samasimba. Hakuna!!!! Hakuna!!!! Hakuna!!!! anokunda imi JEHOVAH MWARI.

  20. So Your Excellency you need the gun to bring to your attention the concerns of the people of Zimbabwe and the state of the country’s social-economic and political affairs of the nation. Where were you and your lieutenants. You were enriching the few to weaken the majority by impoverishing them. You are out of touch of what is happening around us since you and your cronies have all you need like 10 million cash in the house whereas we can’t get a pen for a week. You won’t even care of the 4 tire pricing system and the price hikes for you and those you empower are okay. So sad you can fly to any hospital in the world when we can’t afford a local clinic bill. What a selfish and corrupt leadership of our times. Whichever way you will go people will celebrate it more than they celebrated independence. You will be a nationalist with nothing to remember but your destructive and murderous tendencies. You came through a war you want to go through a war. Fellow Zimbabweans our problem is a man not the economy itself we have a leader who need a gun to listen to our problems. He is concerned of his family period, so sad our hero.

  21. Moenda muliMavhuto

    Although we really need change in Zimbabwe but replace RG with ED is not the best option guys , we need complete change here. It seems the Lacoste team is revenging. We dont want to be used for personal or cabal interests at all. We need change in Zimbabwe , the change which brings hope and future for generations to come. The ZDF shoud help us fight for a National cause/gain, for the creation of jobs and bread and butter issues.It is Zanu pf leadership which caused all the torrid suffering of our people.Zanu pf leadership are full of egoism and selfishness at all. My fellow Zimbabweans , Mdcs and the other opposition parties this is the opportune time to bury Zanu pf once and for all. Remember these are the people who denied our freedom in 2008, President Tsvangirayi , Chamisa and team dont forget what they did to us in 2008. However Mdcs and other progressive oppostion parties what decision you make about this development at hand be very , very careful. I rest my case.

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