Jubilation as tyrant Mugabe falls

ZIMBABWEANS yesterday took to the streets to celebrate President Robert Mugabe’s long-awaited resignation.


Mugabe, who has been at the helm of the nation since 1980, was forced to step down after the military took control and placed him under house arrest last week.

In Harare an ecstatic mood prevailed as soon as the news broke. Some motorists hoisted flags on their vehicles hooted while Jah Prayzah songs blazed from their radios.

Some roads were virtually impassable as motorists stopped their vehicles in the middle of the road and people danced on the streets as they shouted “Happy independence”. Some vendors went wild, dishing out their wares to passers-by, while others jumped onto pick-up trucks, buses and lorries in celebration.

At Mugabe’s Munhumutapa offices, flag-waving people and imbibers blocked roads as the danced to Jah Prayzah.

Others took pictures with soldiers manning the buildings.

Buses and lorries carrying people to Mugabe’s office were a common feature as people celebrated. On other roads, people were driving in convoys, shouting “Happy Independence, Thank you General.”

Some people could be seen celebrating on rooftops in the central business district.
Flag-waving crowds totally shut Harare down, with some dancing and drinking beer as some of the soldiers joined in.

People were calling relatives and friends, inviting them to come for celebrations at Munhumutapa Building.

The jubilant crowds also gave a standing ovation to soldiers in the city, as celebtations continued.

In Gweru, residents poured into the streets with motorists honking their horns as they joined the rest of the country in the celebrations
Ascot Infill resident James Chiseko said: ‘This is a momentous occasion for us, it’s just unbelievable.”

A vendor, Solomon Kupfavira, said when a friend showed him the message on his mobile phone he could not believe it at first, but when he saw people celebrating on the streets that is when he joined the celebrations.

Business came to a standstill in the city 30 minutes after the news filtered, with people shouting that “Mugabe is gone”, “It’s over Mudhara (the old man] is gone” and “New Zimbabwe”.

“It’s just unbelievable given the denial of the old man [Mugabe] that he was no longer wanted by the people,”said Emmanuel Dube, an unemployed graduate who has been earning his living through selling airtime and other paraphernalia on the streets of Gweru for the past five years.

Bulawayo also came alive with wild cheers, whistling and hooting of cars as news of Mugabe’s resignation filtered into the city yesterday.

“Thank God at last we have come out of this man’s bondage, we hope for a new slate, and we hope for a new Zimbabwe with leaders who will listen to our concerns and aspirations,” said one motorist.

There were also wild celebrations in the small farming town of Karoi when news of Mugabe’s resignation filtered. Taxi drivers, vendors and the general public said Mugabe’ departure was long overdue.



  1. So near but yet so far

    Mugabe’s resignation must not be seen as an end to the country’s
    problems. He presided over a very cruel system that made it difficult
    for the generality of Zimbabweans to live a meaningful life. If the
    country is to recover from the damage that this man caused, a number of
    things must be considered. Otherwise the nation is celebrating on behalf
    of Team Lacoste.

    General Chiwenga should clearly state his position as a soldier. He should tell the nation that what he did was not for ZANU-PF but the nation at large. I am concerned about what he said when, in his first press conference last week, he stated that there was instability in ZANU-PF. Did he mean that he was concerned about what was happening in ZANU-PF? If so then he is a politician in military
    uniform. It would also appear that this statement was an indication that
    he wanted to sort out problems that were affecting ZANU-PF. From now
    onwards the General must detach the Defence Forces from party politics.

    If the country is to enjoy long lasting peace, unity, freedom and development there must be a transition government that will be tasked with creating conditions that support the wishes of the people. The transition government must ensure, among other things:

    Establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
    That there is control of abuse of power.
    Political tolerance
    That the future of the country is based on the rule by the people through free and fair elections and other forms of participation.
    That the use of constitution limits the government.
    That there is freedom, equality and dignity of all individuals irrespective of tribe, race or political affiliation.
    That the rule of law exists.
    That corruption at all levels of society is dealt with decisively and effectively.
    That there is equal access to the media, especially government controlled media, by all political parties.
    That the air waves are freed.
    That there is accountability at all levels of government.
    That there is transparency in government business.

    1. if i got him correct he said the instability in Zanu PF caused instability in nation at large.

  2. What was happening in ZANU PF,was affecting Gvt business so he has to stop it.Grace was disturbing Gvt business,how can she recommend a V/President to be fired when she was not a government figure just becoz she was the wife of the President, in Zanu pf structures,so Chiwenga is just stopping ZANU PF and its cabal , which is running the Gvt.

  3. Zimbabwe does not belong to ZANU PF.
    To anhitlate ZANU is the next step

  4. Its true thr general is protectong his interests.when it suited him he protected thr man who wantrd to eliminate the ndebeles.when it duited hom again,he forcefully banned people from protesting.when it suited him again after Mugabe lost the election,he protected him.omce ahain we see that when it suited him,for what ever language you can call it,he did a coup to protect hos friend crocodile,it has nothing to do with peace,the stupit president on waiting says i was on touch with the military back home when i ran away,so in simple terms he was directin o coup from outside and thus treasonous for both of them,they must just go.these are the 2 men who protected Mugabe for 37yrs and now they claim to be saints.

    What stop the general to take over again if the crocodile looses the election on the pretex of stability.i thought he is civil servant not aligned to party politics,this is scary

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