Latest: Mutsvangwa rallies Zimbabweans

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’Association chairman, Chris Mutsvangwa has called on all Zimbabweans to attend a rally to be held at the Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield, Harare tommorrow (Saturday)’in solidarity with the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) which seized control of the country this week.

Former War Veterans minister Tshinga Dube (in black) sits next to Mutsvangwa at the press conference

The intervention by the army, led by ZDF Commander General Constantino Chiwenga, triggered events that could lead to the end of President Robert Mugabe’s 37 years rule as South Africa has since sent two officials to negotiate between Mugabe and the army generals.

“We applaud the ZDF, they are professionals in their conduct, they did their part. Between now and tomorrow we are giving a chilling warning to Mugabe and cabal that it’s done. Tomorrow we will be speaking as Zimbabwe not as various political parties,”said Mutsvangwa.

Mutsvangwa added that no political party regalia is allowed and urged Zimbabweans to exercise discipline.

The war veterans’ leader said he has respect for the opposition and called for all political parties, churches and businesses and other institutions to support the initiative.

He added that people who will attend the rally tomorrow should come as Zimbabweans and not in their political regalia.

“(MDC-T leader Morgan) Tsvangirai respects our security forces because he knows these are the important institutions to the nation. You must remember that in 2008 our generals saluted Tsvangirai in parliament. Mugabe’s shelf life is now only as long as that of fresh milk. People should come out as Zimbabweans to make a statement.” Ads

Since Tuesday, Zimbabwe has been gripped by anxiety and uncertainty after the army took over the control of the country insisting that they wanted to deal with the capture of the presidency and criminals surrounding him.




  1. Pasinemhanduuuuuuuuuuuu

    Takutosvika viva new zimbabwe

    1. Comment…we have to stand together the way we fought Rhodesian regime is the way we must fight Mugabe out stand with our ZNDF together as one

  2. Good move Mr Mutsvangwa and company.lets support our Army and please let them not back down for that would turn on them.thank you ZLWVA and ZDF for being with the people.

  3. Munorohwa ana Mutsvangwa . Munodashurwa ne button stick. Dzungu.Munofunga police yokuregai muchiita zvamunoda.

    1. police ndiyo inotorohwa nothing is wrong in showing that we are happy .kana iwe usiri kufara usauye

    2. Mapurisa akavharirwa mukembi mwachewe.

    3. masoja haamborege tichirohwa nepolice, “yangove yoooo yoooo yooooooo nemasoja” jah praizah akagara aporofita

    4. My friend the police is doing nothing hawuna kuwona vaka gadzikwa pasi usatambe ne soja unogara kupi ko shaa kwa wusinga woni zviri kuitika inga CIO racho rakati zii wani….Hapana kana purisa rinoti bufu soja riri kutenderera shasha usazviwudza nhema ndo varidzi venyika purisa kuma shure Chihuri ari mukati vaka dii kurova vanhu iwee usazvi nyengedza naivo vaneta bhururu kutongwa nechipoko newe pafunge

    5. Which police? Usanyepera vanhu. We will go out and demonstrate in support of the ZDF’s gallant actions. If the police try and disrupt the gathering, vacharohwa nemasoja. If you belong to the old Zanu PF demo crash mentality sara zvako wega in old Zimbabwe. We are stepping into new Zimbabwe

    6. Iri kupi police yauri kutaura iwe? Hausi kufambirana nenguva. Wake up from your day-dreaming!

    7. nyarara iwe mwana wehure .

  4. makorokoto ma generals for a peaceful takeover , Zimbabweans its now time to show that we are 100% behind Cde Chiwenga…. we need to move forward things must change ,we are tired of corruption .

    1. and is he not? lets be careful of what we wish for. Vese ngavaende, dai mambosiya vapedzerana. Taneta ne ZANU PF. This is not about us, but about them clinging to power, do you think if opposition wins in next election they will seed power. Hapana apa

      1. true. that’s my concern too! coup begats coup!

  5. let soldiers to finish,their mission we are supporting them

    1. Comment…Viva ZDF ,Viva Generals Viva Mr Chiwenga we all in ur back as Zimbabweans who want change better life and equal opportunities thank you

  6. Are we allowed to bring our flag.

  7. Kamudhara aka hanzi kari kutoti handiende. Hanzi hee constitution hee bla bla. What hogwash! Kanoda kudashurwa. Vakanga vaona vakati “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Hakadi kusiya gravy train, kanga kachida kusvika nayo kudestination but derailed by ngwena and chiwenga.

  8. Water canon unoiziva here iwe unongotaura.Unodirwa mvura inovava ukasura

    1. uyu atori ne problem siyanayi naye

  9. I do not see any reason of a rally we just need to march and demonstrate even along Tongogara against Mugabe it is no time to go get burnt by the sun listen to pple talk its action action tomorrow marching is what we want Zimbabwe ground indaba no not so good enough lets march but lets not burn or destroy property .simple .

  10. people must go and camp around The Presidents house for unlimited days until he capitulates.Kutochinjana ,vamwe vomboenda kumba vamwe vachiuyawo vachiimba,vachiunzirana chikafu.No police interruption any more .Any one trying to be violent or loot,will be delt with ruthlessly by the gunners.

  11. Such a moment comes once in a blue moon. Its time to utilize it to its fullest, lest you regret indefinitely. The world is also in solidarity with the ZDF and all Zimbos.

  12. Tariro Patsikadova

    Lets send him packing and this should be a good lesson to Our Future Leaders.Lets finish the Struggle as this is Our early Xmas present courtesy of ZDF.

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