Latest: Masvingo passes no confidence vote on Mugabe, Grace

MASVINGO — The Zanu PF Masvingo Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC) here today (Friday 17 November 2017) has passed a vote of no confidence on the under siege President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace saying the duo has failed in their mandate entrusted to them by the generality of Zimbabweans.

Allies of Generation 40 (G40) faction were also not spared as they were randomly given no confidence vote before the province also resolved that any party regalia with Mugabe and Grace’s faces should be banned forthwith.

The PCC accused President Mugabe of succumbing to a bed room coup and ceding his one centre of power authority to his wife who went on to abuse it provoking the military to step in and call Mugabe to order.

Reading the resolutions, provincial chairperson Ezra Chadzamira said President Mugabe has lost control of the party under the influence of his wife so he should resign immediately and pave way for a new leader.

“We call for an immediate resignation of President Mugabe. In the event he refuses to resign, we call for his immediate recall from both the party and government.

“We are in solidarity with the action and processes taken by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) led by the Commander General Constantino Chiwenga towards the formation of a new, democratic and constitutional government.

“We denounce the G40 cabal and its leaders among them Grace Mugabe, Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kusukuwere, Patrick Zhuwao, Walter Mzembi, Dr Paul Chimedza and Kudzanai Chipanga among others,” said Chadzamira.

Masvingo has mobilised 24 buses to ferry people to Harare for the solidarity march organised by the war veterans and they have strictly banned the wearing of Zanu PF regalia.

The war veterans will be showing solidarity to the military for their act of valour in safe guarding the ethos of the revolution which they say have been usurped by the G40 cabal.

Zanu PF chief whip Lovemore Matuke also weighed in saying he wished President Mugabe is given more life so he can see how a performing economy works under the new leadership compared to his destructive tenure.

“It’s time to gather our courage and confront Mugabe head on. Many people were afraid to say it but the greatest soldier General Chiwenga could not fold his hands while the country was run to the ground.

“If we had the money we would gladly give it to the soldiers to treat themselves for liberating us for the second time,” said Matuke.

He said the country belongs to everyone not one person or family hence the need to get rid of the Mugabe family from the echelons of power.

“We have respect for our leadership but when they derail we call them to task. We do not want cowards at this stage because some people died for this country,” said Matuke.

Zaka Central legislator Paradzai Chakona made his emotions visible when he made a prayer saying “Mwari tavakunamata. Inzwaiwo minamato yedu. VaMugabe nemukadzi wavo Grace hatichavadi (Lord we pray. Hear our prayers. We no longer want President Mugabe and his wife Grace)”


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  1. Why were you quite when Mugabe and your party were killing everything in zimbabwe? stubborn you zanu pf party,our day also shall come.

    1. Comment…in order to have change and if you really need change you have to forget about the past

      1. Comment…comment on clowns change what ?ZANUPF lives on go celebrate their coup plan when you’re forced with a gun to stepdown and your family is under threat and soilders beating up police as a statement if you don’t go with us you’re next well clowns celebrate

    2. Chatunga Mhere Blantyre

      It doesnt matter they were quiet all along.Now they speak that is what is important.Just because you wre quiet yesterday does not mean you will continue to be quiet.You are a Mugabe loyalist you Sandy moron.Imbwa yemunhu.Inganzi inyika inotongwa netateguru vane 93 years?Change through any means is acceptable!!

    3. You do not know what you are talking about. These guys have been saying so, Matuke, Chadzamira and Chakona are just coming out of dubious suspensions and dismissal from the party for saying exactly what they are saying

  2. Forgive them, they knew not what they were doing…

  3. Mwari tavakunamata. Inzwaiwo minamato yedu. VaMugabe nemukadzi wavo Grace hatichavadi

  4. Let us all meet tomorrow to show the world that we don’t want to have anything with Mugabe

  5. mapurisa kuitasei F*CK THE POLICE, imbwa dzaMugabe. This is a new zimbabwe no more road blocks and extortion, regai timbofarawo kani

  6. let’s forget about the past and unite together as one and send our voices in solidarity with the ZDF

  7. This is what they should have done first than the military coup ahhh coup lite, even still the process is still long way. Moreover, what is different from what Mugabe was doing, now you are purging his allays. Zvakangofanana, you are all from the same breed and you should all go for a new zimbabwe.

  8. Tibatireiwo Mafios anetsa ku Mash Cental


  10. inini hangu ndinoda kunzwa kut Grace aripi, pai??achiitei??azwiiwo???ndapota ndibatireiwo Grace mumuudzewo kut amire zve pamberi pevanhu ataurezve tsvina dziya dzaaitaura, pliz pliz

  11. This is the right time to expose what has long been painfully concealed for fear of victimization. All branches should come out guns blazing in solidarity with ZDF. Giving these two a lifeline is a great disservice for the public and posterity. Open your eyes, the ball is now in your court.

  12. Sure Grace ari coup-pi?

    1. chingoma kanachoririsa

  13. batai chemeno egold

  14. Just recall the Mugabe please its taking too long cant stand seeing him being addressed as Your Excellency. Viva Defence Forces Generals

  15. lets face reality guys, munhu ngaaende uyu, takudawo mumwe ane ma new policies takudawo kuchinja mweya we generation inoteera. Mugabe was a Hero and he lost his way now we want him gone like yesterday, anything to remove that guy i would do. izvi hazvinei nekuti uri we political party ipi but zvakungodiwa apa ndezvekuti Mugabe aende pauye mumwe munhu mutsva well not anyone from his family per say.

  16. It’s a good thing to get rid of autocrats/dictators/kings. Good step.
    Soon you’ll have to realize that religion is a huge problem too, responsible for backwardness and for stopping scientific and social progress.
    Get rid of religion ASAP, it’s bullshit and it’s harmful, to societies and to individuals.

    1. Please don’t peddle your atheism/satanism here. Zimbabwe is full of God loving and God fearing people. It is by God’s grace that we have an opportunity to progress. Not believing in God is just like not believing there is gravity. Just because you cannot see Him does not mean He does not exist.

  17. Wait wait wait…..weren’t you clown endorsing him just two weeks ago in a rally in Bulawayo. Weren’t you tyhe ones who were organizing an Extraordinary congress to endorse his wife as VP. Haaaaa! Pakaipa!

  18. soja rinoendakure

    ha ha ha where is mugabe’s legendary intellect.l salute yu generals.yu play hard ball.

  19. #mugabe and Grace must fall tomorrow

  20. Hezvoko….Mugabe apasirwa bhora resimbi!!! Ngaarikave tione…..

    1. I am proposing that we build a state of the art hospital so that from now our leaders are treated there rather than going to other countries for treatment..ex Army Doctor…very patriotic

  21. I meant a hospital run by the Defence forces…just like the other countries…

  22. This is the same Zanu PF that only last week had endorsed Mugabe and his wife to govern them.
    Democracy is a joke in Zanu PF.


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