Latest: Mugabe meeting SA envoy while Tsvangirai speaks


President Robert Mugabe is reportedly meeting the envoy dispatched to Zimbabwe by South African president Jacob Zuma to discuss the future of the country following Tuesday’s . military intervention in the running country.

Mugabe, who was at his private residence in Borrowdale, is said to have been transferred to the State House this afternoon as his motorcade was spotted along Borrowdale Road.

This afternoon, Zuma said it was too early to take any decisions on Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who jetted into the country yesterday, is holding a press briefing where he is expected to give his party’s position on the current situation.




  1. Newsday you are running behind in this fluid situation. Go to News24 to get a blow-by-blow running account of what is happening. There are plenty of alternative news sources – Twitter, Facebook, etc where fresh news is available but you insist on being behind. Take this advice, adapt or die.

    • News24 is not a reliable source, 90% of their stories are unverified and false, taken from social media. News is about reporting facts, not sensationalism. NewsDay reports facts, they are not here to entertain people with false information.

  2. Do u kno that publishing false info is an offence???info must b verified first nt rushing to publish hearsay.u thnk facebk is a credible source of news???shame on u.

  3. Newsday is lethargic in its approach to news gathering.We are having to rely on foreign media houses about news in our own back yard.We are not getting as much detail from newsday as we are from outside media.Come on guys you cant play second fiddle this is your country.

    • Foreign media houses don’t verify stories about Zimbabwe, they will publish anything just to entertain people. Most of them e.g. BBC, CNN are just copying each other. I saw a lot of false information on CNN today.

  4. Of course we may say sadc must not intervene bt the trick behind is we can’t handle the situation alone as zimbos ….yes fr hw long have been in this fucked up business and noone ever come up with a solution …..we know nothing than uttering a lot of nonsense , let professional individuals take part such that they may bring lyf to us ….
    Kwete zvedu zvemanyemwe izvo this is a country vamwe vedu tirikutotadza ku runner dzimba not because nyika yakadhakwa bt because takadhakwa saka let’s be careful and leave vanhu vanoziva zvavanoita vagadzirise nyaya……that’s me

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