Govt endorses Magaya’s Night of Turn Around

Tourism and Hospitality Industry minister Edgar Mbwembwe has said the successful hosting of the Night of Turn Around by Walter Magaya’s Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries Church is in line with government’s thrust to promote religious tourism.


Mbwembwe said this yesterday at a Press conference to endorse Magaya’s Night of Turn Around 6, which takes place in Harare tonight and is expected to draw several thousands of people.

“Religion and tourism share a close relationship, that is, religion often motivates travel and serves as a source of assorted visitor attractions,” he said.

Mbwembwe said religious tourism was contributing immensely to the growth of Zimbabwe’s tourism sector and the economy at large through improved occupancy rates.

He encouraged other denominations to emulate PHD Ministries and hold more conferences that attract both national and international followers.

Mbwembwe’s deputy, Anastasia Ndlovu, said the ministry had, in the past, worked with other denominations such as Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe, Faith Healing Ministries, Jehovah’s Witnesses, ZAOGA and other apostolic sects as part of efforts to promote religious tourism. Ads

She said about 5% of international tourists that were recorded last year were religious.


  1. Death by a thousand Twitter stabs

    Mbwembwe’s principal thinks otherwise, as he recently attacked fake prophets.

  2. Mbwembwe what do you mean by tourism in church matters? Are you commercializing church activities? Do you realise Tha Magaya collects money for personal use from congregants? How about auditing these ministries to ensure church matters don’t end up enriching so called prophets

  3. Comment…usiku hwese vanhu vachinyeperwa

  4. All night robbery ndendakavata muchibirwa ,birwai sterek

  5. I quess to most of you everyone called Prophet is fake. Please can you name one man of God who you say is a real Prophet.

  6. Ngcitshi Ndiweni

    @ Munya, not even one. All fakes!

    1. Comment…ndoo mufungiro wevanhu vasingayendi kusvondo

  7. Pliz its good if you keep some of these negative messages to yourself

  8. Comment…mwari ndiye ega anoziva kunyepa kwemunhi

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