Kapfupi opens up on living off his art

COMEDIAN and musician Freddy “Kapfupi” Manjalima yesterday said he is earning a living from his art as a musician and actor despite the fact that he was not highly educated.


The award-winning artiste said he has used his talent to fend for his family over the years.

“I believe I have made great achievements in my career. I do not go to (formal) work and I am not highly educated. But I have managed to live a comfortable life and to provide for my family using the income that I get from my music and my drama series,” he said.

Kapfupi said he owned equipment he uses in his productions and has been able to buy valuable property without having to augment his earnings.

While many local artistes are sobbing over the economic crisis, which they say has hampered their projects, Kapfupi said his house was in order, although this has not always been the case.

“At first, getting the funds and making a name in the industry was not easy, but since I am now an established brand, it is no longer a rough path,” he said.

The comedian said a new drama, Bvisa Chigunwe Mukanwa, was in the pipeline and would feature his wife, Precious Kabrito, popularly known as Mai Nga.

He said the romantic drama was set for release early next year followed by a new album.

Kapfupi started off as a herd boy at Mara Farm in Harare’s Ruwa suburb before rising to fame in his own version of a rags-to-riches tale after cutting his teeth in street theatre before going commercial.

He launched his music career in 2005 with his debut album, Uchakanga Waya.


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