LATEST: Ian Khama open letter to Mugabe

Dear President Mugabe,

I am writing this open letter to you which I am aware is not the normal method of communication between leaders.

Mr. President, I am writing to appeal to you to be sensitive to the wishes of the people of Zimbabwe and to do the honourable thing by voluntarily relinquishing power as the President of Zimbabwe.

My appeal is necessitated by an unprecedented situation currently unfolding in Zimbabwe whereby your own party, ZANU-PF, is calling for your immediate resignation and is in the process of instituting impeachment.

The people of Zimbabwe have for a long time been subjected to untold suffering as a result of poor governance under your leadership. It is therefore my conviction that by vacating the Presidency, this will usher in a new political dispensation that will pave the way for the much needed socio-economic recovery in Zimbabwe.

I therefore reiterate my appeal to you to honourably step aside, if you really care for them, as you profess, and if you cannot find it in you to do so, then as a Christian do so in the spirit of our Lord in order to usher in a new period going forward of unity, peace and prosperity for Zimbabweans and allow your country to be the economic powerhouse it is capable of being.

Yours sincerely,

[Signed] Lieutenant General Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama

Source: Botswana government official Facebook page

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  1. If only we could have more african presidents like this, zimbabwe would not be where it is today. African leaders especially the likes of well respected leaders like SA’ Zuma should just come out in the open and call a spade a spade without hiding behind diplomatic relations. To hell with so called diplomatic relations when us the people of Zimbabwe are suffering just because of one old confused man in the form of Robert Mugabe. That person has outlived his life and has nothing to live for. He doesnt have the people of Zimbabwe at heart but just his selfish needs. Some of us are still very much younger and still hope for a better Zimbabwe. Pliz Mugabe take heed and do the most honourable thing. RESIGN AND GO AND REST.

    1. Indeed , this true and correct , this old man just have to leave office ,go and rest waiting for the day to depart for heaven

      1. Heaven????

        1. Good question….. What about those nameless, faceless, innocent Zimbabweans who cannot celebrate today. Those who still lie in unmarked graves. It is for them, and the children who have starved, those who have died from disease, malnutrition, those who died whilst their children worked in foreign lands. I’m all for forgiveness, but he has never shown remorse nor has he been repentant, and there begs the question…Why would this murderer be allowed into heaven?

    2. Zuma is unlikely to tell Mugabe to resign. Mugabe’s resignation is bad news for SA. A thriving Zim economy has serious adverse implications for SA. Even Thabo Mbeki knew that hence his quiet diplomacy when he was president and had an opportunity to solve another Zim crisis back then. I can’t blame SA leaders for their stances though, they are looking out for their country’s interests.

      1. well said

  2. Thank you President Khama.

  3. Heaven????

  4. The only place Mug will be going to on his death is HELL. There he will be tortured unmercifully for murdering a complete tribe and others. Good riddance.

    1. Comment…please leave we have had enough of you

  5. Comment…Mugabe your kingdom is over may you go in peace but no one knows what tomorrow will bring might it be peace or the return of second defiant Mugabe

  6. Edgar LUngu is not happy, he wants to remain in power but Mugabe situation puts him in a fix, he is now scared of what could happen to him because of this outcome.

  7. President Khama, thank you. We love you. You are a unique father.

  8. Peace be unto Zimbabwe

  9. Blessed are the people of Botswana, may the almighty Lord in the heavens grant u many more years of good and health life dear Mr President Ian Khama. U are the most wonderful, good hearted, fearless but only God fearing President in history of Africa. May your houner prevail until the last generation.

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